Elemental Shaman

Patch 8.3

Last Updated: 11th Jan, 2020

Recommended Talents

Recommended Raiding Build

No azerite traits:

2x+ Igneous Potential traits talents:

If you have 2 or more Igneous Potential azerite traits your talents should change to the following:

Recommended Mythic+ Build

Single/cleave focused talents:

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Earthen RagePassive
Echo of the ElementsPassive
Elemental Blast2 sec cast

Earthen rage: small bits of damage that always happen. Strength of the talent being that it always does damage - during cd's, while moving, while AoEing. It does (without any traits stacking) the most damage in all situations.

Echo of the Elements: Lava Burst in general is quite a weak spell, however azerite traits can heavily empower it. This talent overall is weaker, but with the strength of the IP trait (Igneous potential) Lava Burst value goes up, which means echo of the elements value goes up. With 2 IP traits, this is the better talent.

Elemental blast: Overall a worse talent in all situations. It doesn't do enough damage and the stats it generates is random. It has to be used on CD which movement can screw up. Never take this talent.

Earthen Rage is the best talent requiring no gear, once you obtain 2+ Igneous potential traits you will want to run Echo of the Elements instead.

Tier 2 (30)

Call the ThunderPassive
Totem MasteryInstant

Aftershock: Overall gains less damage single target and brings randomness. However, because of the strength of earthquake this talent becomes better on AoE. Simply put, on AoE, you want this talent.

Call the thunder: Increases Maelstrom pooling, however it's weaker single target than totems, and weaker AoE than aftershock. Unless you need a very specific 10 second burst window, then you wouldn't want to play this talent. Currently for that reason this talent is never really taken.

Totem mastery: A bit of a stale talent - place totems, get free stats for 2 mins. Performs well on single target, slightly behind on AoE. On fights with movement, it might require preplanning for placement as it only has a 40 yard range. Using this during movement when no other abilities are available is also an easy global.

In almost any raiding situation you would want to run totem mastery, almost every single M+ situation you will want to run aftershock. Call the thunder is extremely situational use. Reading boss guides will tell you when Call the Thunder will be taken.

Tier 3 (45)

Spirit WolfPassive
Earth ShieldInstant
Static ChargePassive

Spirit wolf: Not a great damage reduction, so you won't use it for a damage reduction. This talent is useful on fights like Azshara, while being effected by beckon or during intermissions.

Earth shield: Reduces damage because it takes a global to cast, and its healing isn't a massive impact. Used in PvP, but for PvE it isn't rated high.

Static charge: Reduces our Capacitor Totem CD when we hit targets. Use in M+ and maybe very specific raid encounters (currently none)

Take Spirit wolf for any raid encounter you do not use CC, and Static charge on almost every single M+ dungeon since CC is impactful.

Tier 4 (60)

Master of the ElementsPassive
Storm ElementalInstant
Liquid Magma TotemInstant

Master of the elements: Same case as echo, the talent itself is weaker than the rest - however because Igneous Potential became good, Echo became good. The same case with this - giving more Lava bursts made master of the elements good. Like Echo, when you have 2 IP traits, you would want to start running this talent. This also is effective on cleave, as empowering earthquake is good damage.

Storm elemental: Decent for burst, but currently not very valuable because of the strength of Master of the Elements. This can be paired with Primal Elementalist for massive AoE burst however.

Liquid magma totem: The talent is not popular but still good. It does alright on single and good on cleave/AoE. Generally because of talent combinations, it starts falling behind just a little bit. Sometimes does see play, just not often.

All of these are viable choices. Master of the elements pulls ahead in single target / cleave. Storm elemental's main use is big burst AoE in combination with Primal elementalist. Liquid magma totem is really good, however the other 2 tend to be better in most situations. Overall these talents you can change often per dungeon/raid encounter.

Tier 5 (75)

Nature's GuardianPassive
Ancestral GuidanceInstant
Wind Rush TotemInstant

Nature's guardian: A semi rogue's cheat death talent, which heals you when you drop under 35% HP. This will calculate overkill, meaning if you are hit from 100% to -19% (hit for 119% of your max hp) This talent will kick in and put you to 1% HP.

Ancestral guidance: A weaker version compared to legion, now requiring a global and less healing because of our nerfed AoE burst. It’s still okay to take in M+ and very few raid encounters, good examples are Za’qul and Orgozoa.

Wind Rush Totem: This talent is useful in 90% of the fights, it’s just not always required. Depending on the fight’s requirements you can run this. Good fights for this would be Za’qul and Orgozoa.

You can consider your choices like this:

Tier 6 (90)

Surge of PowerPassive
Primal ElementalistPassive
Icefury2 sec cast

Surge of power: The biggest gain of this talent is the Fire Elemental CD reduction and spreading Flame shock. The talent is very fight dependent, on good fights this talent becomes super strong. Be aware of the talent’s strength as to when to use it. My boss guides will also mention when to use it, and the gameplay section will mention how to min-max it.

Primal elementalist: Makes your elemental go from a guardian to a pet - you can now control it.

The big gains are the special abilities the 3 Elementals gain:

  • Fire: Meteor, a bit of a burst AoE nuke.
  • Earth: Harden Skin, 10 second 40% damage reduction which is extremely powerful.
  • Storm: Eye of the Storm, a huge burst AoE ability.

The main use for the talent is single target burst rather than sustain, or the extra damage reduction if really needed. When used for M+, the huge burst AoE. It's a situational talent and will be taken depending on the content.

Icefury: Also became more powerful with Echo & Master of the Elements. With more lava bursts you empower more spells which means empowering more frost shocks that are empowered by Icefury. The talent gives good sustain damage and becomes better with extra targets and does great on movement! You will be swapping this talent around with Primal Elementalist.

Overall for most raid encounters you will run Icefury or Primal Elementalist. These will change based on encounter and needs - more about that in the in-depth boss encounter section. For M+ Primal will be your top choice 90% of the time. Adding the extra defensive and Primal AoE burst is more useful in Mythic+.

Tier 7 (100)

Unlimited PowerPassive
Stormkeeper1.5 sec cast

Unlimited power: Mastery is too poor of a stat right now to make this talent viable. Do not spec into this.

Stormkeeper: God talent, does well for everything: movement, single burst or AoE burst, works well with all talents - used on almost every single fight.

Ascendance: Even with the empowered lava burst, ascendance barely out performs Stormkeeper. It also has heavy movement restrictions and does not work well with multiple talent choices, such as Icefury, master of the elements, Storm elemental etc.

This talent choice is easy. Stormkeeper 100% of the time in both raids and M+.