Mistweaver Monk

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 18th Apr, 2021

Playstyle & Rotation

First and foremost: if you are the only monk in the group, remember to apply Mystic Touch to all enemies in combat at the start of the encounter and to all adds spawning!

I don’t like to use the word “Rotation” when it’s used towards healers because we generally prepare for the damage incoming or react to what is happening to raid using a list of priorities, not following a strict order of spells. I will separate this section into different parts: Single Target healing, Raid healing, Cooldowns, and Damage.


As a healer, you always want to do as much damage as possible without letting people die. DPS priority is very simple:

  • Cast Rising Sun Kick on cooldown.
  • Alternate Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick to fish for Rising Sun Kick resets.
  • If RSK’s cooldown is below 4 seconds and you didn’t get a reset, cast Tiger Palm to get 3 stacks of Teachings of the Monastery till RSK comes off cooldown, cast RSK and then cast Blackout Kick for extra chances of resetting you RSK.

The priority above applies to all general scenarios, including Rising Mist build. However, if you have Spirit of the Crane talented, you should stack Teachings of the Monastery to 3 every time before casting Blackout Kick for extra mana return.

ST Healing:

  • Cast Renewing Mist on cooldown. It’s not a bad play to sometimes not cast it immediately once it is off CD and sit on 1 charge for a bit (especially with Rising Mist), but generally, you never want to sit on 2 charges because that will inevitably lead to less Renewing Mist casts throughout the fight.
  • Maintain Jade Serpent Statue, if talented into it. It is a heavy GCD investment, but on heavy ST damage, it is well worth it.
  • If the target is not taking consistent damage, cast Vivify.
  • If the target is taking consistent damage, cast Soothing Mist. A thing to note about Soothing Mist - it is a weak spell by itself, but it makes our Vivify and Enveloping Mist casts on the target instantly. A mistake that a lot of Mistweavers are sometimes making - casting Soothing Mist every time before casting 1 Vivify on the target, which is, in reality, worse and slower than just hard casting Vivify and moving onto the next target. However, casting Soothing Mist is generally worth it if you need to sit on that target for an extended period of time and use multiple Vivifies and/or Enveloping Mist.
  • Hard casting Enveloping Mist is generally not worth it (except certain scenarios which I’ll cover later), you will get better value casting Soothing Mist first.
  • In emergency cases cast Life Cocoon.

Raid Healing:

A couple of notes about raid healing:

  • Make sure you see Essence Font HoT on your frames. Chasing Essence Font HoTs with your Vivify or Renewing Mist will give you a double bonus from our Mastery, which makes a big difference.
  • Based on the previous point, you generally want to cast Vivify on the most injured targets with your Essence Font HoT (or the most injured people without the HoT if they are in the imminent danger of dying) right after you finish channeling Essence Font. However, maintaining Refreshing Jade Wind up if 6ppl are taking constant damage should still take higher priority than this (Unless, as stated, somebody is about to die).
  • About Rising Mist and raid healing: Arguably the most valuable part of that talent is extending our Renewing Mists on the raid, which makes our Vivify a lot stronger by increasing the number of people we cleave on. To add to this, this cleave healing generally doesn’t overheal a lot since Renewing Mists jump to injured targets. If you have more than 5 Renewing Mists on the raid, Vivify becomes more powerful and mana efficient than Essence Font, so you should keep that in mind. Enveloping Mist extension has a good value as well, provided that the player will be taking some extensive damage and prolonged Enveloping Mist won’t overheal a lot. Essence Font hoT extension can be generally good (using RSK at least once already extends the HoTs to the level, what Upwelling does) and provides us with more opportunities for HoT chasing for double Mastery heal. What does this all mean in terms of playstyle? Simply put, generally use RSK on cooldown, and use Thunder Focus Tea on RSK as well in most cases.


Mistweaver has access to two raid cooldowns, as well as personal cooldowns which can help to increase your healing output.

Raid CDs:

  • Revival: Pretty straightforward cooldown, instantly heals everyone in range for a certain amount, the fact that all the healing is frontloaded and can sometimes save the raid from wiping can be nice, but overall this ability is a bit lacklustre. An important thing to note - it also works as a raid-wide dispel, which can help a lot sometimes (Good examples: missed interrupts on Hivemind in Ny'alotha, or missed interrupts on Council of Blood in Castle Nathria).
  • Yu’lon / Chi-Ji - This is where it gets interesting. Both have INSANE potential in terms of healing done because of Enveloping Breath passive, however in Yu'lon's case, it comes with a huge mana cost, so pairing it with Mana Tea / Innervate is recommended. When having Yu’lon up, just spam Enveloping Mist on different targets, cast Renewing Mist on cooldown, cast Essence Font pretty much on cooldown and extend your HoTs with Rising Sun Kick if you have Rising Mist talented. This produces ridiculous amounts of healing but also consumes a lot of mana, so if you have access to Innervate, ask for it: the amount of mana burned and healing done makes Mistweaver the prime Innervate target. Chi-Ji, on the other hand, does not rely on mana that heavily, because a lot of your Enveloping Mists will be instant and free. Chi-Ji also brings some extra damage compared to Yu’lon, which can be invaluable during progress. The biggest downside of picking Chi-Ji is losing access to Refreshing Jade Wind which also does a lot of healing, but in spite of that, having Chi-Ji is definitely an extremely solid option and will probably be picked on some bosses.

Personal cooldowns:

  • Mana Tea - An extremely potent talent which can save a lot of mana if used properly. Make sure to use it during heavy raid damage events, try to use it as close to its cooldown as possible, and pair it up with your Celestial. Keep in mind that it is off GCD now.
  • TFT - Not a cooldown per se, but a very nice ability to have. Primarily you want to use the buff on Vivify to make it free and save mana, but with Rising Mist, use it on Rising Sun Kick to extend the duration of your HoTs even more, or on Renewing Mist to extend its duration. A thing to note: if used on ReM, it will buff the base duration from 20 seconds to 30, meaning maximum extension from Rising Mist will also go up. It's generally worth to use TFT on Renewing Mist if you don't have a lot of ReMs on the raid already.