Elemental Shaman

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Cayna Last Updated: 10th Jun, 2019

Playstyle & Rotation


  1. Make sure totem mastery is active.
  2. Cast Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental / Earth Elemental on cooldown. But be aware of fight length when you can delay casts to min-max damage.
  3. Cast Flame Shock when not active or lower than 7 seconds.
  4. Cast Earthquake if it hits 2 or more targets for its full duration.
  5. Cast Lightning Bolt if Stormkeeper is and specced into Master of the elements, make sure you play it correctly as you can read below.
  6. Cast earth shock, make sure its empowered by Master of the elements.
  7. Cast frost Shock if empowered by icefury and Master of the elements.
  8. Cast Lava Burst.
  9. Cast frost shock empowered by icefury alone.
  10. Cast icefury, delay this in case you need the instant cast globals of frost shock for movement.
  11. Recast totem mastery making sure it does not drop; around 9 seconds is a fair time to recast it.
  12. Lightning bolt as filler.
  13. Frost shock if nothing else possible while moving.

About master of elements

Master of the elements makes for quite enjoyable gameplay where you want to empower as many other abilities as possible.

A priority to follow would be:

To make sure you play this correctly you sometimes want to delay things like stormkeeper.

For stormkeeper fish for a lava surge proc and lava burst about coming over cooldown. This way you can Lava burst (lava surge) > Lightning bolt > lava burst > Lightning bolt.

During this make sure you are not at high maelstrom as this can cause you to overcap maelstrom.

Having icefury of CD will make this a lot easier, although icefury does generate a lot of maelstrom. It will give you optimal abilities to use while not being able to lightning bolt.


Stormkeeper > Lava burst > Lightning bolt > Icefury > Frost shock > Frost Shock > Lava burst > Earth Shock (to avoid overcapping). While doing this you can wait for a Lava surge proc or simply the next lava burst to come off CD. When you get the next opportunity to Lava Burst you can Lava Burst > Lightning Bolt to get the last empowerment out.


Cleave for elemental is quite simple:


After this your next lava burst will be used to empower the last Lightning bolt of storm keeper.

If you get a lava surge proc between the fire elemental and icefury cast you can Lavaburst > lightning bolt instead of icefury and then Lava burst > Earthshock after and cast icefury after the earth shock cast.