Fury Warrior talents guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 25th Nov, 2022
Danwarr Fury Warrior Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live

Class Talents

The Warrior class talent tree seems relatively unique by comparison to many other class trees in that there is a lot of damage being offered as opposed to almost solely utility.

Pathing through the general tree offers a good amount of free points to choose what type of utility or survivability you want to take as you move down the tree.

Some key notable talents that are always worth taking are:

The talents listed above will not let you reach the entire way down the tree on their own but they are almost always worth taking once you can reach them. Outside of this, talent choices become situational and open to interpretation. For example, below Frothing Berserker you have 3 choices in order to hit Reinforced Plates. Crushing Force is only an option if you are playing the Storm of Swords build as that build makes use of Slam as an ability. Without playing this build, you are left with a choice of Wrecking/Shattering Throw which are both mostly useless in PvE or Pain and Gain which is a solid passive self sustain increase.

As a note, Thunder Clap and the follow-up choice node will never be chosen by Fury under any circumstances. Spending Rage on anything that isn’t Rampage results in a very clunky playstyle and Fury does not have access to Rend to activate Blood and Thunder.

Talent Builds

Single Target


This build is very similar to the playstyle Fury had during Sepulcher of the First Ones in that it is centered very much on using Raging Blow as often as possible. However, unlike during Shadowlands, Fury now places a lot more emphasis on its cooldowns, not because any 1 cooldown is particularly strong but due to the number of 90 seconds cooldowns Fury has access to. Avatar, Spear of Bastion, Ravager, Recklessness and Odyn’s Fury on a 45 second cooldown in its own right.



Very similar to the Single Target build, this also focuses on Raging Blow/Crushing Blow due to the amount of damage it deals. In this build, Hack & Slash and Raging Armaments have been dropped for Improved Whirlwind and Meat Cleaver to give Fury its consistent AoE damage back. The importance of the 90 second cooldowns still remains true in this build as all of these cooldowns contribute to Single Target and AoE equally well. Dancing Blades is kept simply to emphasise the importance of priority damage while cleaving.



The first thing to note is the use of Thunderous Roar over Spear of Bastion in this build. Thunderous Roar being entirely uncapped with its damage makes it more of an attractive prospect than Spear of Bastion, especially when paired with having no positional requirements. Shockwave is a valuable tool in Mythic+ provided you know how and when to use it. If you aren’t comfortable with this or have a group that can cover AoE stops alone, you can drop this and Endurance Training and take 2 points in Cruel Strikes instead.