Frost Mage gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 21st Jan, 2023
Tamir Frost Mage Author



I recommend crafting the following items for Frost embellishment:

  1. Lariat
  2. Amice of the Blue
  3. Primal Molten Spellblade (Intellect Dagger) with potion absorption inhibitor (Potion increase by 50% Embellishment)
  4. Ring/Belt with Alchemical Flavor Pocket (increase food buff duration by 100% and persist through death)
  5. Azureweave Robe 2p set. It is a stacking intellect buff with a very big uptime. Unfortunately, it counts as 2 embellishment to complete the set


For trinkets I would recommend trying to chase the following:

  1. Ragefeather from Nokkud
  2. Whispering Incarnate Icon from Primal Council in the raid
  3. Eye of Skovald from Halls of Valor
  4. Infernal Writ from Court of Stars

The tier set we will be getting in Dragonflight Season 1:

Feedback on Tier Bonus for Frost Mage:

The tier set is relatively good in single target, a 10% damage buff to ice lance and frozen orb is very welcome, but the 4p is extremely strong on AoE Situations.

Essentially with Freezing Rain and Ice Caller, and other Fingers of Frost Procs generation sources within the Spec Tree, you will gain an 8% Damage buff uptime for a long time throughout a Mythic+ or Aoe Situation.