Mistweaver Monk gearing guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 25th May, 2023
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author


Mistweaver Monk Tier Set

The new tier set introduced in patch 10.1 was initially very powerful but has recently undergone a nerf. As a result, determining its current power level is challenging, and I will provide more updates on this once the patch is live.

2 set: Renewing Mist has a chance to grant Soulfang Infusion, granting 3% of your maximum mana over 3 seconds (this has a 6 second internal cool down currently)

4 set: Drinking a Tea or gaining Soulfang Infusion increases the healing of your Vivify and renewing Mists by 40% for 6 seconds.

This tier has enormous potential and is the primary reason why we no longer prioritize pressing Essence Font. The spell is unaffected by the tier set and, in general, has poor scaling options that become worse as we progress further into the tier. Once you acquire both pieces of this set, you should begin focusing on the new build that incorporates Clouded Focus and Yu'lon as our main ramps. While you can substitute Chiji for certain bosses in the raid, this will depend on the specific fight. It is crucial to remember that Mistweavers' current state is all about optimizing your Renewing Mists' peaks and averages, utilizing Clouded Focus Vivify ramps, and spreading your Renewing Mists as much as possible to maximize the healing potential of Vivify. This set heavily emphasizes this strategy by buffing both Renewing Mist and Vivify with its 4-set bonus.

Mistweaver Monk Embellishments

Your best in slot embellishment crafts will most likely depend on gear, what you want to do and maybe what you miss, so I’ll just cover a few options and explain them a little where needed.

If you have a Season 1 Spark available, the most likely optimal embellishment craft for HPS and raiding progression would be to craft a 421 item level cloak, called undulating Sporecloak. This effect is insane for progression and really nice for safety in general.

This will also allow you to save your season 2 spark for a high ticket item such as a weapon. You will likely want to put the Magazine of Healing Darts embellishment on this.

You’ll then want to look to pick up undulating sporecloak with your second spark (or upgrade your 421 if you were able to make it). And then with future sparks, just fill out gear where you can. You can opt into a Elemental Lariat over Healing Darts if you feel it’s over healing too much, or you have a lot of sockets. Generally, I would sim yourself before doing this to be safe though.

If you want a mix, then Toxic Thorn Footwraps is a really good option too.

If your trinkets are not very good, then I would highly recommend using a Spark of Ingenuity to craft the Alacritous Alchemist Stone. This trinket is extremely good, especially at a higher item level and will be competitive with most trinkets. So, if you have a spare spark and not very good trinkets you can consider crafting this in the meantime.

The Onyx Annulet Ring:

The Onyx Annulet ring is looking very strong in 10.1, and if untouched, you would use the DPS effects of this for the entire expansion.

The healing Primordial Stones are also worth a lot in raid, but it's important to note that a regular ring is around 6K HPS and 1K DPS (average numbers can vary). And the Onyx Annulet healing effects are only around ~8K. There is a lot of raw damage in this upcoming raid, so it might increase a lot in value and overheal a lot less.

I will list the best DPS setup and the best healer setup, so you can decide for yourself which you prefer.

For DPS, you will use the gem combination of: Storm Infused Stone, Desirous Blood Stone and Prophetic Twilight stone.

For healing, you use these three stones: Wild Spirit Stone, Exuding Steam Stone and Deluging Water Stone.