Holy Priest Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 10th May, 2024
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Season 4 Tier Set

Do note that the 4p currently has 3 RPPM, and, as such, won’t go crazy after a Holy Word: Salvation applying Renew on everyone in the raid for instance.

Regarding the mana efficiency of the 4p, it will give you ~13k mana/minute (by using the procs on Holy Word: Sanctify only), which is actually pretty good (on par with the 10.1.7 efficiency of the Rashok trinket, before nerfs so, to give you an idea).


Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge: The new stats stick trinket of the raid, giving a random different diminishing buff each time (it will never be twice the same, but it’s not a specific order either, and you sometimes might not see a given stat for some time).

Ominous Chromatic Essence: The good old stats stick from S2, becoming available again, is still one very strong trinket to have, improving without any gameplay modification your stats & granting some to your allies.

Broodkeeper’s Promise: A favorite of S1, returning from Vault, granting a good chunk of Versatility and health per second to you and one ally.

Belor’relos, the Suncaller: Very good DPS trinket for M+, that can help dealing with some specific targets or just for overall DPS in a key.

Beacon to the Beyond: A formidable DPS trinket (for M+), that can help dealing with some specific targets that need to be burst down very quickly.

Fyrakk’s Tainted Rageheart: An insanely good trinket, granting you a short-CD absorb that can help you soak some big damage (especially in high M+), and adding some more DPS to your overall. Mostly used in M+.

Tome of Unstable Power: A very, very good DPS trinket for M+ (by far the best). It was already nerfed once, and is still the play to greatly improve your DPS in keys.

Ward of Faceless Ire: A good targeted Shield trinket, especially for keys, if you need an extra external in a specific dungeon.


With Season 4 comes Bullions, a limited currency (similar to the Dinars from Shadowlands S4), allowing you to buy raid items (weapons, trinkets, or special other items) over the course of the season.

Since the currency is very limited, some of the very interesting items will be listed here to help your choice. Keep in mind that it’ll probably depend on what you were able to loot already while raiding, of course.



Holy Priest Best in Slot Gear

Here are two lists of the optimal gear set-up you want to reach, either for M+ or for raids. Do note that these lists include every item that will fit the stats priority (covered in this guide) depending on the content you’re aiming for, including specific items (mainly trinkets, or some Use weapons if applicable).

There sometimes can be alternatives, especially depending on which stats you already have on your character, or for some very specific purposes, so keep in mind that you don’t necessarily always want to match this exact list. Most of the time, ilevel will be the biggest factor, and some stats, such as Mastery in M+, can have a relatively different value depending on what you’ll need (since this one won’t provide any DPS gain, but ONLY healing).

Holy Priest Raid Best in Slot List

This list will provide the Best in Slot gear for healing inside a raid environment.

Slot Item Source
Head Mask of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Neck Elemental Lariat Crafted item
Shoulders Devotion of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Cloak Mantle of Blazing Sacrifice Smolderon (Amirdrassil)
Chest Command of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Wrist Unstable Vial Handlers The Amalgamation Chamber (Aberrus)
Gloves Eggtender’s Safety Mitts Broodkeeper Diurna (Vault)
Belt Magatha’s Spiritual Sash Kurog Grimtotem (Vault)
Legs Breeches of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Boots Khajin’s Hailstone Footwraps Halls of Infusion
Ring Platinum Star Band Algeth’ar Academy
Ring Scalebane Signet Neltharus
Trinket Ominous Chromatic Essence The Forgotten Experiments (Aberrus)
Trinket Broodkeeper’s Promise Broodkeeper Diurna (Vault)
Weapon Staff of Incandescent Torment Gnarlroot (Amirdrassil)

Holy Priest M+ Best in Slot List

This list will provide the Best in Slot gear in M+ while prioritizing DPS for your trinkets set-up. Of course, those can be swapped, if you need extra-survivability on a said-key for instance. Do not seek a specific list for this particular case, just think about what you need in order to heal & survive an encounter at first, when you’re pushing very high keys where most spells can one shot people. Then, you can bring some DPS effects.

Slot Item Source
Head Mask of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Neck Elemental Lariat Crafted item
Shoulders Devotion of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Cloak Decorated Commander’s Cindercloak Eranog (Vault)
Chest Command of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Wrist Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation Crafted item
Gloves Grasp of the Furnace Seraph Raid or Catalyst
Belt Discarded Creation’s Restraint The Forgotten Experiments (Aberrus)
Legs Crazed Traveler’s Legwraps Uldaman
Boots Lost Scholar’s Belted Treads Volcoross (Amirdrassil)
Ring Circle of Ascended Frost Halls of Infusion
Ring Seal of Diurna’s Chosen Eranog (Vault)
Trinket Belor’relos, the Suncaller or Fyrakk’s Tainted Rageheart (if you need another defensive) or Ward of Faceless Ire (if you need another external) Tindral Sageswift (Amirdrassil) or Fyrakk (Amirdrassil) or Neltharion (Aberrus)
Trinket Tome of Unstable Power (to bring A LOT of DPS) or Ominous Chromatic Essence The Azure Vault or The Forgotten Experiments (Aberrus)
Weapon Vakash, the Shadowed Inferno (Main Hand) & Scripture of Primal Devotion (Offhand) Fyrakk (Amirdrassil) (Main Hand) & Kurog Grimtotem (Vault) (Offhand)


Embellishments can be added to your crafted Dragonflight gear, with a maximum of 2 embellished pieces of gear. Some crafted items act as embellished items by themselves due to their “Equipped” effect.

The most useful are:

  • Elemental Lariat is a craft embedded with an embellishment. It grants you extra secondary stats depending on your gems. If you have Crit gems, you’ll have a Crit buff. If you have multiple combinations of gems with multiple secondary stats, you will have a chance to proc any one of those secondaries. It's a good item to craft, thanks to its effect and the fact that you’ll have your desired stats on this necklace. Don’t forget to add 3 sockets to it!
  • Blue Silken Lining is a flat Mastery embellishment with a very good amount of stat in it, that’ll proc only as long as you’re above 90% health.
  • Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation is a craft embedded with an embellishment, granting you and 4 of your friends Versatility, making it super useful in M+, especially in higher keys.