Shadow Priest interface and macros guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 6th Aug, 2022
Jaerv Shadow Priest Author


Make sure you have boss frames enabled in your wow UI, and use an addon to track your dots on targets, from boss 1 to boss 5.


Generic mouseover macro

Generic mouseover macro you can use for your spells.

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] spell

Searing Nightmare Channeling or Shadow Word: Pain Macro

Casts Searing Nightmare if you’re channeling Mind Sear or Shadow Word: Pain otherwise.

/cast [nochanneling: Mind Sear, @mouseover, harm, nodead][nochanneling: Mind Sear] Shadow Word: Pain
/cast [channeling, talent:3/3] Searing Nightmare

Void Torrent Channeling Macro

3 macros that allow you to spam DP/Void Eruption/Mind Blast while channeling Void Torrent without interrupting the channel.

/cast [nochanneling:void torrent, @mouseover,harm,nodead][nochanneling: Void Torrent] Devouring Plague
/cast [nochanneling:void torrent, @mouseover,harm,nodead][nochanneling: Void Torrent] Void Eruption
/cast [nochanneling:void torrent, @mouseover,harm,nodead][nochanneling: Void Torrent] Mind Blast

Shadow Crash Macro

Instantly casts Shadow Crash at the position of your cursor. Takes a bit of time to get used to, but it will save idle time when doing your rotation.

/cast [@cursor] Shadow Crash

Dispersion Cancel aura

A macro to use on Mind Blast. (This can be paired with any spell you want, and you can also just click Dispersion again to cancel it, since it has the cancelaura built into the spell (with a small grace period))

#showtooltip Mind Blast
/cancelaura Dispersion
/use Mind Blast

Power word: Shield mouseover Macro

A macro to make sure you can easily Power Word: Shield people without having to take your target away from the boss. This is useful while moving / pre voidform.

#showtooltip Power word: shield
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Power word: shield

Shadow Mend mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Shadow Mend
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Shadow Mend


You can find a wide variety of useful weakauras for Shadow Priest at, FOR SUBS OFC