Augmentation Evoker Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 8th Nov, 2023
Matteo Augmentation Evoker Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Augmentation Evoker Rotation:

Augmentation Evoker has a very simple priority system.

  • Maintain Prescience on your 3 selected DPS (with every third Prescience being 100% longer you can manage 3 and sometimes even 4 forced Ebon Might buffs).
  • Ebon Might if there is less than around 4 seconds left on the buff and you want to extend your buff on the players it's currently on.
  • Use Fire Breath at max rank when possible, prioritise using Tip the Scales with Fire Breath, otherwise use it at lower ranks just to maintain your Ebon Might Buff.
  • Cast Upheaval to maintain your Ebon Might Buff.
  • Cast Breath of Eons every 2 minutes. It is vital that you do this with your party/raids DPS cooldowns; if they’re holding CDs for something, then you need to hold this as well, as it loses a ton of value when not used with your allies' DPS cooldowns.
  • Cast Living Flame while you have the Leaping Flames buff.
  • Use Time Skip if the cooldown on both your empowered spells (Fire Breath and Upheaval) is greater than 15 seconds.
  • Cast Eruption if Ebon Might is active, to extend the duration.
  • Cast Blistering Scales if it is not currently active on a target.
  • Cast Emerald Blossom if you don’t currently have Ebon Might active and you have the talents Ancient Flame and Scarlet Adaptation and don’t currently have the Ancient Flame buff.
  • Use Living Flame or Azure Strike as filler.

Augmentation Pre-Pull Setup

With 10.2 Prescience now clears from all targets on an encounter start. This results in our opener shifting a bit deeper into the fight instead of using multiple Presciences and Ebon Might before the fight even started. 

What to use pre-pull after the changes:

  1. Blistering Scales
  2. Tip the Scales (optional)
  3. Living Flame (pre-cast)

General Augmentation Evoker Opener

Once the pull has begun, you will use max rank Fire Breath and a rank 1 Upheaval. You want to Breath of Eons when the players you are buffing from your pre-pull setup have their biggest damage peak. This timing can vary depending on the classes you’re currently buffing. Use Time Skip (if talented) as soon as Breath of Eons is on cooldown. Your potion and trinkets are also reliant on buff targets but in general you can use it after your Breath of Eons. From here on you spend Essence on Eruption and build with Living Flame, using your empower spells on cooldown during Ebon Might.


  1. 2x Prescience
  2. Ebon Might
  3. Fire Breath
  4. Upheaval
  5. Fill with Eruption and Living Flame if you delay Breath of Eons
  6. Breath of Eons
  7. Potion / Trinket
  8. Time Skip (if talented)

Multi Target

You won't really change too much when it's multiple targets, outside of maybe casting a deeper rank of Upheaval to get a larger radius on the ability.



Your main goal is to maintain your Ebon Might buff and Prescience buff for your allies. However, there are some very interesting talents you have, which also make you exceptionally good at providing utility in the form of defensives and movement speed to the raid.

Aspects Favour

You have 2 stances, Black Attunement and Bronze Attunement. These will give your 4 nearest allies a passive boost to either max health or movement speed. Not much on their own, however, Aspects' Favour makes it so that when you use either Obsidian Scales or Hover it empowers both attunements. Obsidian Scales will increase the max health gain from 4% to 8% and Hover increases the movement speed from 10% to 40%.

An Important thing to mention with this is that using either of the abilities will swap your stance and cancel each other out. For example, if you are using Obsidian Scales for the mini Rallying Cry, do not use Hover, as it will cancel the bonus health effect for your allies and vice versa.

Chrono Ward

Another great talent you have is Chrono Ward. This talent can give your allies affected by Ebon Might a shield of up to 30% of their max HP based on the damage they deal during your Breath of Eons window. This is exceptionally powerful during strong AoE bursts of damage.

Blistering Scales

Blistering Scales in combination with Molten Blood effectively gives you a Life Cocoon on a 30 second cooldown. This will be exceptionally powerful at keeping certain characters alive at crucial moments.

Spatial Paradox

Spatial Paradox is an insane ability to help 1 of your healers effectively become a god for a limited amount of time, increasing their healing range by 100% while allowing them to cast while moving. You also gain the effects and are able to cast while moving while gaining 100% range.


Augmentation Evoker doesn’t have too many cooldowns, with Time Skip and Breath of Eons being your main ones. Breath of Eons has to be synced up with your DPS to gain maximum value, otherwise this spell is effectively useless. Time Skip is just used to ensure you can have a very long Ebon Might uptime.