Frost Mage talents guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 21st Jan, 2023
Tamir Frost Mage Author

Class Talents

Worthable mentions: Freezing Rain, Slick Ice, Chain Reaction, Splitting Ice, Thermal Void together as talents that were previously either choices or legendaries.

On top of that, we gained a powerful defensive cooldown that was strictly for arcane mages, Greater Invisibility - a 60% Damage Reduction on a 2 minutes cooldown.

Shifting power - is making a return, without the conduit, sadly, but still very beneficial.

Blast Wave - a returning spell previously, a Knockback on 30 sec CD, extremely useful for Mythic+

Temporal Warp - the famous Double bloodlust ring from Legion, Essentially granting you the ability to blood lust twice for yourself.

Dragon’s Breath - the good old Dragon’s Breath that was for fire spec only, now available for all mage specs, Essentially an uncapped AoE Disorient, on a 45 sec CD now, regardless, Extremely strong in Mythic+ and some Raid encounters that adds needs to be controlled.

Talent Builds

Single Target


This is the build I recommend to any pure single-target fight with a focus on good survivability on the class tree.

Focus points within the tree:

Thermal Void, Hailstones, Frozen Touch, Slick Ice. All of these talents combined benefit our Single Target.

Consider this as your Patchwork Typical boss encounter.

Mythic+ & AoE


This would be my Mythic+ and AoE build

Focus points within the tree:

Everlasting Frost, Lonely Winter, Ice Caller, Splitting Ice, Freezing Rain, Hailstones.

As we said before, Blizzard has buffed the %Value we gain from any mastery points, which increases our Icicles and Frozen Orb Damage, on top of the fact that Icicles contribute towards Icy Propulsion, making Flash Freeze and Hailstones a must-pick together

I know there is a lot of noise about snowstorm with cone of cold, but currently this talent still seems a bit undertuned even with 30 stacks, plus Icy Propulsion get CDR only from Single Target, so it is generally less worth pressing (VERY SUBJECTIVE)

Previously in shadowlands, the Icy Propulsion conduit would benefit towards our AoE spells, so generally cone of cold shatter was an extremely good combo to reduce our Icy Veins CD by a ton

However, now with the change to icy propulsion where it only works on pure Single target spells, Cone of Cold is still an excellent button to press, but it does not benefit towards our Icy Propulsion CD Reduction, something to keep in mind.

I see a scenario where you take 1 point out of Hailstones and put it in a snowstorm if you need the burst AoE.

On the class tree, we gain access to Dragon’s Breath, Ice Nova, Blast Wave, Greater Invis, and Shifting power, making us the utility kind for Mythic+.