Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Council of Dreams Awakened Heroic Boss Guide

Council of Dreams
Last Updated: 7th May, 2024

Raid Setup


In the realm of Azeroth, the wise once claimed "There are no ducks in WoW" and Blizzard took it personally! This is the biggest Quack-showdown since the Mighty Ducks and you better come prepared. The Heroic Council of Dreams boss encounter is a 3 target, council style fight where all 3 bosses need to be defeated at the same time, which is going to be enjoyed by DoT classes.

Fight Style: 3 Target - “council boss” style fight

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4 Healers / 14 DPS

Useful utilities: Quack? Self dispels and Mass Dispel

Hero/Lust usage: Pull

This guide has been updated for Awakened in Season 4 of Dragonflight.

With the item level curve of Season 4 and there not being any affixes means that the fight should be quite similar to when it was first released. Any further updates needed for Awakened tuning will be made as soon as possible.

Video Guide

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Rebirth Mechanic Icon


Bosses will begin casting Rebirth at 1%. If successful, they will heal back to 50%. You need to make sure to get all 3 bosses to 1%, roughly at the same time to prevent this from happening.

Blind Rage Mechanic Icon

Blind Rage

At 100 energy, Urctos will deal a low amount of raid wide damage, growing in intensity with each tick until interrupted. After 20 seconds, he will Enrage and deal 500% extra damage, resulting in a wipe.

You can interrupt this with Ducks (yes, ducks).

Barreling Charge Mechanic Icon

Barreling Charge

Charges the current tank and hits everyone in his path, additionally he deals high raid-wide damage that is reduced by the amount of players he hits with each charge. We recommend at least 2 players per charge.

Players hit by it have to avoid the charge for 1 minute because of the Trampled debuff.

Agonizing Claws Mechanic Icon

Agonizing Claws

Frontal Cleave aimed at the current tank. It deals a high amount of damage, so make sure to dodge it and tank swap after every cast.

Constricting Thicket Mechanic Icon

Constricting Thicket

At 100 energy, she will grip everyone with vines. This deals low ticking damage and slows you by 10%, increasing with each tick. After 20 seconds, if not interrupted, then it results in a wipe, in the same way as Urctos.

You can interrupt this with Urctos charge (he has to hit her).

Noxious Blossom Mechanic Icon

Noxious Blossom

Green toxic flowers that you should avoid, unless you are a duck or you have a bubble around your character.

Poisonous Javelin Mechanic Icon

Poisonous Javelin

Several players will get a DoT on them, which deals low damage on impact and low damage every second for the next 10 seconds. When it expires, it will deal medium damage to everyone in a 10 yard radius.

This can be dispelled and the player should always move away from everyone and call for a dispel or self-dispel.

Song of the Dragon Mechanic Icon

Song of the Dragon

At 100 energy, Pip starts singing (something very bad obviously) and every player will get a bubble. To break the bubble, you must take 170k damage from the Green Toxic Flowers, which usually takes about 2 seconds of standing on top of them. After 20 seconds, all players that still have the bubble will take a medium amount of ticking damage and get stunned for 15 seconds.

Polymorph Bomb Mechanic Icon

Polymorph Bomb

Several random players will get polymorphed into a duck for 12 seconds. As a duck you can only use 2 abilities, Quack (speed boost) and Preen (dispel). In order to use Preen you have to eat 2 flowers.

Each time your polymorph expires or is removed via Preen, anyone in a 7 yards radius will get turned into a duck! So there are 2 ways you can use this to your advantage.

  1. Turn your friends into ducks for fun
  2. Polymorph Urctos when he is at 100 energy to interrupt him

The choice is yours, but your raid leader will likely not appreciate the first option.

Emerald Winds Mechanic Icon

Emerald Winds

Sends out winds that knock players back and deals medium damage.


The bosses do not share a health pool, and only Urctos (Bear) can be moved or tanked, meaning you will need good coordination and communication to ensure all 3 reach 1% health roughly at the same time.

It's recommended that you never main-target Urctos because he will be in cleave range of another boss for approximately 90% of the encounter. So open the fight with Hero/Lust on either Pip or Aerwynn.

Pre-assign at least 6-8 people who will be standing in Urctos’ charge (Barreling Charge), taking it in turns of 2 players each charge to reduce raid-wide damage. Others can help out too, and will often be hit by accident, just make sure you do not get hit twice in a row. Melees are the best option for this assignment.

Make sure to pre-spread properly before the pull, because nearly every boss ability requires you to do so, Poisonous Javelin and duck circles for example.

Players affected by the Poisonous Javelin need to move away from everyone and get dispelled or self-dispel to avoid taking unnecessary ticking damage and hitting others close by upon expiration.

Duck gameplay:

  1. Run to flowers quickly
  2. Press Preen button if nobody is close to you
  3. If Urctos is at 100 energy, use Preen on top of him 


  1. If there are no flowers to eat, duck-form will expire after 12 seconds. Just make sure nobody is around you when that happens.
  2. As a duck, you are immune to nature damage, so you don’t need to dodge green circles.

Tanks need to face Urctos away from everyone at all times, his frontal deals one-shot damage!

During Heroic Council of Dreams testing, the bosses reach 100 energy in a set order, and there is plenty of time between them (this could be changed).

Boss Energy Order:

  1. Urctos
  2. Aerwynn
  3. Pip

When Urctos is about to reach 100 energy, the duck players need to plan ahead! If you just became a fresh duck, do not instantly remove it, instead wait for Urctos’ Blind Rage cast and turn him into a Goose. Melees and Tanks need to be aware that a duck is coming their way, so simply move away from Urctos until safe.

When Aerwynn is about to reach 100 energy, the Tank needs to be aware of her position. She will do her cast (green vines on all players) and shortly afterwards you get a Bear charge (Barreling Charge). You have limited time to aim, and missing your one and only shot will most likely result in a wipe. I would recommend watching some clips if that happens.

When Pip is about to reach 100 energy, everyone should get close to some flowers, and when you get the bubble, instantly stand in the flowers until it's gone. Make sure you are healthy before the cast (Song of the Dragon), since you have an infinite absorb on you and cannot receive heals until it is removed.

The fight repeats from here.