Restoration Druid Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 10th May, 2024
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Class Talents

The Druid talent Tree provides quite a lot of utility, unfortunately, sometimes way out of the path. Patch 10.0.5 changed this tree a bit, bringing some mandatory talents higher in the tree. It’s still not completely good since, due to some new positioning (looking at you, Improved Sunfire), the flexibility of this tree in a raid is greatly diminished if you want to weave in some extra AoE DPS between your heals.

Nearly every talent can be of use for either raid or M+, but some will indeed catch our eye very easily:

  • Nature’s Vigil is a talent that enables you to freely weave in DPS while healing; this also includes overhealing. It is amazing in raids since you will pair it with your ramps. In M+, it is excellent and will only lose its value once you are geared and you are doing easy mythic+ keys. Overall, this talent will see play nearly all the time.
  • Protector of the Pack has a very good value in M+ to squeeze in more DPS without changing your gameplay.

Let’s cover those builds in the next section!

Talent Builds

Raid Healing (Tree of Life) - Safe Build


This build can act as a “standard” build for raiding, with our lovely Grove Guardians & Tree of Life, and including some very safe talents for either survivability or mobility.

You can take Starsurge if you want to add an extra layer of dps instead of Improved Stampeding Roar, for instance, if the extra mobility for the raid is not needed on a specific encounter.

Skull Bash being really out of place in the tree, it is really difficult to pick (you will have to play without a lot of very strong talents, whether defensive, stats upgrades, or extra-range to grab it), and is really not recommended, since you will normally always have other options. Thus, I won’t provide a talent set-up for it, since it will nearly never be used.

Mythic+ (Pumping damage + interrupt, low tankiness)


This build will help you really pump damage in M+, especially in single target, thanks to Heart of the Wild. It provides an Interrupt and an AoE CC (Incapacitating Roar), both of them being super useful.

The price to pay will be the extreme lack of defensive talents or abilities. This build is clearly more oriented towards farming keys.

If you want to push (24-25+), you’ll probably need to swap some points into defensive talents: Primal Fury can very easily be ditched for instance, if you take Matted Fur instead. You can completely remove the Skull Bash line too, and take Ironfur & Thick Hide talents instead if needed.

Do note that for every M+ build, you can swap Convoke the Spirits with Incarnation: Tree of Life in higher keys, if you need the additional formidable healing throughput it’ll provide.

Mythic+ (More defensive build + AoE damage, no interrupt)


This other Mythic+ build is oriented towards higher keys, if extra tankiness is really needed.

Obviously, in some specific dungeons, you’ll probably want to pick Improved Nature’s Cure instead of the second point in Ursine Vigor.

Do note that you can swap Convoke the Spirits with Incarnation: Tree of Life in higher keys, if you need the additional formidable healing throughput it’ll provide.