Mistweaver Monk Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Talent Builds

Standard Class Tree Talent


These talents are what I’d generally recommend for most content. The following talents are mandatory talents in the class tree for Mistweaver: Close to Heart, Save Them All, and Vivacious Vivification.

It is important to note that auras such as Close to Heart and Generous Pour do not stack with other monks. So, if you have multiple in the raid, you can communicate and ensure that talent points are not being wasted.

In general, most of your other talent choices will be made based on what you, the group, or the content you are playing requires. You can drop things like Fatal Touch, Resonant Fists, Eye of the Tiger and Summon White Tiger Statue for either more defensive options such as Fortifying Brew, utility options such as Paralysis or an extra roll with Celerity. Diffuse Magic will often be far more helpful in M+ compared to Yu’lon’s Grace, which is recommended for raiding (although it can have niche uses in M+, as it scales off of health).



Mistweaver generally plays with Tear of Morning, although Rising Mist is still viable for many bosses. Tear of Morning plays closer to a true ‘ranged healer’, although it is still important to remain in melee range to ensure that the raid group is benefitting from your auras. If you are the sole monk, it is also important to ensure that the boss has Mystic Touch, which is applied by any damaging spells or melee attacks.

Focused Thunder can be taken in place of Unison, or even Legacy of Wisdom. Unison is the highest throughput talent out of the three options, however the others are competitive and may suit certain situations better - for example, LoW is very powerful on Fyrakk or Raszageth.

Peer Into Peace is a fantastic talent which was added in 10.2.6. It is designed to help redistribute our immense overhealing. Furthermore, it allows one to target swap instantly, although it is important to note that Clouded Focus stacks do indeed reset when you target swap. This means that there is some finesse in deciding whether to continue overhealing an individual, to benefit your raid healing, or if it is necessary to swap targets to save another player. Generally, our ramp has now become much faster, as all of your EnvM casts are instant.



In 10.0.7, they added a new talent Legacy of Wisdom. This makes Sheilun’s Gift hit all five party members, and it has become an invaluable part of our group and spot-healing arsenal.

If you would prefer to DPS, then Shaohao Lessons can be chosen. Generally, however, I would recommend Veil of Pride, especially in higher key levels.

In Mythic+, your Faeline Stomp will be your main activator for Ancient Teachings. You will want to rarely cast Essence Font unless you are moving and have nothing else available. To ensure a FLS reset, you can stand in an old FLS and use Chi Burst on enemies. This will almost guarantee a reset.