Windwalker Monk Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2024
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J-Funk Windwalker Monk UI

J-Funk Windwalker Monk UI

Always design your UI to be the most comfortable to you; that’s the most important part. Some people play with the base WoW UI because it is what is comfortable for them. Others track every cooldown in the middle of the screen with action bars or weakauras. It is all personal preference.

Recommended Addons:

  • Weak Auras 2: An addon that allows you to track buffs/debuffs and cooldowns of abilities, and much more.
  • Plater: Highly customizable nameplate addon that makes it easier to keep track of debuffs.
  • Details!: The default damage meter that not only allows you to see how much damage you are doing but to analyze damage/healing/death breakdowns in real time.


Serenity then RSK Macro

This will activate Serenity and then immediately cast Rising Sun Kick in the same button press.

/cast Serenity
/cast Rising Sun Kick

Cast at Cursor Bonedust Brew / Faeline Stomp Macro

This will cast Bonedust Brew at your cursor’s location without you having to place the reticle or cast Faeline Stomp if you do not have Bonedust Brew talented.

/cast [known: 386276, @cursor] Bonedust Brew;
/cast [known: 388193] Faeline Stomp


Two very good packs for Windwalker Monk, containing several different auras that change depending on your character's setup.

Some additional WeakAuras that can help your gameplay:

If you want to use my UI, I have it and other Weakauras I’ve made on my wago page: