Shadow Priest

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 13th Apr, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Fortress of the MindPassive
Death and MadnessPassive
Unfurling DarknessPassive

Fortress of the Mind - The best for single target fights. More insanity generation, and more damage from Mind Blast and Mind Flay. Also synergizes well with the talent Psychic Link and the Talbadar’s Stratagem Legendary. 

Death and Madness - Can be good in Mythic plus, when mobs in a pull die at different times, and to load up on insanity before the next pack. The biggest downside is that it does substantial reflect damage, which can be dangerous. If your group is doing big pulls this can be a good pick because you basically want to Mind Sear -> Searing Nightmare and not cast Mind Blast or Vampiric Touch, making the other talents considerably less valuable. Death and Madness helps you finish off the remaining mobs after you’re done aoe’ing and will give you a full battery of Insanity for the next pull. 

Unfurling Darkness - When fighting stacked up mobs you replace Mind Flay for Mind Sear casts, making the Fortress of the Mind talent less valuable. At the same time, multiple mobs enhance the value of the instant cast Vampiric Touch because the second cast is not necessarily wasted from a dotting up perspective. Even on single target, this talent is not far behind Fortress of the Mind, although it might feel a bit weird at the start to recast Vampiric Touch on a fully dotted target. Currently, it’s a bit under-tuned, so it’s slightly losing out to Fortress of the Mind in every scenario.

Tier 2 (25)

Body and SoulPassive

Body and Soul - The best talent in this row. Giving us some much-needed mobility.

San’layn - Would be a great survivability talent if it wasn’t in the same row as our only reliable mobility spell.

Intangibility - Would be a great survivability talent if it wasn’t in the same row as our only reliable mobility spell.

Tier 3 (30)

Twist of FatePassive
Searing NightmareInstant

Twist of Fate - The best talent for pure single target dps.

Misery - The best talent in multi-dotting situations.

Searing Nightmare - The best talent for 3+ target AoE. Is picked for most dungeons. If it can hit 3 or more targets you completely stop casting Devouring Plague.

Tier 4 (35)

Last WordPassive
Mind BombInstant
Psychic HorrorInstant

Last Word - You pick this if your group needs more interrupts. 

Mind Bomb - Weak pick because it replaces Psychic Scream. 

Psychic Horror - Instant single target stun. Very strong pick in both raids (if there are adds to use it on) and M+.

Tier 5 (40)

Auspicious SpiritsPassive
Psychic LinkPassive
Shadow CrashInstant

Auspicious Spirits - Best single target pick. Increases your Insanity generation and the damage from your spirits. 

Psychic Link - Strong for spread out cleave. Does nothing on single-target. 

Shadow Crash - Strong stacked cleave pick. Not far behind Auspicious Spirits on single target due to the high insanity generation and high damage.

Tier 6 (45)

Void TorrentChanneled

Damnation - Can be nice for world content to quickly kill a target. Has no real value in PvE content. 

Mindbender - In combination with the Shadowflame Prism legendary this is the strongest pick on single target and cleave. 

Void Torrent - Strong single target pick if you do not have the Shadowflame Prism legendary.

Tier 7 (50)

Ancient MadnessPassive
Hungering VoidPassive
Surrender to MadnessInstant

Ancient Madness - Can be useful in situations of big AoE where you want to remove void bolt from your rotation while in Void Form. Synergizes well with Searing Nightmare to burst down those big AoE packs in M+.

Hungering Void - The baseline choice for single target and multitarget cleave. You can extend your Void Form by a significant amount depending on your haste and crit. It also makes your void bolt increase your damage done to target for 6 seconds. 

Surrender to Madness - This talent gives you a 25 second STM buff, increasing your insanity generation by 100%. It also activates your Void Form for 15 seconds. When the target you cast STM on dies you lose the STM buff but you don’t lose the Void Form buff. 

If you can utilize Surrender to Madness perfectly, it can be very strong on multitarget. You are however dependent on the fight spawning an add that reliably dies about every 1.5 minutes. 

If the situation allows it, this can be a very valuable talent. But there is always the risk of not killing the STM target in time, which will just instantly kill the player.