Shadow Priest Gearing Guide

Patch 10.1.7 Last Updated: 4th Sep, 2023
Jaerv Shadow Priest Author


Tier Set


    Best Shadow Priest Trinket combos as of now:

    A lot of the trinkets are fairly close to each other on pure Single Target and start to differ when you add or remove targets from the fight.

    Ominous Chromatic Essence is always good if you have All Allies with the buff (Every possible buff spread out over the raid/group).

    Spoils of Neltharus is good on both Single Target and AoE, and especially good if you need a little extra burst.

    Neltharions Call to Suffering is overall very good, BUT, it is very inconsistent. Since the last update, they removed the haste scaling of the proc and it is now a flat 1 rppm. Making the chance of you getting the buff during your cooldowns very low. It’s not really advised to use this trinket during progress if you have the option of one of the other BiS trinkets.

    Vessel of Searing Shadow is very solid on Single Target, but loses a lot of value as soon as you add targets, in Mythic+ for example.

    Crafted Gear (Embellishments)

    The top Embellishments for Shadow are:

      Rather than giving you the exact Embellishments to go for, i’m gonna go over a few valid options. Because as it stands right now, tuning is still on going and with how close all the options are, the “best” changes constantly. But as it stands right now, it is looking like we will be using one of these combinations.

      You can keep using your Lariat & Blue Silken Lining at the start of the Season without any worries, and only swap when tuning has slowed down a bit and we know more of what is actually the best for most content.