Augmentation Evoker Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Prescience Cursor Macro 

#showtooltip Prescience
/cast [@cursor] Prescience

This will make your constant buffing of Prescience on your 2 chosen players a lot easier as you’ll be able to keep the boss targeted while doing this.

Black Attunement  Macros

With Black Attunement bringing a defensive aspect to the game it’s smart to use it as much as you can. Binding it in filler abilities such as Living Flame or Eruption makes this really easy.

Important: Note that you will always swap away from Bronze Attunement when casting fillers with this macro.

Black Attunement  Living Flame Macro

#showtooltip Living Flame
/cast [nostance:1] Black Attunement
/cast Living Flame

Black Attunemenet Eruption Macro

#showtooltip Eruption
/cast [nostance:1] Black Attunement
/cast Eruption

Rescue Macro

/cast [@PlayerName-Realm] Rescue

If you want to simplify rescuing the same player often so that you don't need to target them every time.


When it comes to weakauras there are plenty of options accessible for free on

I’d recommend you to find a pack that tracks cooldowns and buff uptimes in a way that seems intuitive to you. This comes down to a lot of personal preference.

Here are a few excellent WA packs: