Holy Priest talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 26th Apr, 2023
Heregellas Holy Priest Author

Class Talents

The Priest Tree provides a lot of specific-utility talents that are easily accessible while swapping one or two points, depending of the encounter.

Let’s take a look at some useful things that can catch our eyes:

It’s very easy to swap one or two points to catch any situational talent depending of what you’re facing, to either take Mass Dispel/Improved Mass Dispel, Phantasm if you can cheese some snare-mechanics, Dispel Magic/Improved Purify if needed, or Shackle Undead on some heavy-CC encounters, as some examples.

If no utility is needed, you can still grab some DPS points in the Mindgames’ branch, and with Shadow Word: Death & Death and Madness.

With Patch 10.0.5, one notable thing is the apparition of Sanguine Teachings, increasing our Leech by 3%, and San’layn granting an extra 2% Leech, making this talent interesting for Holy Priest.

Of course, we still have the Holy Tree to cover too, so let’s take a look at some builds in the next section!

Talent Builds

Raid PoH build (AoE) + Assist DPS


This build is aimed at using Prayer of Healing more heavily (thanks to Prayer Circle & Revitalizing Prayers) while granting a significant DPS assist with the whole Mindgames branch, thanks to Burning Vehemence & Empyreal Blaze.

You can swap Miracle Worker with Restitution during heavy progress encounters if you need a cheat death.

As we saw in the previous section, you can swap talents around very easily if you need specific utility picks during any given encounter.

Raid PoH build (AoE) - Heavy Healing


This build is still centered around Prayer of Healing, but without the assisted DPS that we saw in the previous talent tree. This one is focused more on the heavy healing side.

Revitalizing Prayers can be swapped in the Holy Tree easily, with Sanctified Prayers depending on the encounter.

As usual, you can swap Miracle Worker with Restitution during some heavy progress encounters if you need a cheat death.

Lightweaver Build (Single Target) + Assist DPS


This build will be a bit more specific. It's centered towards Lightweaver and any synergy that comes with it, thanks to Everlasting Light and Crisis Management. It will give you more strength with Single Target healing while emphasizing the assist DPS (Mindgames branch & Empyreal Blaze).

Mythic+ (Classic build, mixing damage/healing)


This Mythic+ build will be rather classic. It will give you the assist DPS you need with the Mindgames branch and Empyreal Blaze, and help your Single Target thanks to the Lightweaver build.

If you need Improved Purify in a specific dungeon (due to the need of diseases to cleanse), you can take it instead of Focused Mending.