Where and How to Upgrade Gear In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Where and How to Upgrade Gear In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Written by Roguery - 16th May 2024

In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, gear you pick up at any level can be upgraded to be used at max level. All items are single stat, and drop very infrequently compared to Retail. You can potentially level through 30 levels without seeing another leg-item, which means your legs at those last levels will be very underwhelming.

However, the gear you receive has an upgrade track, similar to seasonal gear in Dragonflight. In Remix, each item has 36 upgradable levels for a massively increasing cost of bronze. As the items are upgraded, they get increased level requirements, which means at some point you might need to level up before you can upgrade an item further.

Once you reach the requirement of level 70, the items will get “total item level requirements”, meaning your total item level needs to be at a certain number for you to further upgrade that specific item. This means that you can’t just upgrade one item to max, you have to upgrade all your gear relatively equally.

The upgrade system means that if you find an item you like the stat of at level 20, you might end up keeping it until the end-game. Unfortunately, this is somewhat dependent on luck and preference, one person may have found the perfect items while leveling while another player may be looking to swap all items out at high level.

Where are the Upgrade Vendors located?

Similar to Retail, you will be using an upgrade vendor. You will find one of these located in each of the 6 Infinite Bazaars across Pandaria. The specific locations of the Bazaars are:

  • Dawn’s Blossom Inn, Jade Forest
  • Halfhill, Valley of the Four Winds
  • One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit
  • Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes
  • Sunset Brewgarden, Dread Wastes
  • Shrine of the Seven Stars (Alliance) or Shrine of the Two Moons (Horde), Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

We have written a guide that shows you the Locations of all Infinite Bazaars (Bronze Vendors) in WoW Remix, which should be useful to find where they are quickly.

Should you upgrade your gear while leveling?

While leveling, you might be wondering if it's worth saving your bronze for rewards, or if you should use it to upgrade your gear as you go? These are my suggestions for how to approach making the decision:

  • If the item has a stat you prefer, it makes sense to level it up as you go and keep your gear as high as you can to level as easily as possible.
  • If the item does not have the stats you prefer, there are still reasons to spend some bronze to upgrade them. In general, we recommend to just keep upgrading as you go, because the amount of bronze you receive at later stages far outweighs the cost to upgrade while you level. For that reason it makes sense to make your leveling experience as smooth as possible.

Keep in mind that the gems you insert into your gear scale with the item level of the gear. Upgrading the items with gems in it thus provides the benefit from both the item level upgrade and the gem upgrade.

This is our recommended upgrade order for items to try and keep as upgraded as possible without going back to town too often:

  1. Helmet - Helmets contain meta gems, which grants you a very powerful ability with a CD.
  2. Shoulders, Belt, Gloves and Wrists - These items contain Tinker Gems which are powerful passive, defensive and offensive abilities.
  3. Weapon - Despite having no gem socket, every class’ damage scales well with weapons.
  4. Chest and Legs - These items contain Prismatic Gems which grant secondary and tertiary stats
  5. Boots - This contains your Cogwheel granting you a movement skill that does not scale with item level, so can generally be left till last.

We have a full list of all the available Gems in our WoW Remix Gems Guide, to give you a full breakdown of what you can add to your gear.

What about Trinkets and Jewelry?

Trinkets and jewelry are not obtained in the same way as other items. These are locked behind achievements, which will require you to:

  • Level to 70,
  • Complete some specific quests
  • Complete all Heroic Scenarios,
  • Complete all Heroic Dungeons
  • Complete all Normal Raids.

What can you do with leftover Gear?

When opening the “Cache of infinite treasures”, you may find yourself receiving the same item slot repeatedly. While it might seem like you should just vendor this gear or delete it, Blizzard have introduced a system in which you can convert that gear into Bronze.

As a Timerunner, you will learn the spell Unraveling Sands, this will summon the “Unraveling Sands”, which when interacted with bring up an interface similar to the “scraper” from Battle for Azeroth. This can be used anywhere, meaning you can keep your bags nice and tidy and earn a little extra Bronze.