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Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid guide icon

Patch 7.1.5

Approved by Scobomb Last Updated: 9th Mar, 2017
guide playstyle header

Playstyle & Rotation

Guardian Druid has a basic priority system, it is important to be maximising on procs and using our damaging abilities on cool down to generate high amounts of Rage and maintain our active mitigation. Gore has a chance to reset the cool down of Mangle and cause it to generate more Rage, so it is important to be aware of this proc and make sure Mangle is being kept on cool down. Since Galactic Guardian should almost always be talented you will also have to watch out for this proc and cast Moonfire as soon as possible to avoid wasting a potential proc.

Although Guardian's ability priority system is fairly simple, you can maximise your single target damage output in raids by catweaving with Feral Affinity talented, which we will cover later on this page.

Priority System (Defensive):

Priority System (Offensive):

Remember that Maul is not on the global cool down and should be used as a Rage dump for when you know you will either cap on Rage or won't require the current Rage that you have. It is important to not get into the habit of spamming Maul when you don't need to, it is very easy to lose survivability and defensive up time by overusing it.

Galactic Guardian procs should be used to maintain Moonfire on as many mobs as possible, you would rather cast Moonfire on a new target without the DoT than your current target that has 10 seconds duration for example.

Pulverize if talented should be used as often as possible as long as Mangle and Thrash are on cooldown as it does high DPS and will refresh the damage reduction buff it provides on you.

With the Embrace of the Nightmare Artifact Trait, Rage of the Sleeper causes us to deal 25% more damage for its duration meaning that mostly you will want to use it offensively by timing it with high damage opportunities or AoE situations.

With Guardian of Elune talented you should try to use one of your active mitigation spells before your next Mangle cast, however with frequent Gore procs or lack of Rage it can be difficult to use every proc efficiently.

Catweaving with Feral Affinity:

With Feral Affinity talented in raids, you can maximise your damage output by weaving into Cat Form when you are currently not tanking any mobs, you should never switch into Cat Form if you are currently tanking or are taking high amounts of raid damage. You should never wait around in Cat Form for Energy generation, as you would much rather be switching back into Bear Form and continuing your main rotation.

Essentially you should be switching into Cat Form, spending all of your Energy, then switching back to Bear Form to use Mangle and Thrash and repeating this process, your priority in Cat Form should look something like this:

  • Cast Rip when you reach 5 Combo Points
  • Cast Rake if the DoT isn't present
  • Cast Shred

Simply you will be switching to Cat Form, applying Rake and casting Shred until you are out of energy, then switching back to Bear Form to continue your normal rotation. You then switch back and apply Rip as soon as you reach 5 Combo Points, the goal is to maintain a high Rip uptime to gain the most DPS increase.

Cleave & AoE:

Against more than one target, you should use Thrash over Mangle on cool down.  Moonfire should be applied to as many targets as possible via Galactic Guardian procs.  To maximise damage against 3+ targets you should cast Thrash on cool down and use Swipe as a filler, only using Mangle and the Galactic Guardian Moonfire proc if you need to generate Rage for defensive use.  The same applies to Pulverize , you would only use it if required defensively. 


3+ TARGETS (for max DPS)

  • Cast Thrash on cooldown
  • Cast Swipe as a filler
    • Cast Maul (if you will cap Rage or will not need Rage for active mitigation)

Active Mitigation:

Ironfur provides 80% increased armor for 6 seconds, this ability should be used to prevent Physical damage and should be used with some thought to time it along with periods of high damage intake. Ironfur can be stacked, meaning that using it multiple times while it is active will increase your armor by an additional 80% per stack, but won't increase the duration. This means that if you pool Rage you can use Ironfur back to back to gain a period of higher armor to defend against a strong incoming Physical attack.

Mark of Ursol reduces magical damage taken by 30% for 6 seconds, this ability should be used to prevent Magic damage and should be used in a similar way to Ironfur. You will want to time using it just before you take a large Magic damage hit to reduce your damage taken, note that it does not stack in the same way that Ironfur does.

Remember that in the event that you will be taking both Physical and Magic damage within a close time frame, you can use both of these abilities at once as long as you have pooled up sufficient Rage.

Frenzied Regeneration heals you for 50% of the damage you have taken in the last 5 seconds as a 3 second HoT, it has two charges and costs 10 Rage to use, additionally it is not on the global cool down meaning you can time it with incoming damage to top yourself off easily. Frenzied Regeneration is best used when you have just taken high damage and will continue to take more high damage over the next few seconds to maximise on its heal.

Defensive Cooldowns:

  • Survival Instincts has two charges and reduces all damage you take by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Barkskin reduces all damage you take by 20% for 12 seconds.
  • Rage of the Sleeper reduces all damage you take by 25% for 10 seconds and reflects damage.

These abilities are best used just before hard hitting abilities or special boss spells (in conjunction with your active mitigation abilities) to greatly reduce the damage you take.