Elemental Shaman talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 6th Aug, 2022
Cayna Elemental Shaman Author
Raime Elemental Shaman Author

Recommended Talents

Elemental Shaman Earthen Rage Talent
Elemental Shaman Echo of the Elements Talent
Elemental Shaman Static Discharge Talent
Elemental Shaman Aftershock Talent
Elemental Shaman Echoing Shock Talent
Elemental Shaman Elemental Blast Talent
Elemental Shaman Spirit Wolf Talent
Elemental Shaman Earth Shield Talent
Elemental Shaman Static Charge Talent
Elemental Shaman Master of the Elements Talent
Elemental Shaman Storm Elemental Talent
Elemental Shaman Liquid Magma Totem Talent
Elemental Shaman Nature's Guardian Talent
Elemental Shaman Ancestral Guidance Talent
Elemental Shaman Wind Rush Totem Talent
Elemental Shaman Surge of Power Talent
Elemental Shaman Primal Elementalist Talent
Elemental Shaman Icefury Talent
Elemental Shaman Unlimited Power Talent
Elemental Shaman Stormkeeper Talent
Elemental Shaman Ascendance Talent

Recommended Raiding Build

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Elemental Shaman Earthen Rage TalentEarthen RagePassive
Elemental Shaman Echo of the Elements TalentEcho of the ElementsPassive
Elemental Shaman Static Discharge TalentStatic DischargeInstant

Echo of the elements is simply too strong at the moment, both Earthen rage and Static discharge are unable to compete on single target damage. In reality if you only ever cast Chain lightning and Earthquake, then you could take it. But currently there isn’t a single fight where this is the case and M+ has bosses, so it’s better to lock in Echo of the elements and forget about it.

Raiding: Echo of the elements

Mythic+: Echo of the elements

Tier 2 (25)

Elemental Shaman Aftershock TalentAftershockPassive
Elemental Shaman Echoing Shock TalentEchoing ShockInstant
Elemental Shaman Elemental Blast TalentElemental Blast2 sec cast

Elemental blast is the most powerful by far for single target encounters. Echoing Shock is only useful in PvP. Aftershock is very good when there is heavy AoE involved.

Raiding: Elemental blast

Mythic+: Aftershock

Tier 3 (30)

Elemental Shaman Spirit Wolf TalentSpirit WolfPassive
Elemental Shaman Earth Shield TalentEarth ShieldInstant
Elemental Shaman Static Charge TalentStatic ChargePassive

Earth shield is a DPS loss as the amount of healing it does versus the global it takes is terrible. Spirit wolf is way more useful if played correctly. Static charge is good in M+ if your group needs frequent AoE stuns.

Raiding: Spirit wolf

Mythic+: Static Charge

Tier 4 (35)

Elemental Shaman Master of the Elements TalentMaster of the ElementsPassive
Elemental Shaman Storm Elemental TalentStorm ElementalInstant
Elemental Shaman Liquid Magma Totem TalentLiquid Magma TotemInstant

For raiding you almost always want to pick master of the elements. Storm elemental has some uses and really shines where heavy aoe is needed and the massive loss in single target isn’t a detriment to the raid. For Mythic+, Storm Elemental with the correct legendary is incredibly powerful when playing with an organized group, even after the nerf.

Raiding: master of the elements (unless noted otherwise in boss specific guides)

Mythic+: Storm elemental

Tier 5 (40)

Elemental Shaman Nature's Guardian TalentNature's GuardianPassive
Elemental Shaman Ancestral Guidance TalentAncestral GuidanceInstant
Elemental Shaman Wind Rush Totem TalentWind Rush TotemInstant

Your raid will want you to pick Wind Rush Totem for most fights since it makes it much easier dealing with heavy movement. However fights where you have the ability to choose something else, Ancestral Guidance can be very powerful if used correctly. When paired with Stormkeeper for AoE and Fae Transfusion on single-target, you can do a lot of healing for the raid. But more about that in the raid boss specific section of this guide.

Nature’s Guardian is a decent defensive that you’ll sadly not have the option of using all too often because of the other talents on this row being far stronger for the raid on most fights.

Ancestral guidance is run in M+. Together with Stormkeeper you can sustain a group for the full 10 seconds if there are enough targets.

Raiding: Wind Rush totem or Nature’s gaurdian

Mythic+: Ancestral guidance

Tier 6 (45)

Elemental Shaman Surge of Power TalentSurge of PowerPassive
Elemental Shaman Primal Elementalist TalentPrimal ElementalistPassive
Elemental Shaman Icefury TalentIcefury2 sec cast

Due to our tier-set, this row turns around a little bit.

Without 4-set, Icefury for single target will still be the play. However with 4-set Primal elementalist gains tons of value and should be played in every scenario.

The added benefit of Primal Elementalist being the talent of choice is that it makes the rotation far easier to perform than with Icefury.

Raiding: Icefury (Without 4-set) / Primal Elementalist (With 4-set)

Mythic+: Primal Elementalist

Tier 7 (50)

Elemental Shaman Unlimited Power TalentUnlimited PowerPassive
Elemental Shaman Stormkeeper TalentStormkeeper1.5 sec cast
Elemental Shaman Ascendance TalentAscendanceInstant

Stormkeeper is still the best talent in this row in basically every scenario. However, with 4-set and proper stats, Ascendance wins out in sims for a single-target fight with favorable duration, and does very well when combined with Deeply Rooted Elements on 2-4 targets.

Raiding: Stormkeeper or Ascendance

Mythic+: Stormkeeper