Survival Hunter Stats, Races and Consumables Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

Single Target: Haste > Crit > Versa > Mastery

AoE: Haste > Crit >  Versa > Mastery

Stat Outline

Haste: Increases your auto attack speed and increases your focus regeneration while also reducing your global cooldown. It also reduces the cooldown of Kill Command, Wildfire Bomb, and Butchery, and also increases the DoT damage of Serpent Sting.

Crit: Increases the chance for all your attacks to deal double damage.

Versatility: Increases the damage of all your spells and abilities and reduces incoming damage.

Mastery: Increases the effect of Mastery: Spirit Bond, which increases the damage of both yours and your pet's focus spending abilities. Unfortunately, it does not increase the damage of Wildfire Bomb, which is our primary damage ability in AoE.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character.


For pure DPS output, Dwarf is your best race for Alliance and Tauren is your go-to pick for Horde.


Weapon: Sophic devotion

Neck: 3x Tiered Medallion Setting

Chest: Waking Stats

Cloak: Regenerative Leech

Bracers: Devotion of Leech

Ring: Devotion of Haste

Legs: Fierce Armor Kit

Boots: Watcher's Loam


Primary Stat and Haste - Fierce Illimited Diamond

Haste and Critical Strike - Crafty Ysemerald


Potion: Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power

Phials: Phial of Tepid Versatility or Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage

Rune: Howling Rune

Food: Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak

Augment Runes: Draconic Augment Runes

Sharpening Stone: Primal Whetstone

Health Potions: Dreamwalker's Healing Potion