Holy Priest Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 7th Nov, 2023
Heregellas Holy Priest Author


Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Tier Set

Do note that the 4p currently has 3 RPPM, and, as such, won’t go crazy after a Holy Word: Salvation applying Renew on everyone in the raid for instance.

Regarding the mana efficiency of the 4p, it will give you ~13k mana/minute (by using the procs on Holy Word: Sanctify only), which is actually pretty good (on par with the 10.1.7 efficiency of the Rashok trinket, before nerfs so, to give you an idea).


Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge: The new stats stick trinket of the raid, giving a random different diminishing buff each time (it will never be twice the same, but it’s not a specific order neither, and you sometimes might not see a given stat for some time).

Coagulated Genesaur Blood: A very good stats stick trinket, obtainable in dungeons (The Everbloom).

Echoing Tyrstone: A really strong trinket, that you’ll need to use during your heavy healing moments, storing a fraction of it. The healing by itself will be passive after that, requiring no additional planning on your part.

Sea Star: Another great stats stick trinket, especially in M+ or in raids during progress thanks to its high amount of Versatility. It has 1.5 RPPM, resulting in a ~35% uptime.


Embellishments can be added to your crafted Dragonflight gear, with a maximum of 2 embellished pieces of gear. Some crafted items act as embellished items by themselves due to their “Equipped” effect.

The most useful are:

  • Magazine of Healing Darts is purely for healing, adding some extra healing darts to your spells with a pretty good value.
  • Elemental Lariat is a craft embedded with an embellishment. It grants you extra secondary stats depending on your gems. If you have Crit gems, you’ll have a Crit buff. If you have multiple combinations of gems with multiple secondary stats, you will have a chance to proc any one of those secondaries. It's a good item to craft, thanks to its effect and the fact that you’ll have your desired stats on this necklace. Don’t forget to add 3 sockets to it!
  • Potion Absorption Inhibitor is a specific embellishment that can be of good use if you really want to weave in some extra DPS during an encounter where mana won’t be that much of an issue (think about Terros from Vault of the Incarnates).