Vengeance Demon Hunter

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 22nd Jun, 2020

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Raiding/Mythic + DPS Build:

Raiding/Mythic + Survival Build

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Abyssal StrikePassive
Agonizing FlamesPassive
Razor SpikesPassive

Abyssal Strike: Increases the range and reduces the cooldown of Infernal Strike.

Agonizing Flames: Increases the damage Immolation Aura deals and increases your movement speed, while it’s active.

Razor Spikes: Increases the Physical damage you deal while Demon Spikes is active, and slows enemies you hit with melee attacks by 20%.

All these options affect damage and movement, in a way of which Abyssal Strike provides the biggest damage increase of the row and is the go-to talent, especially in combination with  Flame Crash from a later talent row.

Tier 2 (30)

Feast of SoulsPassive
Burning AlivePassive

Feast of Souls: Adds an extra healing effect to Soul Cleave.

Fallout: Immolation Aura has a chance to spawn Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies.

Burning Alive: Enables Fiery Brand to spread from it’s initial target every 2 seconds. 

Fallout is generally the best talent in this talent row, as it provides the biggest damage increase when using Spirit Bomb and also scales well with more enemies. 

Feast of Souls only provides a heal and does nothing for damage.

Burning Alive only makes Fiery Brand spread from the initial target, and does not make it a viable AoE tanking cooldown.

All in all Fallout provides the best healing and damage increase, by spawning extra souls.

Tier 3 (45)

Flame CrashPassive
Charred FleshPassive

Flame Crash: Infernal Strike will spawn a Sigil of Flames on the impact location.

Charred Flesh: Targets (it can spread with Burning Alive) affected by Fiery Brand take 20% extra fire damage from you.

Felblade: Charge the target, dealing fire damage. This abilities cooldown has a chance to reset when using Shear (or Fracture).

While all talents in this row provide some kind of damage increase, Flame Crash Provides the biggest increase and is used in all situations.

Tier 4 (60)

Soul RendingPassive
Feed the DemonPassive

Soul Rending: Increases leech by 5% and an extra 25% when Metamorphosis is active.

Feed the Demon: Reduces the cooldown on Demon Spikes when consuming Soul Fragments. 

Fracture: This replaces Shear as a generator of both Pain and Lesser Soul Fragments, it has a cooldown and 2 charges.

For the best damage, Fracture will be taken. 

If more survival is needed, Demon Spikes can be used.

Tier 5 (75)

Concentrated SigilsPassive
Quickened SigilsPassive
Sigil of ChainsInstant

Concentrated Sigils: These are not targeted anymore and will be placed under the player, and have their duration increased by 2 seconds.

Quickened Sigils: Reduces the cooldown and activation time for all sigils.

Sigil of Chains: An extra sigil which will pull all enemies towards the center of the sigil when it activates.

Generally for raiding Concentrated Sigils is used as it provides a good way to increase damage with Sigil of Flame.

Sigil of Chains can be very good in Mythic+ and encounters where an AoE grip/pull is needed to help the raid and to maximize AoE damage. When this is the case you should take this talent.

Tier 6 (90)

Spirit BombInstant
Fel DevastationChanneled

Gluttony: Consuming a Soul Fragment has a chance to activate Metamorphosis for 5 seconds.

Spirit Bomb: An extra ability which consumes up to 5 Soul Fragments, within 25 yards, which then deal damage and apply Frailty to all nearby enemies. The more Soul Fragments are used, the more damage it deals. 

Enemies affected by Frailty heal the demon hunter for 10% of all damage, that is dealt to them by the demon hunter.

Fel Devastation: A short cooldown ability which deals damage, in front of the demon hunter, and healing the demon hunter as well.

Spirit Bomb in this tier provides the highest damage and is generally taken for most content .

Gluttony helps with survival and is the defensive option in this talent row.

Tier 7 (100)

Last ResortPassive
Void ReaverPassive
Soul BarrierInstant

Last Resort: When a hit is taken which would kill the demon hunter, Metamorphosis activates instead. This activation has an 8 minute cooldown.

Void Reaver: Enemies hit by Soul Cleave deal 6% less damage to the Demon Hunter.

Soul Barrier: An extra ability, which allows Soul Fragments within 25 yards to be used to gain an absorb shield. The shield’s size is dependent on the amount of Soul Fragments consumed.

Overall Last Resort or Void Reaver are the go-to choices. 

Last Resort when you are trying to push for new content, as it provides a big safety net and will stop you from dying, if you make a mistake.

Void Reaver when you do not expect to die unexpectedly, as this always provides a damage reduction and not only when you took a death blow.

Soul Barrier can be useful if an encounter needs you to have an extra cooldown and absorb a big hit.