Windwalker Monk Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2024
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Talent Builds

General Class Talent Tree


Generally speaking you’re going to be running a build similar to this one for the Class Tree.

You want to path down the left side of the tree down from Soothing Mist. You won’t ever be using Soothing Mist, but you need it in order to access Vigorous Expulsion and Grace of the Crane. Our goal here is to pick up Close to Heart towards the bottom.

You pick up Tiger’s Lust and Paralysis but you could opt for Detox if you have no use for Paralysis in the current situation.

There are a few throughput traits that you want to pick up in every build. These include Ferocity of Xuen, Fast Feet, and Resonant Fists as these are just passive damage increases.

The capstone traits for the Monk class tree are generally underwhelming and while we do want to pick up Summon White Tiger Statue, since it is a throughput increase, you could theoretically drop it in favor of something else if needed.

Alternative Class Talent Tree


This is a new alternative to the normal class talent build coming as a result of the Escape from Reality change where it is now a 1-point talent. You would use this build in situations on pure single target fights where you are only able to use Touch of Death one time and wouldn’t gain an extra cast from the lowered cooldown that Fatal Touch provides.

Single Target


This build is for pure single target and because of that, it incorporates the extremely divisive Jadefire Stomp. You are primarily picking Jadefire Stomp to access Jadefire Harmony, which is an 12% damage taken increase on targets. This build can suffer from movement heavy encounters where you are not able to stand in your Jadefire for prolonged periods of time.

Serenity pulls ahead on single target over Storm, Earth, and Fire because of the strong synergy it has with the tier set.



This build is for 2-4 target cleave boss fights and it differs from the single target build by picking up Shadowboxing Treads.

If the encounter is extremely unfriendly to Jadefire Stomp and you notice your uptime of it is lacking, you could consider dropping it in favor of picking up Touch of Death talents instead.



This build differs from Single Target and Cleave by picking up Storm, Earth, and Fire as well as the Touch of Death talents. You can also opt to pick up Whirling Dragon Punch instead of Meridian Strikes because of the recent buff. You could also drop Fury of Xuen for Bonedust Brew if you wish.