Fury Warrior Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.1.7 Last Updated: 5th Sep, 2023
Danwarr Fury Warrior Author

Playstyle & Rotation

    General Rotation:

    1. Rampage (if overcapping rage)
    2. Bloodthirst (with enough 4 set stacks to reach 95%+ crit chance on the spell)
    3. Execute (if enraged)
    4. Onslaught (if enraged or with Tenderize talented)
    5. Rampage
    6. Raging Blow
    7. Bloodthirst
    8. Whirlwind

    Cooldowns such as Ravager and Recklessness are to be used on cooldown unless there is an increased damage phase coming.


    1. Avatar + Recklessness
    2. Ravager + Charge
    3. Bloodthirst
    4. Rampage
    5. Spear of Bastion (+ on use trinkets/DPS potion)
    6. Onslaught
    7. Rampage

    * Avatar and Recklessness can be macro’d together, but make sure that Avatar is before Recklessness.

    Multi Target:

    1. Whirlwind (if no Whirlwind stacks)
    2. Rampage
    3. Execute (if enraged)
    4. Onslaught
    5. Raging Blow
    6. Bloodthirst
    7. Whirlwind

    Cooldowns should be either used off cooldown if in a long multi target situation (like a council fight) or held for a large AoE phase coming up.

    In M+ you will only get 1 full set of cooldowns every 2-3 packs. Ensure you have all cooldowns ready for particularly dangerous packs.



    With cooldowns being a much more significant portion of Fury’s damage, it is more important than ever to use these with proper timings. This includes things such as saving them for an increased damage phase (like the Fire phase on Crawth in Algeth’ar Academy) or holding them briefly to avoid downtime if you were to be forced out of melee (like Echo of Doragosa’s Power Vacuum AoE ability in Algeth’ar Academy).


    If you were to use your CD’s and suddenly find yourself being forced to move from melee, using Heroic Leap at the last moment and charging back when safe to minimize downtime is the best solution for your DPS. You need to be confident with your timing however, as leaping too late can still get you killed mid leap.


    Fury Warrior has a plethora of incredible defensive tools as well as being very passively tanky between having increased HP from wielding double 2 Handed Swords, wearing Plate Armor and having the Warpaint talent for an almost permanent 10% damage reduction. As long as you aren’t making fatal mistakes, Fury Warrior should be almost impossible to kill even without perfect defensive usage.