Elemental Shaman Stats, Races & Consumables guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 26th May, 2023
Raime Elemental Shaman Author

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

With Aberrus tier set:

Single Target

Haste = Crit > Mastery > Versatility


Crit = Haste = Mastery >> Versatility

Without Aberrus tier set:

Single Target

Mastery > Haste > Versatility > Crit


Haste > Crit > Mastery > Versatility

Stat Outline

Mastery has insane scaling for any build that either uses Mountains Will Fall or primarily does damage through Lava Burst.

Haste is always good.

Crit is either fantastic or awful, rarely in between. It’s great because of Elemental Fury but then awful since it doesn’t benefit Lava Burst at all outside of Ascendance. So if a build is not reliant on Lava Burst crit is usually good.

Versatility is generally just a very average stat that you’re fine with having some of but rarely ever want to aim for.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim


Tauren is the best race for Horde, for Alliance it’s Dwarf. Orc, Draenei, Troll and Goblin are however all within extremely small margins of the best, play what you prefer!


Weapon - Sophic Devotion

Chest - Waking Stats

Rings - Devotion of Crit or Haste

Legs - Frozen Spellthread

Boots - Plainsrunner’s Breeze

Bracers - Devotion of Avoidance

Cloak - Graceful Avoidance

Make sure you’re getting enchants of the highest quality, they become significantly better with each rank.

Sim your own character using Raidbots.com to get the best option for just you.


Recommended Gems:

Make sure you’re getting gems of the highest quality.

Always sim your own character using Raidbots.com to get the best option for just you.


Food - Grand Banquet of the Kalu’ak or Fated Fortune Cookie.

Flask - Phial of Tepid Versatility or Phial of Elemental Chaos is the most realistic flask for raiding as the other alternatives come with significant drawbacks and downsides. Having said that; Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage has been buffed considerably in 10.1 and with Crit becoming a very attractive stat for us because of the new tier set, it will certainly be a strong contender even with the downsides it has.

Weapon enhancement - If Improved Flametongue Weapon is talented that should be used. Otherwise Howling Rune or Buzzing rune, sadly they are incompatible with Flametongue Weapon.

Potion - Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power

Health Potion - Refreshing Healing Potion