Shadow Priest Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Season 4 Information

Tier Set

Shadow Priest Best in Slot Gear

As this is a very early guide for Season 4, some of the gear might change because of tuning. But this is a general list of gear you should strive towards.

You should still prioritize the gear you use by running a sim for your character, but the lists below will give you a good idea of what items are considered good for Shadow Priest, and help you target the right content for each piece of loot.

The list below is meant to give you a goal, not the end all be all. You can tweak various pieces depending on your exact stats or setup. You should always sim yourself on various settings to determine if something is an upgrade rather than blindly following this list.

Overall Best Gear

Slot Item Source
Head Mask of the Furnace Seraph (TIER) Tindral Sageswift, Raszageth, Magmorax
Neck Eye of the Rising Flame Tindral Sageswift
Shoulders Devotion of the Furnace Seraph (TIER) Smolderon, Broodkeeper, Neltharion
Cloak Voice of the Silent Star Sarkareth
Chest Vesture of the Smoldering Serpent Volcoross
Wrist Vibrant Wildercloth Wristwraps (BSL) or Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation (OPTION) Crafted
Gloves Grasp of the Furnace Seraph (TIER) Igira the Cruel, Dathea, Forgotten Experiments
Belt Blooming Redeemer's Sash Fyrakk, the Blazing
Legs Breeches of the Furnace Seraph (TIER) Larodar, Sennarth, Rashok
Boots Vibrant Wildercloth Slippers (BSL) Crafted
Ring Seal of Filial Duty Broodkeeper
Ring Seal of Diurna’s Chosen Eranog
Trinket Neltharion’s Call to Suffering Neltharion
Trinket Ominous Chromatic Essence The Forgotten Experiments
Main Hand Vakash, the Shadowed Inferno Fyrakk, the Blazing
Off Hand Scripture of Primal Devotion Kurog Grimtotem



For Single Target:

For Dungeons:

Note: Vessel of Searing Shadows requires you to have Seal of Diurna’s Chosen to be a top tier choice for ST. Since it deals fire damage, it can proc the ring, and will almost triple the damage the ring does on ST (even if you already have Vakash and the Incandescent Essence Head Enchant)

There's not really any set combination of trinkets that will ALWAYS be bis since a lot of them are very close in value.

Chromatic Essence and Icon has the drawback of needing other people in the raid/group to also have the trinket for you gain max value, but even with just a few they are still up there.

Spoils is the only stat on-use trinket that will compete, so will be very good if you need on demand burst damage.

Tome of Unstable Power and Umbrelskul’s Fractured Heart were both reworked and look to be very solid options both for M+ and Raid fights with adds.