Mistweaver Monk Talents Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 12th Nov, 2023
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author

Talent Builds

Standard Class Tree Talent


This is what I’d consider the cookie cutter ‘standard’ class talent build which has good damage and also good healing. There are a few talents I’d consider locked in for Mistweaver, these being, Close to Heart, Save Them All, Vivacious Vivification.

However, talents such as Close to Heart and Generous Pour do not stack with other monks. So, if you have multiple in the raid you can communicate and choose talents depending on what the other monk or you prefer to take/where you’d need to drop points.

In general, the most situational talents are based on preference of what you, the group or the content you are playing requires. You can drop things like Fatal Touch, Resonant Fists, Eye of the Tiger and Summon White Tiger Statue for either more defensive options such as Fortifying Brew, utility options such as Paralysis or an extra roll with Celerity, etc. It can be very flexible depending on your group's needs. You can also now swap between dampen harm and Yulon’s Grace depending on the fight/situation.



This build your main healing will be coming from Vivify and you’ll be playing Upwelling again like in the first raid of this tier. You’ll still most likely want to pair Thunder Focus Tea with your essence font but I will update this as we know more when the patch is live. There are a lot of potential talent builds/talent point swaps you can do this patch based on PTR testing so for now I’d go with this and keep an eye out on guides. I will update them as soon as we know more. Some noteworthy things that you can change/try yourself.

A big change is that with the nerfs to Misty Peaks you most likely won't be picking up this talent and this will free up talent points to put in things such as Upwelling/Unison. There is also the debate between Clouded Focus and Ancient Teachings. There is debate of dropping Teachings of Monastery all together (you wouldn’t do this if we end up playing Ancient Teachings though).

There are some theories around running Faeline Stomp also but for now this default build should do you good and as things develop and the patch becomes more defined I’ll update and add more builds here.

A lot of these changes and talents depend a bit and get skewed by the SQRT (square root) scaling of Vivify and right now there are around 8 different modifiers to the spell and there's no accurate base spellpower inside the game or outside of the game for it.

To utilise Yu’lon properly, you’ll want to cast 5-6 Enveloping Mists, Rising Sun Kick to extend your heal over time effects via the Rising Mist talent, then Soothing Mist a target and cast Enveloping Mist into Vivify-Vivify-Vivify. It is essential to note this is subject to change, and I will put multiple raiding builds you can play/try until the best build is more defined when the patch is live!



If you need more frequent healing, take Gift of the Celestials. If you need a stronger Chi-Ji but slightly less often, take Jade Bond.

You can also remove Rising Mist for Invoker’s Delight if you find you want more DPS over HPS.

With 10.0.7, they added a new talent legacy of wisdom. This makes your sheilun’s gift hit all five party members and makes it an incredibly strong button. If it's an intense healing week, you can change Shaohao lessons with veil of pride to have insane five target healing very frequently.

There are a lot of options for Mythic+ and our general AoE builds, so don’t be afraid to be flexible and try out different talents.

A quick tip for Mythic+ is that your Faeline Stomp will be your main activator for Ancient Teachings. You will want to rarely cast Essence Font unless you are moving with nothing else to do, you can cast or if you need the Essence Font on a few ranged that didn’t get hit by the bolts etc. But in general, we don’t cast Essence Font in Mythic+ now.