Shadow Priest

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Cayna Last Updated: 7th Jun, 2019

Playstyle & Rotation


Single Target

Shadow Priest's single target rotation is extremely easy as you don't have any short CD's to manage.

  1. Void bolt on CD ALWAYS
  2. Shadow word: void / Mind Blast
  3. Mind Flay

If you spec into Shadow Word: Death:

  1. Void bolt
  2. Shadow word: Death IF 2 charges
  3. Shadow word: Void IF 2 charges
  4. Shadow word: Death
  5. Shadow word: Void
  6. Mind flay

Basically, don't waste charges.

Do you run shadow crash or dark void? Keep them on CD while not wasting charges of shadow word: Void / Voidbolt CD.


  1. Void Bolt on CD
  2. Shadow word: Void IF 2 charges
  3. Shadow word: Pain
  4. Vampiric Touch
  5. Shadow word: Void
  6. Mind Flay / Mind Sear

More info about this below in playstyle!


Mind searing

Voidform timing + CD's

Voidform uptime is the most important thing, for this reason you want to make sure you time on-use things correctly.

For example when running Fuse + Shadowfiend + berserking:

This way you have them all at the same time at 12 seconds, giving you the best haste at the latest points of voidform.

Grong Encounter Example

I use Fuse at 13 > Shadowfiend at 18 > Berserking at 21. The adds will spawn around this time. I will have all my burst haste running for the first set of adds, dotting them without issues of dropping voidform and lasting about a 35 voidform.


Although dotting targets is important, its also important to keep in mind to not waste void bolts + Shadow word: Void.

As standard you want to use void bolt on CD and keep Shadow Word: Void at least rolling on CD.

I personally use a boss target macro and boss frames to maintain dots.

When to re-apply your dots

General Discussion