Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Council of Dreams Awakened Mythic Boss Guide

Council of Dreams
Last Updated: 7th May, 2024

Raid Setup


Welcome to our Mythic Council of Dreams boss guide.

Fight Style: 3 Target, “council” style fight

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4 Healers / 14 DPS

Useful utilities: Self-Dispels, Immunities, Multi-DoT abilities

Self Dispel Classes: Druid, Evoker, Shaman, Monk, Paladin

Hero/Lust usage: Pull

This guide has been updated for Awakened in Season 4 of Dragonflight.

With the item level curve of Season 4 and there not being any affixes means that the fight should be quite similar to when it was first released. Any further updates needed for Awakened tuning will be made as soon as possible.

Video Guide

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Easy Mode

  • Focus Aerwyn or Pip and cleave Urctos
  • Spread the Duck debuff to several players, but only on the first cast
  • Eat as many flowers as possible (except for the middle of the room)
  • Assign 2 groups of 5+ players to soak the Urctos Charge (swap each charge)
  • Leave some flowers (2-4) in the middle of the room to be able to remove the Pip absorb shield
  • Place Urctos close to the middle before the Pip + Aerwyn Combo or Pip + Urctos Combo
  • Move out with Poisonous Javelin and call for a dispel (or self dispel)


Rebirth Mechanic Icon


Whenever a boss is killed, Rebirth will start to cast; if completed, the boss will heal up to 100%.

Dream Tactics Mechanic Icon

Dream Tactics

On Mythic, 2 bosses will always reach 100 energy simultaneously, forcing you to deal with 2 ultimate abilities at the same time.


Even though it's a fairly early boss, Mythic Council of Dreams does feel significantly harder and more complex on Mythic compared to some other bosses like Larodar or Nymue, even though it's arguably easier than them. The main difference is that as long as you execute the fight clean, you won’t have any DPS/HPS requirements to defeat the boss.


You need to assign 2 teams of 5 players to deal with Charges throughout the entire fight. They alternate between the charges just like on Heroic; Team 1 > Team 2 > Team 1 > Team 2 and repeat.

You could also assign 2 teams of 10 players, but it feels very unnecessary and might cause some issues if every player feels forced to go soak in that moment. As a general rule, as long as there are 5 players soaking per charge then the damage should be low enough to not worry about it. Others can always help out when they are standing in the way and do not have the debuff from soaking the previous charge.

Duck Squad

There are 2 popular strategies on this boss regarding the ducks.

  1. You play like you do on Heroic and just freestyle it. Meaning random people get ducks, they eat flowers and when required, those players duck Urctos during his enrage.
  2. The second option, currently the more popular option for Mythic, is that you assign 2 players who will spend the majority of the fight in duck form and handle all the duck related mechanics. Simply put a marker on 2 players and they just look to get ducked when the first set of ducks come out. From then on, they just keep passing it to each other until the fight is over. They might drop it sometimes, but as soon as the next duck cast comes they can get it again.

Whatever you decide, the rules of the fight stay the same; the middle area is the safe zone, and nobody should ever clear the flowers in the middle of the room.

It is totally fine if there are 2-4 flowers in the middle at all times. While it's true that the more flowers up results in more raid damage taken, at 2-4 flowers it won’t make any meaningful difference. This ability only really starts to hurt when you have 15+ flowers active, and more importantly, you will need the middle flowers to clear the Pip absorb shield overlaps.

mythic council middle flowers

The Ultimate Order:

  • 00:58 Polymorph Urctos + Charge Aerwyn
  • 02:05 Clear Absorb + Charge Aerwyn
  • 03:14 Polymorph Urctos + Clear Absorb
  • 04:25 Polymorph Urctos + Charge Aerwyn
  • 05:33 Clear Absorb + Charge Aerwyn
  • 06:41 Polymorph Urctos + Clear Absorb

So as you can see here, every time you need to Clear Absorb and Charge Aerwyn the following will happen; your raid will need to be standing in the middle of the room, clearing the shield in a flower and soaking the charge that is aimed towards Aerwyn (only the group that is supposed to soak that one).

mythic council flowers and soak positioning

Tanks will place Urctos so that the raid is in between the Bear and Aerwyn. Everyone will enter the middle flower the moment that Pip’s Shield is on them, and once the shield is gone, the team that is supposed to soak the charge will step outside of the flowers while still being in the path of the charge, and non-soakers will simply move out of the way of the charge.

Another important overlap example is the Polymorphing Urctos and Clearing Absorb combo. Here you have to polymorph the boss using ducks, but you also have to clear the shield.

You will again have to use the middle, but you will aim the charge to whatever direction you want the bear to go (mostly towards the other boss you want to be stacked on).

So, by being close to the middle, you can quickly remove the absorb and then side step into the charge that will happen after the polymorph is done on the bear.

Important rules of the fight:

  1. On pull, the first set of ducks, simply spread the ducks to a clump of players, preferably ranged. This is because you will have 20+ flowers up and if you play only a few ducks, you will start falling behind on healing and eating the flowers. From there you can either freestyle, or have the 2 players handle everything till the end. 
  2. Tanks need to be persistent on calling out Bear frontals. This ability will cause the most deaths in this fight.
  3. Whenever Urctos reaches 85+ Energy, you want to pass a duck to someone just to make sure you always have at least 1 duck to Polymorph the Bear when it reaches 100 energy.
  4. Do NOT pre-move into the flowers when pip is about to reach 100 energy, the flowers deal a lot of damage if you are not shielded and you have plenty of time to deal with the shield before it expires.
  5. Under no circumstances do you eat the flowers in the middle zone. Even if you are a duck and those are the only flowers left, you simply let the debuff run out. 
  6. Avoid hitting the Healers/Tanks with the duck debuff.

Starting the Boss Fight

Pop Lust/Hero on pull and bring the bear in the position shown in the image below; this is where Aerwyn will jump to, meaning you have 2 bosses stacked up from the start.

mythic council starting movement

Your entire raid should always focus on either Aerwyn or Pip and just cleave the bear because he is always (or mostly) in range of one of those, since you can move him.

After the first ultimate combo at 00:58 seconds (Polymorph Urctos + Charge Aerwyn), bring the boss to Pip; from there you can keep the Bear close to Pip all the way until the 3:30 charge, and then charge towards Aerwyn. All 3 of them should be close to the same health at that point. So you simply alternate between Pip and Aerwyn as the charges are happening, trying to keep their health relatively even.

Poisonous Javelin

This ability is a bit more annoying on Mythic Council, so you always want to make sure to move out of the group, then get dispelled or dispel yourself (if you can). If your team is finding it hard to keep on top of them, there are some WA packages on Wago that let you use a macro to make you glow on the raid frames when you are ready for a dispel.

Final words

The last thing I want to mention is that you should play this fight for as long as possible, even if half of your raid is dead. You would be surprised how killable this boss is without a full raid alive, provided the remaining players are doing the mechanics properly. You will mostly wipe when there are not enough players to soak the charges, or when you fail to deal with an ultimate combo. But all Ultimate’s are perfectly doable with 10 players alive, as long as you have both tanks and some healers.

If at some point the Bear is much lower on health compared to Pip/Aerwynn, simply move the Bear away from the cleave range, as everyone else should be focusing Aerwyn or Pip and it can help to get them caught up without pushing Urctos too low.