Elemental Shaman gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2023
Raime Elemental Shaman Author


Tier Sets

The first tier set of Dragonflight for Elemental is quite good:

The 2 Set is pretty good because overloads also generate stacks meaning that you will most of the time have a 20-25% damage increase to your maelstrom spenders. 

The 4 Set is weaker but still pretty solid providing 8% mastery with upwards of 70% uptime which most of the builds scale very well from.


For embellishments, there are a very limited number of options.

One of your two embellishments should be the Elemental Lariat. The buff it gives has about a 35% uptime of a big mastery buff.

The second one is a bit more gear dependent.

The options are between the Venom-steeped Stompers and the Blue Silken Lining.

Venom-steeped Stompers will be better as long as your gear is good enough to grant you haste or mastery and reduce crit or vers. If this is not the case, the Blue Silken Linin is a better choice.