Mistweaver Monk Stats, Races & Consumables guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 28th Nov, 2022
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

General Stat Priority

Intellect > Haste > Vers = Crit > Mastery

If running Invoke Chi-ji, The Red Crane

Int > Haste > Mastery > Vers = Crit

This is subject to change based on tuning and situations. It’s important to note that you may want around 70%+ Mastery for things like m+ and very early on having some mastery options for m+ may be a very good option. However your mastery doesn’t provide any damage, and only healing benefits so it is typically our lowest prioritised stat but has gotten a lot more desirable for us than it was in Shadowlands.

Stat Outline

Haste: This increases our attack and spell casting speed, and works in reducing the time in between our Heal over Time ticks, this interacts especially well with our newer talents such as Misty Peaks and Rapid Diffusion amongst other things. This is primarily why it is a stat we generally want as much we can get.

Versatility: This stat will increase your damage and healing done, whilst also reducing damage taken, this is generally just a good stat which will make you more tanky and likely give you the most HPS, combined with damage gain than the others.

Critical Strike: This gives your spells a chance for extra effectiveness on damage and healing, this will generally be a bit less of a gain than versatility as it doesn’t provide straight damage reduction. However it is very close between the two and also Critical Strike can synergise well with Uplifted Spirits, if you play this talent and need the CDR it is likely Crit > Vers.

Mastery: This makes our Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Expel Harm, Revival/Restoral and Vivify shoot a gust of mist, healing the primary target for an amount based on your mastery. This is generally our least sought after stat as it provides no damage and in a lot of scenarios less healing. However in Dragonflight this stat has gained a lot of value and in things like m+ especially early on it might be good to grab some mastery if you are struggling with the healing checks in dungeons early on.


Races are so minor at this point it doesn’t overly matter what you play, some nice ones to think about are things like Pandaren, Blood Elf or situationally Undead (if you can make use out of the mana gained from Cannibalize).


Chest: For chest enchant I’d recommend either Reserve of Intellect if you need/can make use of the extra mana it provides or Waking Stats if you are not having mana issues.

Cloak: For cloak enchant it’s usually dependent on fight but generically our best should be Regenerative Leech

Wrists: For wrists again this is situational however, I’d take Devotion of Leech

Boots: I would recommend taking Plainsrunner’s Breeze

Rings: I would take Devotion of Haste however this could change depending on your gear’s statweights and you should sim it before enchanting.

Weapon: Sophic Devotion is a nice baseline giving a main stat proc.


These are subject to change however I like to go with a main stat gem with haste and then the rest being either Energized Ysemerald (Haste + Vers) or Crafty Ysemerald (haste + crit).


Phial: I’d recommend using Phial of Elemental Chaos, this will grant you a secondary stat that changes every 60 seconds and grants a bonus effect depending on that secondary stat, as MW doesn’t really have a ‘dead’ stat in dragon flight I really like this option.

Potions: In terms of potion’s right now we don’t really have an option I would instantly jump to and say yes I want this! The sit down mana drink we normally get is significantly undertuned giving only 48 thousand mana over 10 seconds whilst having an almost 300k mana pool is very underwhelming. There is a noteworthy potion in Potion of Chilled Clarity, this reduces the cost of all spells by 100% for 15 seconds, however this has the downside of increasing the cast time by 40%. This potion is incredibly good if you can pair it with Soothing Mist into a Vivify ramp however it can be quite tricky to make use of without crippling yourself. Therefore, unless I have big mana issue’s I’d recommend getting some Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power for some primary stat to help with any dps checks or healing checks

Food: For food you will most likely use the feast which gives a lot of primary stat, if you don’t have access to feast however I’d recommend getting some Feisty Fish Sticks which provide some nice haste and crit or Aromatic Seafood Platter if you prefer a haste/versatility option.