Guardian Druid interface and macros guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 8th Aug, 2022
Tokaine Guardian Druid Author


Mouse over Growl macro:

#showtooltip Growl
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Growl

Mouse over Moonfire macro:

#showtooltip Moonfire
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Moonfire

Mouse over Skull bash macro:

#showtooltip Skull Bash
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Skull Bash

Cancel BOP macro:

/cancelaura blessing of protection

Rebirth macro:

#showtooltip Rebirth
/cast [@mouseover,help]Rebirth;Rebirth

Simple Dash macro:

#showtooltip Dash
/cast Cat Form
/cast Dash


You can find druid Weakauras here.