Sepulcher of the First Ones

Halondrus the Reclaimer Mythic Boss Guide

Halondrus the Reclaimer
Last Updated: 8th Jun, 2022

Raid Setup

Recommended Classes

Druids for Stampeding Roar


Volatile Charge Mechanic Icon

Volatile Charge

Carry Bombs

Bomb Spawns P1:

Halondrus Charge Spawns P1

Bomb Spawns P2:

Halondrus Charge Spawns P2


The main mechanic of the Mythic version of this fight - somewhat infamous after the initial rendition of this fight caused so many issues for the guilds progressing on it.

During the fight you will find a total of 6 Volatile Charges, 3 in Phase One, and 3 in Phase 2.

These are bombs that will explode if they are carried by the same player for longer than 30 seconds, or left on the ground for longer than 30 seconds.

After dropping the bomb, a player will receive the Charge Exposure debuff for 40 seconds, rendering them unable to pick it up again without receive extremely heavy damage (100K - Immunities such as Aspect of the Turtle, Divine Shield will prevent this damage from being received).

What this means is that each bomb needs to have an assigned team of 2 players who will handle carrying it throughout the fight. The first player should pick the bomb up just before it is about to explode, in order to reduce the amount of total changeovers required you should aim to drop/pick up the bombs as close to the 30s timer as possible, however you can drop it as soon as your partner’s debuff has cleared if need be, which should be roughly 10-15 seconds after you pick it up.

These bombs need to be carried through the entire fight - they no longer have any interactions with any other mechanics in the fight and are very simple to handle now - just grab the weakaura linked, set up a note like this where “ranged1” or "melee1" is a player’s name:

group1 ranged1 ranged2
group2 ranged1 ranged2
group3 ranged1 ranged2
group4 ranged1 ranged2
group5 melee1 melee2
group6 melee1 melee2

You should try and make 4x Ranged pairs, and 2x Melee pairs.

You can include healers if your setup does not allow you to use 8x Ranged DPS for this, but keep their involvement with the bombs to a minimum if possible.

If you do have a healer assigned to a bomb, you should use a Ranged healer like a Priest or a Druid, and have them assigned to standing with the Ranged camp in Phase 3 so they can continue to carry their bomb.

The hardest part of handling these is usually the Intermissions - it’s advisable to swap bombs as close to the start of the Intermission as possible, and trade just before a knock-back from the Shatter mechanic. I also heavily recommend using world markers to mark the bombs once they are placed on the floor - you will need to give the entire raid assist for this to work but it is extremely useful. Assign one world marker to each pair and have them always mark the ground when they drop their bomb, that way it can never be confused which bomb is which.

Marker macros:

  • Blue Square: /wm [@cursor] 1
  • Green Triangle: /wm [@cursor] 2
  • Purple Diamond: /wm [@cursor] 3
  • Red Cross: /wm [@cursor] 4
  • Yellow Star: /wm [@cursor] 5
  • Orange Circle: /wm [@cursor] 6
  • Silver Moon: /wm [@cursor] 7
  • White Skull: /wm [@cursor] 8

Macro to drop the volatile charge and place marker:

/click ExtraActionButton1
/wm [@cursor] 6
Seismic Tremors Mechanic Icon

Seismic Tremors

Spot Pools/Dodge

Lines P1:

Halondrus Lines P1

Lines P2:

Halondrus Lines P2

The boss will cast Seismic Tremors, sending out 4 lines either side of it that will spawn Ephemeral Fissures as in Heroic. The tanks need to watch these lines and plan their movement, they should take up positions as shown in the image so that they can cover 2 lines each. The Ephemeral Motes that spawn from these will have a Fractal Shell shield around them until the tanks hit them with Lightshatter Beam.

Once these shields are broken, your raid need to block these Ephemeral Motes from hitting the boss as in Heroic.

You should use the slow-zones from dispelling Crushing Prism to slow down the motes, standing between the boss and an Ephemeral Fissure when being dispelled, this will reduce raid damage from blocking Motes in P1 & P2.

