Restoration Druid talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 16th May, 2023
Heregellas Restoration Druid Author

Class Talents

The Druid talent Tree provides quite a lot of utility, unfortunately, sometimes way out of the path. Patch 10.0.5 changed this tree a bit, bringing some mandatory talents higher in the tree. It’s still not completely good since, due to some new positioning (looking at you, Improved Sunfire), the flexibility of this tree in a raid is greatly diminished if you want to weave in some extra aoe DPS between your heals.

Nearly every talent can be of use for either raid or M+, but some will indeed catch our eye very easily:

  • Nature’s Vigil is a talent that enables you to freely weave in DPS while healing; this also includes overhealing. It is amazing in raids since you will pair it with your ramps. In M+, it is excellent and will only lose its value once you are geared and you are doing easy mythic+ keys. Overall, this talent will see play nearly all the time.
  • Protector of the Pack has a very good value in M+ to squeeze in more DPS without changing your gameplay.

Let’s cover those builds in the next section!

Talent Builds

Raiding 1 Minute Ramp with extra range


This build can act as a “standard” build for raiding, with those flexible 1-minute ramps you already had during Sepulcher.

The Class Tree is moonkin-oriented to bring you the extra range, the possibility of multi-DoTing, and the fact that it’s way better to stay in range in raids, not to bait ranged mechanics in melee (as you still can be targeted by those even while playing in cat form).

In the Restoration Tree, you will be able to ramp every minute (and can delay it a bit if needed, of course), via Reforestation (acting like the tier set from Sepulcher) and Convoke the Spirits + Cenarius’ Guidance, with Flourish and Tranquility (talented with Inner Peace) available on every other ramp.

Cultivation and Germination will easily boost your mastery stacks. Nurturing Dormancy, Luxuriant Soil, and Germination will significantly help you keep a nice HoT coverage on the raid for each ramp.

Raiding 1 Minute Ramp - Defensive build - Protector of the Pack


This build will be more oriented for any harder content, like during a progress, thanks to the defensive talents in the Guardian branch.

You can swap Renewal for Improved Stampeding Roar if you need some additional raid-wide mobility during a specific encounter.

Raiding 1 Minute Ramp With Interrupt


If you need an interrupt during a specific encounter, you can grab it instead of choosing the moonkin-path, as in the talent tree above. Your DPS spare GCDs will be a bit less impactful, and you’ll lose the extra-range, but this is a welcome possibility.

Mythic+ Good damage (single target + AoE), no interrupt


This first build is more damage-oriented than the next one, and will do very nicely for keys, as long as you don’t need extra tankiness. It can act as a “standard” build for a lot of situations.

Mythic+ More defensive build + AoE damage, no interrupt


This second build is oriented towards higher keys, if extra tankiness is really needed.

Obviously, in some specific dungeons like Academy, or Temple of the Jade Serpent, you’ll probably want to pick Improved Nature’s Cure instead of, for instance, Wild Charge (if you don’t need that mobility), or Rip (you’ll lose some single target damage on bosses).