Elemental Shaman playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 6th Aug, 2022
Cayna Elemental Shaman Author
Raime Elemental Shaman Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation

  1. Always have flame shock active.
  2. Fae Transfusion buffed by master of the elements as Night Fae
  3. Use your Lava Surge proc if you have Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence equipped
  4. Earth Shock if you are at or above 100 Maelstrom
  5. Elemental Blast if its off CD
  6. Stormkeeper if it's off CD. Make sure you have Lava Burst charges ready as well
  7. Primordial Wave if it's off CD: Preferably cast this right AFTER an Earth Shock, this is because the buff from the windspeaker legendary will buff the duplicated Lava Burst from the Primordial Wave
  8. Lightning bolt buffed by stormkeeper and master of the elements
  9. Icefury if its off CD AND you plan to move (5+ seconds)
  10. Frost shock if buffed by icefury and master of the elements
  11. Lava burst is off CD
  12. Flame Shock if the duration is 5 seconds or less
  13. Earth Shock if above 60 Maelstrom (make sure you have Master of the elements for this)
  14. Frost shock if buffed by icefury
  15. Icefury if it's off CD and you don’t plan to move
  16. Lightning bolt

A big reminder is that if you play with the Windspeaker legendary, you will get a surge proc after using earth shock. This means you NEVER want to cast an Earth shock if you have a surge proc already active. Wasting surge procs is a massive dps loss. However, If you are generating a lot of surge procs, then you can waste a master of the elements proc.

AOE Rotation

If you have Echoes of the great sundering (its a legendary) equiped then you ALWAYS want to alternate between Earthshock and earthquake regardless of targets.

2 Targets

  1. You want to replace Lightning bolt with Chain lightning. Do not use Chain Lighting on 2 targets when Stormkeeper is active
  2. Apply and maintain flame shock on all targets
  3. Use earthquake instead of earth shock on 2 targets if you don’t have windspeaker equipped. However, If you have the legendary equipped, then on 2 targets you want to follow this rotation instead
    1. If damage is more important on 1 target you want to lava burst. If damage is needed on both targets and they will stay stacked you want to use Earthquake for the entire duration

3 Targets

  1. Apply and maintain flame shock on all targets
  2. Cast Chain lightning instead of Lightning bolt with stormkeeper
  3. Use Earthquake

4+ Targets


This is the opener if you use my recommended raiding build and you have the Windspeaker legendary equipped as Night Fae:

  1. Precast stormkeeper at 5 seconds before the pull
  2. Precast fire elemental at 3 seconds before the pull
  3. Cast Elemental Blast at 2 seconds before the pull
  4. Boss pulled
  5. Flame shock
  6. Cast Lava burst
  7. Fae Transfusion
  8. Lava burst
  9. Lightning Bolt empowered by Stormkeeper
  10. Lava Burst if you got a Lava Surge proc, otherwise skip this step
  11. Earth Shock
  12. Lava Burst
  13. Lightning Bolt empowered by Stormkeeper
  14. Icefury

Important note: During this specific opener you don’t want to cast Elemental Blast too early.This is because once the boss has been pulled, your maelstrom gets put to 20. Meaning that if the ability’s cast is finished before the boss is pulled you will only have 20 maelstrom instead of 30. Always make sure the cast finishes 0.1 second after the pull to keep the 30 maelstrom from the precast. If you finish the cast too early and don’t get a proc before step 10, cast Icefury in order to have enough maelstrom for the Earth Shock.

With 4-set Tier

After you obtain the 4-set there are some things to keep in mind:

The 2-set proc every 8 seconds; this means you want to track it and make sure you don't overcap lava burst nor have a surge proc active. It's important to waste as few of these as possible.

When playing Storm Elemental on single target you will be hard casting Lava burst throughout the Storm Elemental.

As long as you don't go over 100% uptime, you are not really wasting lightning bolts during this window. A hard cast Lava burst takes about 1.5 seconds and gains you 1.5 seconds elemental duration. But due to mastery procs also, extending the duration about ¼ of the Lava burst casts will net you 1.5 seconds of Storm Elemental. Basically, as long as you don't go over the CD of Storm Elemental, there seems not to be a reason not to hard casting Lava burst during it.


Here are some min-max tips on the following:

Primal Elementalist

You will generate a pet bar, and each elemental will have it’s own special ability:

Fire Elements: Meteor provides a lot of free AoE damage. Just keep in mind that the range of Meteor is smaller than his other abilities. If the elemental is out of range he will AFK, so you want to spawn him close to the boss.

Storm elemental: Eye of the Storm, make sure that your elemental buffs itself with Call lightning BEFORE using Eye of the Storm. This will increase damage by 300%.

Earth elemental: Harden Skin is a personal on a 5 minute cooldown. It reduces all damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds, this is a HUGE damage reduction ability.

A macro will be linked so you can keybind all 3 skills in one.

Master of the elements

Buff priority is the following:

  1. Earthquake if it will hit 2 or more targets, or if you have Echoes of the great sundering active
  2. Fae Transfusion as Night Fae
  3. Lightning bolt with stormkeeper
  4. Earth shock
  5. Frost shock buffed by icefury
  6. Elemental blast
  7. Icefury
  8. Lightning bolt


Elemental shamans have A LOT of instant cast spells. In reality an elemental shaman can walk around and cast their optimal rotation for nearly 35-40 seconds if timed correctly. This is done with Surge procs, precasting Stormkeeper, Icefury, Spiritwalker’s Grace, Windspeakers, Earth Shock etc.

You want to plan accordingly to any incoming movement so you don’t lose any DPS.