Guardian Druid gearing guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 27th Nov, 2022
Tactyks Guardian Druid Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live


Tier Set

  • 2p - Using Mangle with Gore also deals 30% of damage dealt to nearby enemies, reduced beyond 5 targets. It also increases your damage done and reduces damage you take by 5% for 6s
  • 4p - Gore has a 5% increased chance to trigger. Using Mangle with Gore heals you over 6s

For Guardian Druids, the 2 and 4 set bonuses revolve around Gore, which with the tier increase, will have a 20% chance to proc from Thrash, Swipe, Moonfire, and Maul. These boosts make using these gore procs something you’ll value even in AoE situations, thanks to the additional splash damage and damage increase/reduction it provides. It also gives Guardian an additional self-sustainability boost, something they struggled with throughout Shadowlands.

The bonus itself is quite general and doesn’t push you towards taking any specific talents, fitting very well with Blizzard’s goals for Tiersets in the first patch of Dragonflight. It currently has some weird quirks that reduce the value slightly, with the damage increase only affecting “bear” classified abilities (meaning Moonfire damage is not increased) and the splash damage not actually hitting your primary target, causing it to do no additional damage in ST. This set is still pretty solid in terms of overall strength, putting it on par with the other tank-tier bonuses.


Decoration of Flame (raid) - Strong on-use defensive trinket that does decent damage, the best option if you need another defensive CD.

Whispering Incarnate Icon (raid) - Vers stat stick that gets stronger if grouped with a DPS (gain crit proc) and/or healer (gain haste proc) also using the trinket, likely the strongest general trinket available when buffed in this way.

Controlled Current Technique (raid) - High uptime on attack speed increase which has hard-to-quantify offensive and defensive benefits from more Tooth and Claw and Galactic Guardian procs. The Proc itself also does decent damage, making this a very good trinket overall that gets even better with higher crit.

Storm-Eater’s Boon (raid) - Very strong offensive trinket, however has the downside of locking you in place for the duration. If you’re able to play around this negative effect and use it smartly this is the highest damage increasing trinket available.

Spiteful Storm (raid) - Very strong ST damage trinket but has no defensive upside. Good if you want more boss/priority target damage and don’t need any additional defense.

Windscar Whetstone (M+) - Does a lot of damage on the meters, but doesn’t have great passive damage benefits since it only has mastery on it and not agility, a decent pure damage option but others are better.

Granyth’s Enduring Scale (M+) - An excellent passive defensive option, but it does  low damage, and not having control over when this procs reduces the value.

Hunger of the Pack (M+) - Agi/Crit stat stick with some speed, not the best, but decent.

Windswept Pages (M+) - Agi trinket with big haste proc that has ~20% uptime, not the best, but decent.

Horn of Valor (M+) - can be okay if you’re running Ursoc’s Guidance and getting incarn down close to a 2min CD consistently, but is under-budgeted compared to similar ilvl trinkets, so other options are definitely better.