Mistweaver Monk talents guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 28th Nov, 2022
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live

Talent Builds

Standard Class Tree Talent


This is what I’d consider the cookie cutter ‘standard’ class talent build which has good damage and also good healing. There are a few talents I’d consider locked in for Mistweaver these being, Close to Heart, Save Them All, Vivacious Vivification.

Talents such as Close to Heart and Generous Pour however do not stack with other monks so if you have multiple in the raid you can communicate and play around depending on what the other monk or you prefer to take/where you’d need to drop points.

In general the most situational talents are relatively on preference on what you/the group or content you are playing requires, you can drop things like Fatal Touch, Resonant Fists, Eye of the Tiger and Summon White Tiger Statue, for either more defensive options such as Fortifying Brew or utility options such as Paralysis, extra roll in Celerity etc, it can be very flexible depending on your groups needs.

Raid Build


This first build we have here is a generic Raid Build for Single Target bosses mostly. With this build the main simple tips I can give for a healer is to try and keep Renewing Mist at one charge or on cooldown at all times (preferably keep the one charge for when preparing for heavy aoe damage to set up for cleaves). Try to also pair your Essence Font with your Thunder Focus Tea this is because in dragonflight our Thunder Focus Tea now works with Essence Font making the cast time a lot shorter whilst also making sure we get Haste from our Secret Infusion talent (we like a lot of haste!).

It is important to mention that in this build we have taken Ancient Teachings talent which only lasts 15 seconds, so in order to make sure we keep Essence Font for our Thunder Focus Tea as much as possible we will take the Faeline Stomp talent to make sure we can have 100% uptime on our Ancient Teaching, so try to use those two abilities accordingly to maintain good uptime.

Important things to note also you will want to be using Rising Sun Kick as much as possible as our new talent Rapid Diffusion makes Rising Sun Kick and Enveloping Mist apply a Renewing Mist for 6 seconds, allowing us to spread our HoT’s more easily and get a wider coverage on our Vivify ramps. In dragonflight we also have the Revival choice node to give us Restoral instead, this will do the same healing as revival however it will no longer dispel MAGIC debuffs and only posion/diseases, whilst also making the ability usable whilst being stunned. This is a great change if there are abilities you don’t want to be dispelled on a boss but need to use revival as a cool down to help keep your group alive, e.g sylvanas last phase you could take this talent.

Mythic Plus


This second build is a more generic m+ talent build focusing on Faeline Stomp, important to note Zen Pulse is easily interchangeable with Font of Life or Uplifted Spirits and similarly you can swap Jade Bond with Gift of the Celestials depending on the needs of the key/aoe situation. If you need more frequent healing take Gift of the Celestials, if you need a stronger Chi-Ji but slightly less often take Jade Bond. You can also drop Mana Tea for Spirit of the Crane if you need or prefer a different mana option or even consider dropping both for more healing such as Mist Wrap if you find you don’t struggle with the mana needed. You can also remove Rising Mist for Invoker’s Delight if you find you want more DPS over HPS, there are a lot of options for m+ and our general aoe builds, so don’t be afraid to be flexible and try out different talents.

A quick tip for m+, your Faeline Stomp will be your main activator for Ancient Teachings and you will want to rarely cast Essence Font unless you are moving with nothing else to do, you can cast or if you need the Essence Font on a few ranged that didn’t get hit by the bolts etc. But in general we don’t cast Essence Font in m+ now.