Survival Hunter

Patch 8.1.5

Last Updated: 16th May, 2019

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Use Coordinated Assault on cooldown.
  2. Cast Kill Command on cooldown, make sure to not focus cap with this.
  3. Cast Wildfire Bomb on cooldown, check the DoT uptime to use it when it’s about to expire.
  4. When you get a Viper's Venom proc use Serpent Sting.
  5. Make sure to maintain the Serpent Sting DoT by refreshing it.
  6. Cast Raptor Strike to spend Focus, make sure to not hit focus cap.

Multi Target:

  1. Make sure to apply Serpent Sting to all targets.
  2. On 2+ targets maintain your normal rotation, if you can hit both targets with Carve make sure to use it to get a cooldown reduction on your Wildfire Bomb.
  3. Make sure to cast Kill Command on cooldown to generate enough focus.
  4. On 5+ targets make sure to use Wildfire Bomb on cooldown and use Carve on cooldown to gain a lot of cooldown reduction on your bombs.


  1. Cast Serpent Sting.
  2. Cast Wildfire Bomb.
  3. Cast Coordinated Assault.
  4. Cast Raptor Strike once.
  5. Cast Kill Command.
  6. Follow your normal rotation.

Playing with Mongoose Bite and Alpha Predator:

  1. Cast Coordinated Assault on cooldown.
  2. Cast Serpent Sting when the DoT has fallen off.
  3. Cast Wildfire Bomb if it is about to reach 2 charges. For specifics on different Infusions read further below.
  4. Cast Mongoose Bite when you have 5 stacks of Mongoose Fury.
  5. Cast Kill Command to generate Focus for casting more Mongoose Bites. 5-stack Mongoose Bite is a higher priority then generating focus.
  6. Do not refresh Serpent Sting during your Coordinated Assault.
  7. Cast Mongoose Bite, start casting it with 60+ Focus.
  8. During downtime in the rotation cast Wildfire Bomb.