Levelling Alts to Farm Bronze in MoP Remix

Levelling Alts to Farm Bronze in MoP Remix

Written by BlainieWoW - 27th May 2024

The introduction of the “frog-farmer” quest that grants players a total of 40,000 Bronze has changed much of how you should approach MoP Remix if you are simply looking to collect as many mounts, transmogs, and collection items as you can.

While previously, you could use certain hyper-spawn farming methods to farm Bronze rapidly, Blizzard is actively continuing to combat many of them and nerf them before the majority of players can benefit from them. This has, to some degree, increased the value of alts, especially with the new quest that has been introduced.

Characters in MoP Remix are, outside of the extremes of Level 70 gameplay, at their strongest at the lower levels, mainly due to the massive damage they deal with the benefit of the Cloak of Infinite Potential. When queueing for Heroic Dungeons at Level 10, you will find that your character can deal multitudes more damage than others, even as a healer, and the instance runtimes are often extremely short.

With this in mind, and the constant increases to experience gain you will receive, you can not only easily complete achievements for extra bronze, but you can level with minimal time commitment each day across a number of characters, with the goal of eventually completing the quests for reaching Level 50, 60, and 70, for a total of 40,000 bonus Bronze.

Why not just play 1 character?

While you could previously farm Bronze easily with over-geared characters at Level 70, there is now a significant time-sink in the period after reaching Level 70, where you will be considerably weaker when compared to leveling, and the only way past that is via finding gear upgrades and then further upgrading them with Bronze.

While that may be a goal for many players, there are also a large group that purely want to obtain the cosmetic rewards from the event, and there is the added benefit of leveling multiple characters that will then be turned into alts for playing normally in The War Within once the MoP Remix event is over.

It is worth mentioning that the alt-focused method of farming is not the type of gameplay that all will enjoy - you will essentially be resetting your progress constantly, not looking to improve your gear in almost any way, and utilising almost any time you spend playing leveling and in the process of trying to complete the next “Level 70 quest”.

The Alt-Farming Process

Keep in mind that this is intended to maximise the Bronze and progress towards your next Level 70 above all else, and there are other methods that can be used to farm Bronze, especially with more disposable time.

  1. The first step of this process is to have a Level 70 character that has already completed the Infinite Power XII achievement, unlocking the +100% experience gain cloak for all new characters created.
  2. If you have already completed it, create a new character and skip the opening questline to obtain your cloak.
  3. Queue for a Heroic Dungeon and Scenario and complete them both for your daily reward, and then do both on Normal difficulty as well.
    1. If you have to wait for the queue, quest through The Jade Forest in the meantime.
  4. You can now either continue questing until Level 25, or stop for the day on this character, and either start a new one, or jump onto an alt. It’s completely up to you, depending on how you want to utilise your time.
  5. Once you hit Level 25, you should aim to clear Mogu’shan Vaults on Heroic as soon as possible.
    1. Most groups will have high requirements for Heroic raids, but you can easily contribute a massive amount of damage as a Level 25, regardless of your role, and will have no issue clearing it.
    2. MSV Heroic, followed by raid finder, should always be your highest priority each day at this point, followed by doing your daily Heroic and Normal scenario and dungeon.
  6. Continue clearing the available daily content until you unlock Heart of Fear and Terrace of the Endless Spring, at which point you should incorporate both of them into your daily clears.

You can continue running through this set of steps, along with doing the Looking for Raid wings for the guaranteed experience gain boosts, but keep in mind that as you get higher in level, you should stop doing Heroic runs and instead move to Normal raids, or skip them altogether at Level 60+. This is due to how scaling works in MoP Remix, and the fact that you will be considerably weaker than when you started - even starting a run at Level 59 and hitting Level 60 mid-run, you will find yourself going from being near immortal and topping DPS meters to getting near 1-shot by enemies.

You can also quest as you see fit, if you have spare time, and focus on reaching Level 70 faster, but this will cause you to be weaker in raids faster, and therefore require more time investment on your part in the long-run.

In our testing, for example, we found that simply leveling up from Level 59 to 60 caused our Mastery to drop from 78% to 51% - that is a considerable hit, especially mid-run as a tank, for example. In contrast, at Level 20-30, we were able to achieve Mastery levels of over 150%, without much input from the cloak and no upgraded gear.