Windwalker Monk

Patch 8.2.5

Written by Swagfist Last Updated: 17th Nov, 2019

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

  1. Versatility
  2. Critical Strike
  3. Mastery
  4. Haste

Stats Outline

Versatility gives you a flat damage increase and damage taken decrease. It also scales with your Touch of Karma and your Touch of Death.

Critical strike increases the chance of your abilities to deal double damage.

Mastery causes your next ability to do more damage if it is not a repeat of your previous ability.

Haste increases your energy regeneration and reduces the cooldown of Fists of Fury and Rising Sun Kick as well.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character

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The dps difference between all races is really small.

Horde: Blood Elf, Tauren, Undead

Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Kul Tiran Human


Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Versatile Navigation, Enchant Weapon - Deadly Navigation or Enchant Weapon - Force Multiplier

Rings: Enchant Ring - Accord of Versatility


Versatility: Versatile Dark Opal


Flask: Greater Flask of the Currents

Potion: Greater Battle Potion of agility / Potion of Unbridled Fury

Food: Feast / Bil’Tong

Vantus Rune: The Eternal Palace

Augment Rune: Battle-Scarred Augment Rune