Survival Hunter Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation

Single Target:

  1. Use harpoon with terms of engagement
  2. Use Death Chakram
  3. Use Coordinated Assault while making sure you used both charges of Wildfire Bomb if you are talented into bombardier
  4. Use Kill Shot during Coordinated assault while it is empowered by Coordinated Kill
  5. Use Wildfire Bomb if your next 2 casts would cap you on Wildfire Bomb charges
  6. Use Kill Shot
  7. Use Wildfire bomb during Coordinated assault to regenerate focus
  8. Use Flanking strike to regenerate focus but not if it would over-cap your focus
  9. Use Kill command to regenerate focus but not if it would over-cap your focus
  10. Use Mongoose bite during mongoose fury windows
  11. Use Wildfire bomb
  12. Use Steel Trap
  13. Use Explosive Shot
  14. Use Mongoose Bite to start a new Mongoose Fury window


  1. Use Killshot during coordinated assault while empowered by Coordinated Kill
  2. Use Wildfire bomb at 2 charges
  3. Use Death Chakram
  4. Use coordinated assault
  5. Use Fury of the Eagle
  6. Use Explosive Shot
  7. Use Butchery at max stacks
  8. Use Fury of the Eagle
  9. Use Flanking strike to regen focus but not if it would over-cap your focus
  10. Use Butchery while Shrapnel Bomb is up
  11. Use Kill command to regen focus
  12. Use Mongoose bite on targets with high Poison Injection stacks
  13. Use Kill Shot
  14. Use Mongoose bite to apply Serpent Sting


Single Target

  1. Use Harpoon
  2. Use Wildfire Bomb
  3. Use Death Chakram


  1. Use Harpoon
  2. Use Wildfire Bomb
  3. Use Coordinated Assault


Survival's basic playstyle is about keeping wildfire bomb on cooldown, while keeping up the Shredded armor debuff, while also simultaneously trying to maximize your mongoose bite windows.

Casting mongoose bite puts you in a mongoose fury window, which increases the damage of consecutive mongoose bites by 15%, stacking up to 5 times. This buff does not refresh. To optimize this, you generally want to enter a new mongoose fury window with as much focus as possible and prioritize mongoose bites when the buff is about to expire.


Spearhead and coordinated assault have counter synergy with each other and should therefore be used separately.

It is also worth noting that if specced into coordinated kill you want to only use coordinated assaults procs on kill shots, due to the Wildfire Bomb empowerment being completely worthless.