Make sure your melee are spread around the boss evenly to maximise Mote blocking.

Earthbreaker Missiles Mechanic Icon

Earthbreaker Missiles

Spread/Find Gaps

The boss will cast Earthbreaker Missiles, dealing damage after a 3 second delay, which leaves behind an Aftershock - this will deal damage to anyone standing in it after 3 seconds.

Your raid should spread out and leave small gaps to safely stand in after spreading to avoid the Aftershocks.

This mechanic also occurs during the Intermissions.

Crushing Prism Mechanic Icon

Crushing Prism

Run to Fissures & Dispel

The boss will put 3x Crushing Prism debuffs out at a time on the raid, generally preferring melee targets. These melee should move near to an Ephemeral Fissure and call for a dispel.

The debuff itself has a damage and a slow component, both ramping up as the debuff gains stacks every 1s for 16s.

This mechanic also occurs during the Intermissions - try to place them on the edges of the path to not block people with the Shattered Prism.

Reclaim Mechanic Icon


Heal/Block Motes

This is an interesting mechanic, as it is very impactful but can also be completely removed from the fight if your DPS is high enough, hugely reducing the difficulty of the encounter.

If Reclaim occurs, the boss will put up a shield for 4% of it’s maximum health, and slowly pull players and Motes towards it whilst dealing heavy raid damage until the shield is broken.

So you need healing CDs assigned, and also very stringent Mote blocking until the shield is broken.

I recommend hard committing to not have to deal with this mechanic by pushing the boss into the Intermissions before it is cast in both P1 and P2.

You can even drop down to 3 healers if you can’t make the DPS check with 4, as the reduced raid damage from not getting the Reclaim makes up for losing an entire healer.

You can balance potions/Sigil trinkets etc to make sure you skip both - typically the damage check in Phase 2 is slightly harder to meet, so peeling away some DPS Potions/Trinkets and using them in P2 instead is a good way to spread your damage out better.

Lightshatter Beam Mechanic Icon

Lightshatter Beam

Tank Swap & Hit Motes

The boss will cast Lightshatter Beam repeatedly at the tanks, this should be aimed at any Ephemeral Motes that still have a Fractal Shell on them.

The beam will leave a debuff increasing damage taken from Lightshatter Beam by 500% for 6 seconds so the tanks should quickly taunt after each beam.

Planetcracker Beam Mechanic Icon

Planetcracker Beam


The boss will spawn several orbs in the air which create circular zones on the ground which will rotate around the boss.

Stepping into these is instant death and should be avoided at all costs.

In Phase 3, the boss cuts the room in half using a full line of this mechanic.

These can be avoided by walking underneath the boss if need be, the damage received from doing this and stepping into the Ephemeral Fissure underneath the boss is far safer.

In the second Intermission the boss creates a field of these behind it.

Shatter Mechanic Icon


Plan for Knock

During the Intermissions, you will encounter several orbs that will explode when you are close to them, knocking everyone away from them at the angle relative to which they are positioned from it.

Make sure not to stand underneath the Orb as it will one-shot you.

Plan where you get knocked so you do not get caught behind and don't get knocked into a Volatile Charge (bomb) on the floor.


It is hard to lay out an exact strategy for this fight as the fight is predominantly your raiders handling the mechanics, the boss is on rails.

Follow the instructions I’ve given for passing bombs and you should have the fight down fairly quickly now it has been severely nerfed.

P3 Positioning:

Halondrus Phase 3 Positioning

In P3 - have your ranged DPS stay at the entrance and deal with their bombs their.

Melee should stay at the front of the boss with their bombs and some extras to block Motes.

Tanks, one healer and one DPS should walk through the boss to handle that side of the Beam and block Motes on that side.

Focus on blocking motes and not having any bombs go off - use Bloodlust here if you can, and the boss will die before the phase gets too tricky.


Sepulcher of the First Ones WeakAura Pack

Author: Causese
Causese SL Raid 3 WeakAura Pack