Restoration Druid

Patch 8.2.5

Written by Konah Last Updated: 25th Oct, 2019

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

For Resto Druid rotation you have to micromanage a few things, weakauras help with this significantly.

You should aim to keep Lifebloom up at all times, with it on the active tank or a player taking significant single target damage. Efflorescence is an exceptionally mana efficient spell that you should aim to have at close to 100% uptime, usually placed on the melee camp as they are the most stationary.

Next up is using Cenarion Ward properly. This is a strong, mana efficient, single target heal mostly used on CD but occasionally you may have to time it with an incoming mechanic to quickly heal up your raid member. This ability is affected by flourish and gives remarkably powerful single target healing when used correctly.

Clearcasting is a proc you gain from having Lifebloom active, this gives you a mana free Regrowth cast that should be used on any target that requires spot healing. Ensure you are tracking this proc and using it every time. You will receive more value if the regrowth is used on a target without lifebloom if you have the Rampant Growth trait.

Wild Growth is a short cooldown to be used when several party members take damage.

Swiftmend is our spot heal and should be used as necessary.

Innervate should be used as many times as possible during the fight.

Ramping and Cooldown Management

Now that we’ve covered the basics let's head into Ramping and Cooldown Management.

When the raid is about to take incoming damage you must begin your ramp by casting Rejuvenation on several targets. Once you have several Rejuvinations out and the damage is about to hit, precast Wild Growth and then once the cast has finished and the damage has hit use Flourish.

Above is the basic ramp, you’re able to add to it by opening with Innervate to reduce the mana costs completely. Alternatively you could open with Incarnation: Tree of Life to give you a significant healing boost together with a 33% mana reduction on Rejuvenation.

Tranquility is the most powerful cooldown we have and should be used during heavy raid damage and as often as possible. Also combine it with Incarnation: Tree of Life where necessary and possible. An added bonus is that you’re able to Flourish the HoTs from Tranquility.

Barkskin is your defensive ability and should be used liberally. While Ironbark is the external it can be used as a personal but mostly try to keep it available for a tanks call.

ABC (Always Be Casting) are words you should try and follow. If there’s little healing to be done you should be casting Solar Wrath while additionally maintaining  Moonfire and Sunfire if mana isn’t a constraint.

Mythic+ Rotation

Photosynthesis is assumed taken within this rotation.

You should be very versatile while playing dungeons as you will often be attempting to DPS while in Feral Affinity to make the key go as fast and smooth as possible.

Maintaining Lifebloom is of high importance as you should be running Photosynthesis try to refresh it with 4.5s as this is the pandemic window and you will not lose out on any ticks.

During low damage you should have Lifebloom sitting on the tank and use Rejuvenation when necessary. All spare globals should be spent within cat form DPSing or applying Moonfire and Sunfire to the mobs.

During medium to high party damage you should place Lifebloom to yourself and apply Rejuvenation and Wild Growth to the party while also casting Regrowth and Swiftmend liberally. If you need further healing use Tranquility and if you’ve taken it, Incarnation: Tree of Life. Apply Sunfire to the pack when you have a free global.

Use your utility spells often. It’s what makes Resto Druid strong in M+.

Quickfire Kitty Guide

Single Target

Open with Prowl + Rake then Shred to 5 Combo Points then Apply Rip. Maintain Sunfire, Moonfire and Rake, when you get 5 Combo Points use Ferocious Bite at 50+ energy if Rip doesn’t need refreshing.

Multiple Targets

Keep Sunfire up and spam Swipe on the pack. Use Rip on a target if it’s going to live for a while if not use Ferocious Bite at 50+ energy.