Vengeance Demon Hunter

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 27th Apr, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Abyssal StrikePassive
Agonizing FlamesPassive

On the first row, the choice is really between Agonizing Flames and Abyssal Strike.

With the conduit Growing Inferno, Agonizing Flames pulls ahead of Abyssal Strike on pure damage output. However, Agonizing Flames will never provide better mobility options than Abyssal Strike.

Tier 2 (25)

Feast of SoulsPassive
Burning AlivePassive

On this row the choice is between Fallout and Burning Alive as Feast of Souls doesn't provide enough healing to be worth considering.

Fallout should be the default choice and you pick Burning Alive when there is use for it.

Tier 3 (30)

Infernal ArmorPassive
Charred FleshPassive
Spirit BombInstant

This row has three solid options.

Generally, Spirit Bomb will be the pick as it does the most damage. However, when running “Brand build” (2323321) or “Sigil build” (2213321), Spirit Bomb can be excluded as both legendaries included in those builds (Razelikh’s Defilement & Fiery Soul) rely on using Soul Cleave as the pain-spender, which then devalues Spirit Bomb.

So in short, Spirit Bomb should be the default choice but if you find yourself wanting to make more use out of your legendaries, then perhaps pick one of the others, either Infernal Armor or Charred Flesh.

Tier 4 (35)

Soul RendingPassive
Feed the DemonPassive

On the fourth row, there is pretty much only one choice. Fracture should really be baseline as it is so much better than it’s baseline ability Shear.

Soul Rending is essentially a dead talent as it has no real use. You don’t do enough damage where 5% leech can really carry your self-healing and when you do press Meta, you don't need an additional 25% leech as it already makes you pretty much unkillable.

Feed the Demon is a solid talent, the problem Feed the Demon has is that it is on the same talent row as Fracture. If it wouldn’t be on the same talent row as Fracture, it could be considered, but right now it is only really picked in very niché situations.

Tier 5 (40)

Concentrated SigilsPassive
Quickened SigilsPassive
Sigil of ChainsInstant

The fifth row really depends on your groups’ needs.

Sigil of Chains should be picked if you need to AoE grips. Generally, Quickened Sigils should be the default choice in this row as the Kyrian covenant ability Elysian Decree counts as a sigil, making it a 48-second cooldown instead of a 60-second cooldown, and all sigils activate 1 second faster.

Tier 6 (45)

Void ReaverPassive
Soul BarrierInstant

On row 6 there is really only one choice, unfortunately. Both Void Reaver & Soul Barrier feel they are lacking and Demonic lets Fel Devastation fill another gap in the Demon Hunters mitigation windows.

Tier 7 (50)

Last ResortPassive
Ruinous BulwarkPassive
Bulk ExtractionInstant

The last row has had some changes in Shadowlands, introducing Ruinous Bulwark & Bulk Extraction, but both choices are sub-par to Last Resort.