Mistweaver Monk

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 18th Apr, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Mist WrapPassive
Chi WaveInstant
Chi Burst1 sec cast

Mist Wrap - Default pick for M+. In raids it has become more competitive due to the fact that we cast Enveloping Mist more often, especially during Yu’lon / Chi-Ji On top of that, it increases the duration of Enveloping Breath, which is an extremely nice bonus.

Chi Wave - Just don’t take it. It’s bad.

Chi Burst - Default pick for raids. Consider swapping to Mist Wrap if you can't hit more than 6 players consistently or use Enveloping Mist regularly.

Tier 2 (25)

Chi TorpedoInstant
Tiger's LustInstant

Celerity - Overall underwhelming compared to other options.

Chi Torpedo - A solid pick which provides slightly more value compared to Tiger’s Lust, but only to yourself. If you don't feel like you need Tiger’s Lust, don’t be afraid to pick this talent.

Tiger’s Lust - A great talent, which gives a great movement speed boost, acts as a freedom and can be used on allies. My personal go-to in raids and M+.

Tier 3 (30)

Spirit of the CranePassive
Mana TeaInstant

Lifecycles - A good choice in M+, can find situational usage in raids but generally is weaker compared to Mana Tea.

Spirit of the Crane - Not a very bad talent by itself, but the number of GCDs you need to spend doing damage for it to overtake mana saved by Mana Tea makes this pick unreasonable.

Mana Tea - Default pick for raiding and a solid pick for M+. Two primary usage patterns in raid would include spending a lot of mana on Enveloping Mists during Yu’lon window, or general Vivify spam. Make sure to spend all Renewing Mist charges and cast Essence Font before casting Mana Tea, and cast Essence Font at the last GCD of Mana Tea for a bit of extra value.

Tier 4 (35)

Tiger Tail SweepPassive
Song of Chi-Ji1.8 sec cast
Ring of PeaceInstant

Tiger Tail Sweep - Outclassed by Ring of Peace in raids and M+.

Song of Chi-Ji - Outclassed by Ring of Peace in raids and M+.

Ring of Peace - Great talent, which provides insane utility. Take it in 99.99% of situations.

Tier 5 (40)

Healing ElixirInstant
Diffuse MagicInstant
Dampen HarmInstant

Healing Elixir - Generally outclassed by Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm.

Diffuse Magic - A great defensive cooldown. The debuff transfer part usually does not work in raids though. Take it when you need to mitigate magic damage.

Dampen Harm - Also a great option. Slightly worse compared to Diffuse Magic, but works on physical damage as well as magic damage. Take it when you need to mitigate physical damage.

Tier 6 (45)

Summon Jade Serpent StatueInstant
Refreshing Jade WindInstant
Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red CraneInstant

Summon Jade Serpent Statue - More of a niche pick in raids. It can be very useful in raids when you need a decent amount of extra sustained single target healing with little to no overhealing (Sun King Salvation is a good example where JSS might be a solid pick), however, the amount of GCDs required to maintain the uptime of the buff generally makes this talent a bit less desirable. Heavy GCD requirement also affects M+ as well, however, it’s a bit less of an issue, and on top of that single-target healing is more valuable in the dungeon setting, which makes JSS a good talent for M+, and higher keys in particular.

Refreshing Jade Wind - Great talent for raids. Alike JSS, requires a significant amount of GCDs to maintain, and also costs a fair amount of mana, but the throughput this talent provides is very well worth it. If you are capable of consistently hitting 6 allies with RJW throughout the fight (being in melee for the whole duration of the fight is usually enough), this is a great choice. In M+, this talent is generally lacklustre and should be avoided in most situations.

Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane - Personally, one of the most fun to play with talents in the whole tree. It can be a solid pick for raiding, especially considering the amount of mana you are saving by playing Chi-Ji and doing a lot of free healing from Gust of Mists and Enveloping Mists compared to somewhat mana-heavy Enveloping Breath blanket with Yu’lon. However, having access to both Yu’lon and Rushing Jade Wind instead of just Chi-Ji might just be the slightly better option in many raid scenarios. In M+ this talent is quite potent and usually is the best pick unless you need JSS for that extra single-target healing. An important thing to note: this talent becomes a lot stronger if paired with Kyrian Covenant Ability Weapons of Order to the point that you generally would avoid using Chi-Ji if you are not Kyrian.

Tier 7 (50)

Focused ThunderPassive
Rising MistPassive

Focused Thunder - Usually outshined by other options in both raids and dungeons, however, it could be situationally used in M+, especially if you would prefer to not be in melee for some reason.

Upwelling - A decent raid option. Very easy to use, very beginner-friendly. Overall a good pick for the fights where you can’t maintain a good melee uptime to use Rising Mist, as well as a solid option for people who want to pay extra focus on what’s happening to the raid and people, who are new to the spec. In M+ it is inferior to Rising Mist.

Rising Mist - Bread and butter of fist weaving, an incredibly fun and strong talent to use. It gives us the option to do more damage without sacrificing healing, increases Vivify cleave healing by allowing more Renewing Mists on the raid, extends the duration of all our HoTs and heals for a decent amount by itself. The go-to talent for M+, and a very good pick for raids as long as you can be in melee for the most part of the fight.