Mistweaver Monk Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation

Healers are generally quite dynamic, and we abide by a priority system rather than a set rotation. Your gameplay will be dependent on the boss fight, damage intake and who is in your group.

With Tear of Morning, your main healing will be coming from Vivify and Enveloping Mist. You’ll want to utilise Thunder Focus Tea with either Renewing Mist or Enveloping Mist, depending on the situation. If there is little damage to heal but you will lose a use of TFT then it is fine to pair it with ReM outside of your ramp. If there is a lot of damage to heal or you are within a ramp, then pair it with EnvM.

The ramp sequence can be quite varied and still do significant amounts of healing. Generally:

  1. Mana Tea
  2. Sheilun’s for Shaohao’s Lessons
  3. Yu’lon
  4. Soothing Mist
  5. Enveloping Mist 5-7x, prioritising Chi Harmony targets
  6. re-cast Soothing Mist
  7. EnvM, finding a CH target
  8. Vivify x2-3

Thunder Focus Tea can also be used without breaking SoOM, and ideally it is paired with one of the EnvM casts.

Never let Renewing Mist hit 2 stacks. You can either use it on cooldown, or maintain 1 stack, if you are anticipating incoming heavy spot healing (as you may then choose to give a player Chi Harmony).

Essence Font, as of 10.2.7, is currently not worth pressing unless you are unable to press anything else and must move. It is a ‘last resort’ spell.

For further elaboration regarding M+, it is provided in the Playstyle section.


The Mistweaver playstyle fundamentally revolves around spreading Renewing Mist, casting Enveloping Mist, and using both of these spells to facilitate Vivify cleave healing.

In M+, we are far more focused on DPS. Tiger Palm is used to generate Teachings of the Monastery stacks, which are quickly gained in a multi-target situation via Awakened Jadefire. Furthermore, Ancient Concordance causes BoK to cleave multiple targets, multiple times. This further increases the reset chance of Rising Sun Kick. Spinning Crane Kick is utilised far more in M+, being fundamental to the spec in M+, compared to a raiding environment.

This is because of Ancient Teachings, which makes Rising Sun Kick / Blackout Kick / Tiger Palm heal a player within 40 yards.

Mistweaver is incredibly durable, with our repertoire of defensives. This is incredibly useful, as in a raiding environment, we are often incentivised to remain stationary. In M+, of course, this means that the spec is able to play at the highest, cutting-edge levels.