Restoration Druid

Patch 8.3

Written by Konah Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Cenarion WardInstant

Abundance - Can be a good pick in raid content; it is stronger during short fights, where you’re able to keep up more Rejuvenation without going out of mana. For M+ this talent provides very good spot healing across the party, the downside of this is you are spending less time dpsing.

Prosperity - Currently a very weak talent, only useful when Soul of the Forest is a good pick on the level 75 row.

Cenarion Ward - Is a strong single target heal over time, it also applies a mastery stack to the target it is on. This is the default pick for both raid content and M+.

Tier 2 (30)

Tiger DashInstant
Wild ChargeInstant

Tiger Dash - This gives you a very quick, but short, burst of speed that decays over time. Competes a lot with Wild Charge, but you should use your preferred talent for most encounters.

Renewal -  A personal heal, only worth taking if the encounter doesn’t ask for mobility (very rare). This can be useful in M+ for affixes, such as grievous where you’d be able to top your health off to prevent additional stacks.

Wild Charge - This talent gives several different mobility options, depending on what form you are in. It is a very useful pick for some raid encounters and regularly used in M+.

Tier 3 (45)

Balance AffinityPassive
Feral AffinityPassive
Guardian AffinityPassive

Balance Affinity - Occasionally useful, if you need the extra 5 yard range it gives, for fights that are largely spread out. Never use in M+.

Feral Affinity - This can be picked during progression for the dps benefits it has, while also giving a good passive movement speed bonus. A large downside to this is you are forced into melee, which regularly can be undesired. This is without doubt the strongest talent we have for M+, it contributes substantial AoE and ST dps.

Guardian Affinity - Provides a 6% passive damage reduction, which is huge for early progression, this should be the go-to for raid content. Rarely useful in M+.

Tier 4 (60)

Mighty BashInstant
Mass EntanglementInstant

Mighty Bash - A single target stun that can be useful, depending on the encounter or dungeon.

Mass Entanglement - An AoE CC ability that roots everything within 15 yards of the target; you may use this talent periodically throughout a tier and infrequently in M+.

Typhoon - This is a knock-back with a short cooldown, often helpful on mobs that fixate you. A fantastic talent for sanguine affix week in M+.

This entire talent row is very situational, you should look at the fight beforehand and see which one would suit you and your raid team the best.

Tier 5 (75)

Soul of the ForestPassive
Incarnation: Tree of LifeInstant

Soul of the Forest - Weakest talent on the row for PvE content, avoid it.

Cultivation - Extremely strong for M+, as it gives you an additional mastery stack, and if you run the photosynthesis build it gains more power. It is mostly avoided within raid content as it’s outclassed by Incarnation: Tree of Life.

Incarnation: Tree of Life - This 3 minute cooldown is extremely effective at covering high damage moments, during raid combat, it should be your default choice. Also strong in M+ if you are doing higher keys / large pulls that line up well with the cooldown timing, you can take it and do well.

Tier 6 (90)

Inner PeacePassive
Spring BlossomsPassive

Inner Peace - This talent can be valuable in certain situations, where damage patterns fall in line with the 2 minute cooldown; mostly you would be better off taking Spring Blossoms.

Stonebark - Makes ironbark a very robust external ability but you lose out heavily not taking one of the alternative talents, this should only be used when it’s absolutely required, to sustain the tank.

Spring Blossoms - The default talent on this row for most content, much stronger when the group is stacked and with high efflorescence uptime. It also synergises well with Photosynthesis, making it a powerful combination of talents for M+.

Tier 7 (100)


Photosynthesis - This is not usually used for raids as it's mostly a weaker choice than flourish. Although, if you have a super stacked fight and you use Spring Blossoms, it has potential as an alternative.

Brilliant talent to take for m+ as it allows you to free up globals, to assist the group with dpsing. However, there’s a skill requirement to using this efficiently, if you don’t have Lifebloom on yourself during high party damage you are losing a huge portion of healing.

Germination - You wouldn’t use this talent in raids, mostly due to it being inferior to flourish, but if there’s a fight with hard hitting single target debuffs it could call for germination to be used. You’d rarely take this in M+ as it doesn’t compare with Photosynthesis.

Flourish - The dominant talent on this row for raid content, it’s almost always unmatched in it’s power, as you’re able to combine it with both Incarnation: Tree of Life and Tranquility to make for potent healing combinations. You’d never take this in M+, it is the worst talent on the row for that content.