Shadow Priest

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 13th Apr, 2021

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

Outside Void Form priority:

  1. Maintain both Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain on the target.
  2. Try to maintain a high uptime of Devouring Plague on the target to make use of your Mastery, but make sure to dump your insanity in time so that you don’t over-cap it. Subsequent Devouring Plague will cause its damage over time effect to add into the existing DoT, so it is fine to overlap Devouring Plague DoT’s if you are about to over-cap insanity.
  3. Void Torrent / Mindbender
  4. Mind Blast on cooldown.

Inside Void Form priority:

  1. Void Bolt on cooldown (there will be 2 global cooldowns between void bolts)
  2. Devouring Plague to dump insanity
  3. Mind Blast
  4. Mind Flay

*If you are using the Shadowflame Prism legendary and your mindbender is up, Shadow Word: Death is priority number 1. 


Assumed talents 1111122 and night fae

  1. Pre-cast Vampiric Touch
  2. Shadow Word: Pain
  3. Night Fae Covenant Ability
  4. Mindbender
  5. Shadow Word: Death
  6. Mind Blast
  7. Void Eruption
  8. Power Infusion (off GCD)
  9. Void Bolt
  10. Mind Blast
  11. Devouring Plague
  12. Void Bolt
  13. Continue regular rotation

Multi Target:

With the Misery talent:

With the Searing Nightmare talent:


You generally don’t want to delay Void Form to align with Power Infusion, unless the length of the fight is such that you’ll get the same amount of Void Form casts off. Do make sure to use them together on pull though.

Use your Mindbender / Shadowfiend and Shadow Crash on cd, if you’re in Void Form try to replace a Mind Flay global for one of these.

If new mobs spawn while you’re in Void Form, make sure to keep using void bolt on cooldown, try to replace Mind Flay globals to dot up the new mobs.

Do not use Void Torrent while in Void Form. If you use it on CD each time after your opener, it should line up to be usable right before your next Void Form. However, try not to delay your Void Form by too much to make this happen. Just delay your Void Torrent until after your Void Form, or slightly delay Void Form depending on the timings.