Augmentation Evoker Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Talent Builds

Raid Talent Build


For raiding content the class tree is a bit simpler than for Mythic+. Most of the bosses don’t require a bunch of dispels or CC so you don’t need to worry about it too much. There still are some bosses where certain talents can be very useful so i’ll explain them to you in an easy way to follow along.

Option 1 - If there is a shield that has to be removed from an hostile target you can drop the point in Protracted Talons and swap it over to unravel, Same goes for Oppressing Roar if you want some extra CC duration on specific adds. It’s important to keep Leaping Flames talented even in single target, since the Living Flames coming from Leaping Flames will heal allies if there is no other enemy and so have a chance to proc Essence Burst which will help you with keeping ebon might up.

Option 2 - If you want to get an extra Talent somewhere in the tree the first points you drop are the ones in Innate Magic and/or Ancient Flame. This allows you to talent into Cauterizing Flame or the choice node of Heavy Wingbeats / Clobbering Sweep while not losing too much throughput or defensive strength.

For the spec tree there are again a few points that are flexible and can be moved around.

Starting with the Regenerative Chiting and Molten Blood choice node. Molten Blood has some flat value from providing a shield everytime you cast Blistering Scales which sounds very nice on paper. Although when taking into account that Blistering Scales is most of the time being casted on a tank, a shield that provides up to ~160k absorb isn't that big of a bonus for them.

There is the option of using it on a DPS or healer before a big hit of dmg but since it will stay on that target until it’s ready again it will most likely only give them some extra armor and the damage proc from being hit by a melee attack is not used at all during that cooldown.

Regenerative Chiting on the other hand misses out on the shield value on your tank but by adding a scale with each Eruption cast Regenerative Chiting will save you a lot of globals that you can spend on your general rotation which makes managing buffs and extending them easier.

Its a back and forth between these two. The important thing is to take the points listed above into consideration and make a decision based on what you think your team needs.

Also worth mentioning is that you don’t always have to pick one of these two. If there is the option to hit two hostile targets in a fight Pupil of Alexstrasza is a great choice to give you some extra pure damage done and give you some extra Essence Burst procs.

Bestow Weyrnstone is a talent that can’t be evaluated in the form of numbers but can make a big difference when it comes into play. You pick one ally by casting the spell on them. On completing the cast both of you get the Item Weyrnstone directly into your bags, which i highly suggest you to keybind so it’s easier to use during combat. Either of you can now use the Wyrnstone to teleport to the other player with a 1.5 seconds cast on a 2 minute cooldown. Definitely not a default pick when playing with Pugs but Weyrnstone can come in clutch when raiding with your guild or friends. To access Weyrnstone you want to drop Regenerative Chiting / Molten Blood or Pupil of Alexstrasza.

Mythic+ Talent Build


For Mythic+ the class tree is a huge toolbox allowing you to pick exactly what you need for each dungeon and affix. The import string gives you a great baseline to work with and below is some information on how you can change things up.

First off some questions you should always ask yourself before starting a key. Being stuck in a dungeon, knowing you could make it easier by just having that one talent is a situation you want to avoid so make sure you adjust your tree according to your groups needs.

  • Do I need to soothe specific enemies or is it raging week so I can spend an extra point in Overawe?
  • Could my comp need some extra CC? Clobbering sweep could be a good fit.
  • Is it sanguine week? What about some more frequent knocks with Heavy Wingbeats.
  • Is it incorporeal week? Sleep Walk should definitely be picked to assist on CCing 

Maybe there even is a Devastation evoker in your group so one of you can drop Source of Magic and Potent Mana. 

Now it’s time to get an idea of what talents you can drop to access that extra utility. 

If you want to talent into Overawe: Drop one point in Innate Magic.

If you want to talent into Sleep Walk: Drop one point in Innate Magic.

If you want to talent into Heavy Wingbeats/Clobbering Sweep: Drop Scarlet Adaption.

If you want to talent into even more utility. Bothl of the following talents are viable options to drop but missing out on them is a bit worse than just losing a small portion of damage and could end up in missing important defensive value when playing higher key levels. So make sure to only swap away from defensive talents if you’re sure that you don't need them and the utility is absolutely needed.

Twin Guardian: Makes Rescue a movement only ability.

Fire Within: Gives up 30 second cooldown reduction on Renewing Blaze.

The spec tree is more straight forward and requires less swapping around.

Similar to the raiding build, the same pros and cons apply to the Regenerative Chiting / Molten Blood choice node. Read about those above.

Imposing Presence is key to having more interrupts and will always be talented.

Bestow Weyrnstone enables you to pull off some nice tricks by teleporting to an ally or them teleporting to you. You can access it by dropping either Pupil of Alexstrasza or one point in Aspects’ Favor. This gives you the choice of dropping damage or defensive value. So only go for Bestow Weyrnstone if you have a specific idea on how you will use it during the key. Otherwise it can turn out to be useless and a wasted talent point.

Class Talents

Your class tree offers you a really flexible environment to spend your points. There is no right or wrong in most situations and it comes down to things like group composition and dungeons or raid bosses that make certain talents stand out.

In general you will have to move some talents around if you want more utility, usually sacrificing some small amounts of damage or survivability for them. 

There's a lot of things to consider and that’s where the magic happens from being “just the buff spec” to make a complete support.