Fury Warrior gearing guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 2nd Jun, 2023
Danwarr Fury Warrior Author


Fury Warrior Tier Sets

The 10.1 Fury tier set provides a significant power boost to Bloodthirst and a decent power bump to Rampage.

The idea behind the 4 set will be only to use Bloodthirst when you can almost guarantee a crit (90%+). Outside of this, the rotation doesn’t change in any meaningful way. Inside cooldowns, we may be able to sustain Gushing Wound from Cold Steel Hot Blood for a decent amount of time which will add a significant amount of damage.

Fury Warrior Trinkets

The Chromatic Essence (AKA Icon 2.0) is a highly potent trinket for most classes. Coordinating buff coverage with your raid group or M+ push group will be crucial when utilizing this trinket. Most of the time, settling on Mastery is a viable choice, but as you acquire more gear in the upcoming weeks, consider transitioning to Versatility to avoid significant Mastery diminishing returns.

The trinkets available from this season's M+ dungeon pool exhibit considerable strength across the board. Notable standout options include Vial of Animated Blood, Irideus Fragment, Homeland Raid Horn, and Mark of Dargrul. Among these choices, the Vial is likely to be the preferred option for the most part, as it offers a more favorable cooldown lineup compared to the Irideus Fragment and is less RNG reliant than Mark of Dargrul.

Onyx Annulet

The Onyx Annulet ring is proving very strong for Fury Warriors at this present time. It is worth obtaining with the best, fully upgraded, gem combination as soon as possible. The best stone combinations are below.

Single Target & Multi Target: Desirous Blood Stone (Necromantic), Prophetic Twilight Stone (Shadow) and Storm Infused Stone (Nature)

You can read more about the Onyx Annulet in our Primordial Stones and Onyx Annulet Ring article and see a full list of the Primordial Stones in our List of All Primordial Stones and Condensed Magic.

Crafted Gear

Crafted gear is still as important as ever, but our choices are very straightforward this time in terms of embellishments.

Raid: 2x Shadowflame Patch (Boots and Legs) - Tier set legs are very weak stat-wise for both Fury and Arms, so having free reign over the stats in this slot is huge.

M+: Versatility Bracers, Frostfire Legs, and Lariat.

It's worth noting that the Frostfire legs will not be the best option long-term, but they could be significant early on, while Lariat is a long-term investment since its power is tied directly to the number of gem slots you have.

A worthwhile craft for both situations is a weapon. Since we can only use 1 Ashkandur from the raid, it leaves our other options at being lucky from an M+ vault or the first boss polearm, which is capped at 441 item level. How early you look to craft a weapon will depend entirely on your raiding/M+ pushing situation.

Gear upgrading

The new crest system is incredibly powerful and can offer any player a significantly high item level within a couple of weeks of playing their character.

For the most part, consider upgrading slots that you are unlikely to replace anytime soon while also trying to focus on high-value slots, such as weapons and major armor pieces like the chest and legs.

You gain crests very quickly, so don't hold back on upgrading if you can gain a significant power boost immediately, even if you may replace that piece of gear in a week or two.