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Igira the Cruel Awakened Heroic Boss Guide

Igira the Cruel
Last Updated: 7th May, 2024

Raid Setup


Welcome to Heroic Igira the Cruel's domain, where love and combat entwine in an unusual dance. While the name may suggest cruelty, in truth, this encounter is the perfect destination for your next Valentine's Day date. However, be prepared for when Igira clasps her weapons, the tender embrace of affection transforms into a formidable force that packs a devastating punch.

Fight Style: Single Target fight with occasional AoE

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4 Healers / 14 DPS

Useful utilities: Strong Burst AoE classes

Hero/Lust usage: On Pull

This guide has been updated for Awakened in Season 4 of Dragonflight.

With the item level curve of Season 4 and there not being any affixes means that the fight should be quite similar to when it was first released. Any further updates needed for Awakened tuning will be made as soon as possible.

Easy Mode

  • Slicing > Flaying > Hacking
  • Kill spears quickly
  • Dodge swirls and Twisting blade
  • Heal up the absorbs and spread out, dodge orbs
  • Soak the Tank circle with half of the raid, alternating between team 1 and 2


Shared Agony Mechanic Icon

Shared Agony

Hits the closest player to the active tank (preferably the off tank), but if no players are close, then it hits the current tank, but harder.

Blistering Spear Mechanic Icon

Blistering Spear

Several players get a large circle that explodes, dealing a medium amount of damage and leaving a puddle on the ground. The targeted player also gets chained and pulled into the puddle until the Spear is broken (killed).

Twisting Blade Mechanic Icon

Twisting Blade

Igira faces a random player and shoots 3 blades in that direction, each blade deals medium damage to players that get hit, but are easy to dodge.

Marked for Torment Mechanic Icon

Marked for Torment


Igira will knock players away and mark 3 weapons. Players need to fully soak 1 weapon before the intermission ends, otherwise the boss will wipe the raid.

Sparks will fly towards each player's location dealing high damage if hit.

Players standing in one of the weapons circle will shrink it, the speed depends on how many players are inside. Players that soak will gain a debuff that increases damage taken from soaking again.

Hacking Torment Mechanic Icon

Hacking Torment

The mechanic puts a circle on the current tank that needs to be soaked to split the damage.

You should split the raid into 2 equal groups and alternate between soaking this ability. The mechanic does a medium amount of damage to the entire raid if done correctly.

Slicing Torment Mechanic Icon

Slicing Torment

Jumps to several players' locations, dealing high damage and sends out shadow waves that also deal a high amount of damage if you get hit by them.

Flaying Torment Mechanic Icon

Flaying Torment

Places an absorb on all players that explodes, dealing medium damage to the entire raid if not removed. If you remove the absorb, the player will send out several shadow orbs instead that deal medium damage to anyone hit.

Harvest of Screams Mechanic Icon

Harvest of Screams

After each intermission, the boss will deal 10% increased damage.


Split your raid into 3 groups and assign them to a weapon. You should mark the weapons with world markers.

We recommend soaking the weapons in this order:

  1. Slicing
  2. Flaying
  3. Hacking

igira positioning 1

Tank the boss at the wall, and face her away from the raid so players don't get randomly deleted by Shared Agony.

Players targeted by Blistering Spear should place the circles as close as possible to the boss for extra cleave damage, and make sure to destroy the spears as soon as possible! 

Example placement for maximum efficiency:

igira heroic bigwigs setting

igira heroic example placement

The small green arrows show the optimal dodge direction for melees that want to avoid getting hit by the initial spear drop.

Dodge the Twisting Blade and prepare for the intermission once the boss reaches 100 energy.


Have the assigned group run to the weapon that they are supposed to soak. A small knock-back will happen and the boss will shoot a beam at all 3 weapons, making them active.

The assigned group should stack up tightly and run together in the same direction inside the Weapon’s circle as it shrinks, while dodging the puddles. Depending on the tuning of Igira on Heroic, it might be worth having a player with magic immunity in each group, to ensure you can keep soaking even if the entire circle is covered in puddles.

Phase 1 (Enhanced)

Igira will now deal increased damage and do all of her abilities from the start of the fight in addition to an extra ability. This new ability depends on which weapon you soaked last.


With Slicing Torment, the boss will jump to several player’s (2) locations, which you simply need to dodge. Be careful when the boss is running back, as you can get hit by Shared Agony still.


With Flaying Torment, half of your raid will get marked with a small red circle, players marked need to move away from everyone, because touching other players with the circle will deal damage to them. 

Healers need to heal up the absorb as soon as possible, so make sure you have effective healing throughput cooldowns assigned. Once the absorb is healed up, players will send out orbs, from all around them, that need to be dodged by everyone as they deal moderate amounts of damage if hit. If an absorb expires, the entire raid will take moderate damage, but this can quickly spiral out of control and cause a wipe if several players expire at the same time.


Hacking Torment is a simple split-damage mechanic, you should split your entire raid into two groups and have them alternate between the soaks. If done correctly, you will take low-medium amounts of damage, making this ability pretty underwhelming.

Note: Do NOT try to solo soak this as a tank (trust me).