Elemental Shaman playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2023
Raime Elemental Shaman Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

The rotation for all the pure fire builds revolve around making the most use of Primordial Surge and wasting as few Lava Surges as possible without overcapping maelstrom.

  1. Primordial Wave if the enemy doesn’t have Flame Shock.
  2. Flame Shock if it’s about to expire and Primordial Wave won’t be ready before then. 
  3. Lava Burst with Lava Surge from Primordial Surge and you can’t fit any other cast before the next tick of Primordial Surge.
  4. Elemental Blast if your next cast is going to put you over max maelstrom and you have Master of the Elements.
  5. Lava Burst with Lava Surge
  6. Primordial Wave
  7. Lava Burst
  8. Elemental Blast with Master of the Elements
  9. Icefury
  10. Frost Shock with Icefury buff
  11. Lightning Bolt

When playing the hybrid build you need to take Surge of Power into account, putting Lightning Bolt while affected by Surge of Power as the number 1 priority, and removing Icefury and Frost Shock from the list entirely. 


Both versions of the Fire Primordial Surge with Windspeaker’s and Mountains Will Fall builds have very simple openers:

  1. Nature’s Swiftness at any point before pull.
  2. Icefury 1.5 seconds before pull
  3. Fire Elemental
  4. Primordial Wave
  5. Potion of Ultimate Power
  6. Lava Burst
  7. Frost Shock
  8. Lava Burst
  9. Lava Burst
  10. Lava Burst
  11. Elemental Blast
  12. Lava Burst

The Hybrid build has a different opener since it doesn’t use Icefury.

  1. Lightning Bolt so that it hits at 0 on the pull timer, very important for the maelstrom.
  2. Fire Elemental
  3. Primordial Wave
  4. Lava Burst
  5. Stormkeeper
  6. Lava Burst
  7. Lava Burst
  8. Lava Burst
  9. Elemental Blast
  10. Lightning Bolt
  11. Lava Burst
  12. Lava Burst
  13. Lava Burst
  14. Elemental Blast
  15. Lightning Bolt
  16. Lava Burst

This means you get Surge of power for both Stormkeeper Lightning Bolts and don’t waste any Lava Surges from Primordial Surge. This opener might not work with too low levels of mastery or at too high levels of haste, at which point you just have to use one of the Lightning Bolts without Surge of Power.

Multi Target:

Fire build:

For 2 targets:

Single target rotation, maintain Flame Shock on both, replace Lightning Bolt with Chain Lightning when Stormkeeper isn’t active.

For 3-5 targets:

  1. Fire Elemental
  2. Primordial Wave
  3. Liquid Magma Totem
  4. Stormkeeper
  5. Flame Shock on any remaining target without it
  6. Earthquake or Elemental Blast - Try to buff with Master of the Elements - Earthquake at 4+ targets.
  7. Lava Burst with Lava Surge
  8. Chain Lightning with Power of the Maelstrom and Master of the Elements.
  9. Lava Burst
  10. Chain Lightning

For 6+ targets:

  1. Fire Elemental
  2. Primordial Wave
  3. Liquid Magma Totem
  4. Stormkeeper
  5. Flame Shock on any remaining targets without it.
  6. Earthquake - if your next cast is going to put you over max maelstrom. Elemental Blast can still be used if there’s a big priority target.
  7. Chain Lightning with Surge of Power.
  8. Lava Burst with Lava Surge
  9. Chain Lightning with Power of the Maelstrom and Master of the Elements.
  10. Lava Burst
  11. Chain Lightning

Surge of power should be spent on spreading Flame Shock when possible, Chain Lightning at 6+ targets and Lightning Bolt on 1-2 targets. It’s very important to pair both Stormkeeper Chain Lightnings at 6+ targets with Surge of power since it makes each cast hit 42 times instead of 30.

Lava Burst still retains a fairly high priority on AoE since triggering Deeply Rooted Elements is a ton of damage and gives you access to Lava Beam for a bit. 


  1. Fire Elemental
  2. Primordial Wave
  3. Stormkeeper
  4. Liquid Magma Totem
  5. Flame Shock - only if there’s a 5th target without it.
  6. Lava Burst
  7. Earthquake
  8. Chain Lightning
  9. Earthquake
  10. Earthquake
  11. Chain Lightning

If you saved maelstrom from the previous pull you want to cast an Earthquake at some point before the Flame Shock in order to get an extra one from Surge of Power, putting you at 6 for the maximum haste buff from Splintered Elements. 

Remember you have Totemic Recall to use in order to have Liquid Magma Totem ready for two packs in a row or potentially to place two in the same pack.

The AoE priority is very simple on 4+ targets with the Lightning Builds:

  1. Storm Elemental - Use Tempest after Call Lightning has been cast.
  2. Stormkeeper - Pool 125+ maelstrom for when it comes off cooldown.
  3. Icefury
  4. Frost Shock - If the target doesn’t have Electrified Shocks or it will expire in the next global.
  5. Earthquake - On a target without Lightning Rod and only if you have Echoes of the Great Sundering buff. 
  6. Elemental Blast - On a target without Lightning Rod
  7. Chain Lightning

By pooling maelstrom just before Stormkeeper comes off cooldown means your first buffed Chain Lightning will have at least two Lightning Rods for 40% more damage, and even more than that with Aftershock refunds.

2 targets is by far Elemental's biggest weakness, not enough increased maelstrom generation from Chain Lightning to accelerate into proper AoE rotation. 

2 targets you just do full single target rotation, Frost Shock will cleave when used but that’s the only gain. 

3 targets you is a modification of the single target priority where you replace Earth Shock with Earthquake and replace the Lava Burst with Chain Lightning. You still want to cast Lightning Bolt with Surge of Power, especially with Stormkeeper


Elemental in Dragonflight has a more robust toolkit than it has had in many years.

It has more mobility than it has ever had before with Gust of Wind, Spiritwalker’s Grace with Graceful Spirit and Thunderous Paws.

Survivability wise it has lost a very powerful ability in Harden Skin which the Primal Earth Elemental no longer provides, it now instead retains part of the Shadowlands conduit that increases your max health while it’s active, reduced to 15%.

No longer is choosing Wind Rush Totem a loss of Nature’s Guardian. Brimming with Life is a fantastic new talent, Elemental Warding with Ancestral Defense provides some additional passive damage reduction.

Elemental retains its position as a robust caster that will survive a lot of damage but still doesn’t compare to the tankiness of Warlock. It still has very weak self-sustain and relies heavily on healers to stay alive.