Frost Mage Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 31st Oct, 2023
Tamir Frost Mage Author


Frost Mage Patch 10.2 Tier Set Bonus

10.2 New Tier Set:

  • 2P - Glacial Spike damage increased by 10% and it explodes when it shatters a frozen target, dealing 20% of it’s damage dealt to nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets
  • 4P - Casting Glacial Spike has a 40% chance to trigger Brain Freeze.

10.2 Tier set conclusion

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a copy paste from our previous tier set, they just swapped Ice Lance with glacial spike and it’s pretty much the same effect, it doesn’t mean it’s not strong, just not very interactive in terms of gameplay like the fire set for instance. However there are a couple of points I want to address in terms of the tier set. The tier 4p will give us very flowing gameplay in terms of Brain Freeze generation (around 34-35% more brain freeze procs) which is a very nice thing. I also like the emphasis on glacial spike since it’s our main source of damage. The downside however is the 2P works only with our main Glacial Spike (which will explode to nearby enemies). Our second glacial spike from Splitting Ice will still cleave but won’t have the 2P effect (from my testing on PTR, it may change when the patch is live).

I think overall it’s not the most interactive tier set but it’s definitely very strong and I am happy with it going forward to patch 10.2.


I recommend crafting the following items for Frost embellishment:

  1. Double shadowflame tempered armor patch for the raid
  2. Blue Silken Lining 2x
  3. Azureweave Robe 2p set. It is a stacking intellect buff with a very high uptime. Unfortunately, it counts as 2 embellishments to complete the set, so I would say this is the best thing to craft if you want to do both raid and M+
  4. Potion Absorption Inhibitor + shadowflame tempered armor patch

Honestly all embellishments are relatively close to each other, and if you want to experiment, feel free to try any of these combinations.


For trinkets, I would recommend trying to chase the following:

  1. Balefire Branch - Macro it with Icy Veins or Ray of Frost
  2. Belor'relos, the Suncaller - Use it 20 seconds after Branch on CD for Damage
  3. Mirrored of Fractured Tomorrows - if you cant get branch macro it with Icy Veins.

Until you get any of these trinkets, anything passive with Intellect or damage proc will do but those 3 trinkets are mainly the ones you are after as Frost.