Holy Priest

Patch 8.3

Written by Jeathebelle Last Updated: 13th Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Playstyle & Rotation

Quickfire Guide

  1. Cast Holy Word: Sanctify as often as possible while hitting as many injured targets as you can. 
  2. Cast Holy Word: Serenity as often as possible without overhealing. 
  3. Cast Divine Star or Halo on cooldown when they’ll hit injured targets. 
  4. Cast Circle of Healing on cooldown when several allies are injured.
  5. Cast Prayer of Mending on cooldown on a target who will take damage. 
  6. Cast Heal, Flash Heal, or Prayer of Healing as needed.

Detailed Guide

Holy Word: Sanctify

Holy Word: Sanctify is your best heal, assuming multiple players in a clump are injured. Cast it as often as possible at clumps of injured players. It may be helpful for you to play with friendly nameplates enabled so you can see clumps of injured players in the encounter. 

Holy Word: Serenity

This is an extremely powerful single-target heal. Cast it on allies who are severely injured. Keep in mind that the Echo of Light from this spell will do a lot of healing as well.

Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing heals your target and the 4 closest allies. Just as with Holy Word: Sanctify, your healing with this spell will be vastly improved if you can identify and target clumps of injured players. Friendly nameplates can help. 

Prayer of Mending

Prayer of Mending is unique in that it doesn’t heal when cast, but instead when the target it’s applied to takes damage. Cast it on your allies who will take the most damage--typically tanks. You should pre-cast Prayer of Mending on the tanks before the pull. 


Renew is your worst heal because the healing over time effect does not benefit from Mastery. However, Renew does have two use cases. First, if you are unable to stand still and cast and your Holy Words are on cooldown, you can do some healing while moving with Renew. Second, if no one requires healing now you can preemptively cast Renew on some players who will take damage soon. 


Divine Hymn

Use Divine Hymn as part of a cooldown plan to deal with heavy damage in an encounter. 

Holy Word: Salvation

Use Holy Word: Salvation as part of a cooldown plan to deal with heavy damage in an encounter. A lot of this cooldown’s healing is from the Prayer of Mending stacks it places on every ally, so you should cast Holy Word: Salvation when the raid will take sustained damage to proc the Prayer of Mending stacks. 

Symbol of Hope

If the fight is long enough for two casts of Symbol of Hope, cast it as soon as the mana it generates will not overcap your mana and then again when you are nearly out of mana.

If the fight will only allow one use, cast when you are nearly out of mana.