Mistweaver Monk

Patch 8.3

Written by Konah Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2020

Playstyle & Rotation

Never hard cast Enveloping Mist, always do Soothing Mist > Enveloping Mist.

Usually try to hard cast Vivify, only Soothing Mist > Vivify if you think you may need to continue healing them after the Vivify, or the first tick of Soothing Mist will save them from death faster than hard casting Vivify.

Essence Font during raidwide damage, and if they require more healing follow up by casting Vivify on targets with the Essence Font HoT to take advantage of the double Gust of Mists bonus.

Pump out Renewing Mist shortly before the damage is coming.

Use Thunder Focus Tea on either:

  1. Vivify for saving mana
  2. Renewing Mist a while before damage is coming to have more of them out and pump more healing.

In very high single target damage situations you can use Thunder Focus Tea on Enveloping Mist to pump a large heal into a tank or dying target.

Use Refreshing Jade Wind on cooldown during stacked raid damage if talented.

Keep the Jade Serpent Statue's Soothing Mist up on a target taking damage at all times ( usually tanks) if talented.

Chi Burst when there is no other important casts to be doing, such as an Essence Font, or Vivifying with multiple Renewing Mists, but the group is stacked and needs some healing.

Use Transcendence and Roll/Chi Torpedo/Tiger's Lust well to minimise movement.

Mistweavers have 2 very powerful defensives in Fortifying Brew and Diffuse Magic. Use them regularly and well.

Revival is one of the few abilities in the game that can instantly save the raid from a wipe, use it either when it is assigned by your raid leader / healing officer or save it for when you can be the hero to save the raid.