Mistweaver Monk Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 12th Nov, 2023
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author


Mistweaver Monk Tier Set

  • 2 set: Renewing Mist apply Chi Harmony, increasing its target's healing taken from you by 50% for 8 seconds.
  • 4 set: 20% of all healing you do to targets with Chi Harmony is stored and then dispersed evenly among your allies with Renewing Mist when Chi Harmony fades or is refreshed.

This is a very strong tier set and although it doesn't change your playstyle too much it will mean you’ll want to pay a bit more attention to who you’re Renewing Misting. The tier set also compliments the Yu’lon/Clouded Focus playstyle very well however as mentioned in the talent section this is subject to change and might not be your go to talents.

Mistweaver Monk Embellishments

Here you’ll want to normally send your first spark on a weapon, this is usually because getting a weapon as a healer is extremely hard early on and is typically your largest upgrade.

Your second spark typically will be used on Elemental Lariat, although this gets better with more gems it is still one of your best options and there aren’t a lot better than it even early.

Your third spark typically will be the Signet of Titanic Insight ring with the Verdant Tether embellishment. Typically due to the item levels changed to crafting this season you will want to just fill out your lower item level slots meanwhile but won’t end up using more than your embellished crafting items.