Fury Warrior

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Revvez Last Updated: 18th May, 2019

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Tier 1 (15)

War MachinePassive
Endless RagePassive
Fresh MeatPassive

War Machine is only a viable option when targets you have recently tagged die often or you are desperate for the movement speed increase.

Endless Rage is by far the best option for most scenarios.

Fresh Meat could be used if you need 20% more healing on bloodthirst, but it is far behind Endless Rage for DPS.

Tier 2 (30)

Double TimePassive
Impending VictoryInstant
Storm BoltInstant

Double Time is the standard talent in raiding for the increased mobility. Having an extra stack of charge might allow you to use a Charge for the rage generation which would make this talent a very small DPS increase.

Impending Victory is a decent defensive option that should see some use in fights where there is little movement required.

Storm Bolt is your standard single target stun and the only stun available to DPS warriors, will most likely be used for M+. In raiding there are a lot of stuns available and you will most likely not have to sacrifice a talent for it.

Tier 3 (45)

Inner RagePassive
Sudden DeathPassive
Furious SlashInstant

Inner Rage is behind the other talents in simulations and I have not found use for it.

Sudden Death would be your standard talent for all situations. It sims the best although Furious Slash is close behind on single target.

Furious Slash sims well, but it falls behind in most actual situations, for example if an add spawns that you would cleave, you would still have to use Furious Slash to keep your haste stacks up while also using Whirlwind for the cleave. Fury is already often struggling to fit all the spells into available GCDs during cleave scenarios, and Furious Slash would make that situation worse.

Tier 4 (60)

Furious ChargePassive
Bounding StridePassive

Furious Charge I have found that it does not provide enough healing to compete with Warpaint in most situations. On paper it would be close but a lot of the healing provided by this talent goes to waste if you have to use Charge for movement while at full health. This talent is only better than Warpaint if you take low damage and is still not full health most of the time. There is some value in having an extra defensive tool, rather than a passive buff, even if this talent on average would be less valuable than Warpaint.

Bounding Stride is mainly used for the reduced CD on Heroic Leap. I have not used it for raiding this tier but I did on some fights in past tiers.

Warpaint provides the most defensive value on this talent row in general.

Tier 5 (75)

Frothing BerserkerPassive

Carnage is the best talent on this row for any realistic situation.

Massacre would be used if you need extra damage between 35% and 20%. Overall it would be a big DPS decrease

Frothing Berserker would be used if you need your bladestorm/dragon roar to do more damage. Too far behind in normal situations to use.

Tier 6 (90)

Meat CleaverPassive
Dragon RoarInstant

Meat Cleaver is a viable option for sustained cleave.

Dragon Roar would be your standard single target talent and also a good AoE option. At row 6 for AoE the question is usually Dragon Roar or Bladestorm, and it depends on at what intervals you want AoE, and if you want the more damage and longer cooldown of Bladestorm or if you prefer the shorter cooldown of Dragon Roar.

Bladestorm is your best talent for AoE at intervals that line up somewhat with Bladestorm, and also very good for sustained AoE.

Tier 7 (100)

Reckless AbandonPassive
Anger ManagementPassive

Reckless Abandon is a good option for cleave/AoE situations, although a little behind on single target.

Anger Management is an option for all situations. It is very slightly behind Siegebreaker on single target and pretty even with Reckless Abandon in a lot of cleave/AoE situations. Anger Management allows you to have Recklessness ready a lot more often which makes it easier to line up with important pulls in M+. It is also a viable option for raiding although I did not use it recently.

Siegebreaker is the best option in single target and is almost always used in raiding. It would fall behind on AoE when there are too many targets so that you can no longer cleave Siegebreaker to all the targets.