Augmentation Evoker Talents Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 8th Nov, 2023
Matteo Augmentation Evoker Author

Class Talents

Augmentation Evoker mainly uses the exact same class tree as Devastation, so if you’re used to that, then there won’t be much change.

In general you will have to move some talents around if you want more utility, usually sacrificing some small amounts of damage or survivability for them. 

For Mythic + the talents can vary for each dungeon and affix combination. Questions you should always ask yourself when starting a dungeons are: 

  • Is there a good use for cauterizing flame in this dungeon?
  • Do I need to soothe specific enemies or is it raging week and spend an extra point in Overawe?
  • Could my comp need some extra CC? Clobbering sweep could be a good fit.
  • Is it sanguine week? What about some more frequent knocks with Heavy Wingbeats.

There's a lot of things to consider and that’s where the magic happens from being “just the buff spec” to make a complete support.

Spec Talents

So there is actually little variety with Augmentation Evoker, due to the nature of how the class works. There are some small changes you make depending on if it’s 2 targets, this involves taking “Pupil of Alexstrasza”; this is really the only swap you will make.

In Mythic+ you always want to take Imposing Presence to have a shorter CD on your kick as well. But the build below is what you will be using in most situations as a baseline.

I’ll explain some of the core abilities of the talent tree and how they interact with each other. 

Ebon Might - This is your main bread and butter ability. You will use this to buff your allies and increase their stats based on your own. Your 2 empowered spells and Eruption, your main spender, are how you extend this buff on them and your goal is to keep this up for as long as possible. Additionally, the new 4-set bonus Trembling Earth adds some extra seconds to each Ebon Might cycle.

Upheaval - This is 1 of your 2 empowered spells. It replaces Eternity Surge, but works similarly as an AoE the longer you cast it for (the radius increases per empowered point).

Fire Breath - Every spec has this and it works the same for all Evokers, this is your other empowered spell which will extend your Ebon Might.

Eruption - Replaces Disintegrate as your main spender, this is also another way to extend Ebon Might, 1 second for every completed cast.

Breath of Eons - This ability replaces Deep Breath and is rather interesting and extremely powerful. If you played in WoD you will remember the legendary rings, this works in a similar way but for your allies affected by Ebon Might; 10% of all damage they deal will be stored up and then explode at the end, critting. Additionally, if you get the talent “Chrono Ward”, allies will gain a shield for 100% of the damage dealt, up to a max of 30% of their maximum health. This means that if you time this correctly, you can have those players protected with a 30% shield just before a large AoE mechanic. It is extremely powerful.

Blistering Scales - This is an ability which you can put on a target to increase their armour by 30% of your own. Additionally, auto attacks against that target will cause the scales to erupt and deal damage. This should by default be used on a Tank, since they are dealing with most of the incoming physical damage from getting melee hit by bosses. However, it can be used on DPS or healers to provide them with the shield coming from Molten Blood.

Prescience - This is an ability that you can put on an ally to increase their Crit by 3%. Additionally, because of the capstone “Fate Mirror”, you will also give them a chance for their abilities to echo again, dealing 15% of the total healing or damage of the original spell. 

Note: This ability has an interesting interaction with Ebon Might as you can put this on people and your Ebon Might will go on those 2 people, even if they aren’t part of the closest players near you.

Spatial Paradox - This ability effectively works the same as a Shaman’s Spiritwalker's Grace. However, it is much better as not only does it allow both you and an allied healer to cast while moving, but it also doubles the range of your spells by 100% for the duration.

Time Skip - This is one of your major cooldowns and it is a channeled ability that makes the cooldown of your spells recover 1,000% faster.

Talent Builds

Raid Talent Build


Mythic+ Talent Build