Vengeance Demon Hunter gearing guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 19th Nov, 2022
Meyra Vengeance Demon Hunter Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live


Tier Set


Your Shear or Fracture deals 20% more damage, generates 20% more Fury, and has a 15% chance to spawn an additional soul.


Spirit Bomb and Soul Cleave have a 12% chance of dealing 50% more damage and reducing the damage any mob hit by the empowered spell to deal 15% less damage to you for 8 seconds.

The first bonus is passive, but it's a decently strong tier bonus. Especially the bonus fury from Fracture, which enables your rotation and makes it far less likely that you become Fury starved.

The second bonus is a minor damage boost and will provide decent uptime on a 15% damage reduction. However, it is very random and does not provide enough damage reduction, so you would likely alter your gameplay around it.


There are a few other items you want to keep an eye out for as a Vengeance Demon Hunter.

Stormslash, is a warglaive that drops from Nokhud Offensive. This glaive has a strong damage proc on top of its normal stat budget, making it far and beyond the best weapon, you can get in Dragonflight right now.

There are further a few rings that you want to keep an eye out for.

Seal of Diurna’s Chosen drops from the first boss of the Vault of the Incarnates, Eranog. A ring with a strong damage effect that procs from fire damage done, something Vengeance has plenty off.

Seal of FIlial Duty drops from Broodkeeper Diurna, which comes at a bonus item level up to 430 from Mythic difficulty. It has a shield effect that triggers when you deal fire damage. The stats are not optimal, but the shield effect is a decently strong defensive boost which might be worth it at the extra item level.

The Jeweled Signet of Melandrus drops from the Court of Stars dungeon, which increases your auto-attack damage for a decent boost to your damage output on top of already having good stats.

Jewelcrafting Neck:

The Jewelcrafting neck Elemental Lariat offers 3 sockets and a proc granting stats relative to one of your sockets for 12 seconds. The sockets and the effect make it the strongest neck you can get. Craft it with Haste and Versatility or Critical Strike.


There are a handful of potentially strong trinkets from the Vault of Incarnates.

Spiteful Storm

Spiteful Storm is a Bind on Equip drop from Lieutenant mobs in the Vault of Incarnates. It provides:

  • Significant single-target damage.
  • Linking you with your enemy.
  • Causing your attacks to build stacks until you unleash a damaging effect against your target.

After it deals damage, it permanently increases the damage done by the effect as well as how many stacks you need to proc it. Very strong, but only really recommended on pure single target.

Storm-Eater’s Boon

Storm-Eater’s Boon drops from Dathea, Ascended. It is a 3-minute cooldown trinket that provides massive, ramping AoE damage. However, it has a downside forcing you to stand still for 10 seconds after using it. You can cancel the effect to move, but at the cost of not dealing the rest of the damage.

Whispering Incarnate Icon

Whispering Incarnate Icon drops from Primal Council. It is a very simple stat stick granting Versatility and gives a chance to increase your crit and haste if DPS and healers in your group also have it equipped. It is a decently strong trinket if you can get the full effect.

Manic Grieftorch

Manic Grieftorch drops from Broodkeeper Diurna. It is a 2-minute cooldown that channels for 2 seconds, spawning fire around you for a lot of damage with a chance to cleave to other targets. It has an extra effect, removing 90 seconds of its cooldown if an allied player were to die.

All-Totem of the Master

All-Totem of the Master drops from Kurog Grimtotem. It offers 4 different procs on a 30s cooldown rotation that will proc when you successfully dodge or parry an attack. Each of these procs will damage enemies in front of you and grant you beneficial power for a short time.