Shadow Priest

Patch 8.3

Written by Kuriisu Last Updated: 19th Feb, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Fortress of the MindPassive
Shadowy InsightPassive
Shadow Word: Void1.5 sec cast

Fortress of the Mind: Close to Shadow Word: Void in value, however, Shadow Word: Void works better for movement and the extra charge feels better to play with. This talent also feels better to play with on cleave as the globals are more impactful while multi dotting.

Shadowy Insight: Overall ranked lower than anything else.

Shadow Word: Void: Great for single target situations and works better for movement because of the charge system. It also works great on cleave because of the charge system.

Tier 2 (30)

Body and SoulPassive

Body and Soul: Your only real movement ability. Without this your only other movement option is Dispersion, which is a personal CD and should not be used for movement reasons.

San'layn: Drastically increases your healing. This works extremely well in 5 man content. Strong talent but at the cost of damage and utility, so only picked in raids / dungeons when it is vital.

Intangibility:  Reduces the cooldown of our personal Dispersion. The heal is nice but the biggest part is the CD reduction. On fights with frequently high damage taken and no mobility needed this talent will shine. The heal is not that great as there tends to be high amounts of healing going out anyway if you need to pop this, simply causing unnecessary over-healing.

Tier 3 (45)

Twist of FatePassive
Dark Void2 sec cast

Twist of Fate: The execute talent, strong single target with some uses on cleave. Can sometimes be gained by critters being in boss rooms. Examples being Fetid Devourer and Mekkatorque.

Misery: Very strong for spread out dotting. Although a fight like conclave would give you strong uptime on Twist of Fate, the amount of globals it would take for you to do all raptors is too much and Misery pulls ahead.

Dark Void: A decent nuke, not bad on single target even. Great for stacked AoE and generating a large amount of insanity. This will be your main pick in M+ as it will be your main way to apply Shadow Word: Pain to all Reaping mobs.

Tier 4 (60)

Last WordPassive
Mind BombInstant
Psychic HorrorInstant

Last Word: Chosen if you need more interrupts. Sometimes picked when you run a low interrupt comp / need many interrupts for a long period of time (30+ seconds).

Mind Bomb: Never really useful in raids, there are better AoE stuns out and often does not work on the boss since it's a magic effect.

Psychic Horror: Single target stun, nice and effective. Can be used on a couple of fights this tier. Think Conclave raptors, Mekkatorque bots or even a specific add on Opulence.

Tier 5 (75)

Auspicious SpiritsPassive
Shadow Word: DeathInstant
Shadow CrashInstant

Auspicious Spirits: Default talent for all situations. With the “bug fix” to how this talent interacted with Spiteful Apparitions, this talent now always increases the damage of spirits, making it the most dominant talent in the row.

Shadow Word: Death: Execute spell, high damage and good regeneration. However, even on execute needed fights because of the traits and secondary stats the talent feels almost not worth it anymore compared to Auspicious Spirits.

Shadow Crash: AoE blast that provides some instant insanity, but due to how little damage it does, coupled with the “bug fix” to Auspicious Spirits, this talent isn't ever worth taking at the moment.

Tier 6 (90)

Lingering InsanityPassive
Void TorrentChanneled

Lingering Insanity: Overall a strong choice. Scales well and does great with Chorus of Insanity. Whenever you leave Voidform you maintain a huge amount of total stats. This talent does suffer from downtime but no real fight seems to have too many issues with that so far.

Mindbender: Lower CD pet, always a solid choice but generally just worse than its counterpart Lingering Insanity.

Void Torrent: Is just weaker, Mindbender has the exact same purpose but just performs better than Void Torrent.

Tier 7 (100)

Legacy of the VoidPassive
Dark AscensionInstant
Surrender to MadnessInstant

Legacy of the Void: Overall, this talent will grant you the most uptime in Voidform, While also increasing the damage bonus by 5%. Scales well with secondary stats and performs better than the other talents.

Dark Ascension: Overall a bit weaker than legacy, requires a more thought through gameplay. Biggest upside would be AoE burst, but never seems really needed.

Surrender to Madness: Even on Jaina 30% > 25% nuke Surrender to Madness did not sim better on a 1:30 fight WITHOUT Bloodlust. Bloodlust is quite important for the talent. Although it feels like in its current state it’s lacking, I personally do not think this talent can ever be viable without being super broken for certain fights.