Survival Hunter gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Symex Survival Hunter Author


Crafted Gear

Unless you are a proud owner of a Mythic 421 Ilvl weapon, you should prioritize crafting a weapon with either the Blue silk lining or Fang Adornments Embellishment.

Elemental Lariat is an excellent choice due to it not interfering with the tier set but also because the proc is decently strong.

If you don't go for the weapon craft and already have an Elemental Lariat going for either non-tier-off pieces with the Blue silk lining or Fang Adornments embellishments is your best bet.

Allied Legguards of Sansok Khan is, in theory, an equal or even better option for overall damage than an off piece with silk lining or fang adornments, but I do not recommend crafting it.

Not only does it possibly conflict with the tier set legs, but more importantly, it buffs your teammates' DPS which will make your damage look worse in comparison.

Fang Adornments vs Blue Silk Lining

Fang adornments: Physical attacks sometimes deal extra physical damage.

Blue silk lining: While above 90% health, gain Mastery.

While generally Blue Silk Lining will gain you more dps overall Fang adornments are more consistent damage.

The hardest DPS checks usually will make you drop below 90% hp so fang adornments would be better in such situations.

Tier Sets

With dragonflight season 1 we also have access to a new tier set.

The set has the following effect:

Carve and Butchery generally deal very little overall damage in AOE while mongoose bite can be up to 50% of our damage in single target. 

While not being very impactful in AOE this set is a very strong increase for Singletarget situations.