Fury Warrior Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 8th May, 2024
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Class Talents

The Warrior class talent tree seems relatively unique by comparison to many other class trees in that there is a lot of damage being offered as opposed to almost solely utility.

Pathing through the general tree offers a good amount of free points to choose what type of utility or survivability you want to take as you move down the tree.

Some key notable talents that are always worth taking are:

The talents listed above will not let you reach the entire way down the tree on their own but they are almost always worth taking once you can reach them. Outside of this, talent choices become situational and open to interpretation. For example, below Frothing Berserker you have 3 choices in order to hit Reinforced Plates. Crushing Force is only an option if you are playing the Storm of Swords build as that build makes use of Slam as an ability. Without playing this build, you are left with a choice of Wrecking / Shattering Throw which are both mostly useless in PvE or Pain and Gain which is a solid passive self sustain increase.

As a note, Thunder Clap and the follow-up choice node will never be chosen by Fury under any circumstances. Spending Rage on anything that isn’t Rampage results in a very clunky playstyle and Fury does not have access to Rend to activate Blood and Thunder.

Talent Builds

Single Target


Season 4 brings back a much loved playstyle from Season 2. This playstyle saw emphasis being placed on Recklessness uptime and short cooldowns thanks to Anger Management affecting Ravager and Recklessness. This spec becomes slightly higher effort compared to Season 3 due to the increased importance of haste for as many Rampages as possible and as much Anger Management value as possible.



The Cleave based talent build doesn’t change much from the single target version. Even the change out of Champion’s Spear in favour of Thunderous Roar could be made on single target as the difference isn’t that high. Due to cooldowns like Recklessness and Ravager being available more often, Uproar becomes a significantly higher value talent since it’s easier to buff each cast of Roar even without Avatar available.



Virtually identical to the Cleave talent setup, the main change being picking up Stormbolt in the Class tree. This point can be changed for Intimidating Shout if you feel the AoE CC will be more useful to your group. There is a possibility to also take Shockwave by dropping Uproar and the single point in Cruel Strikes. This does come with a slight DPS loss, particularly in AoE, but the capability of stopping dangerous enemy casts and saving your group will almost always outweigh doing slightly more damage overall in a dungeon.