Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond's Fall Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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Last Updated: 23rd Oct, 2023


Hey everyone, and welcome to the Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall M+ guide for season 3 of Dragonflight! In this article I’ll be covering the abilities of all the trash mobs and bosses throughout the dungeon, as well as how I recommend you deal with them. Notably, bosses in the M+ version of this dungeon have the same ability set as their heroic version, not their base mythic version. I will also be including a recommended, PUG friendly route via the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon for anyone interested.

A bit about me, my name is Tactyks and I am an avid M+ player, achieving every 0.1% M+ title that has existed as well as competing in The Great Push in season 4 of Shadowlands. I also create M+ and Raid guide content on my YouTube and Twitch channels, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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Chronikar Trash

  • Temposlice targets the tank, use a CC to stop the channel and dispel the magic debuff it applies
  • Chronomelt targets a random player, use an interrupt or CC to stop the channel
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Timerip causes the mob to teleport to a random player and do a bladestorm effect, stay loosely spread to avoid cleaving and move out of the AoE as soon as you can

Chronikar Boss Fight

Spread along the edges of the room when debuffed with Sand Stomp, overlapping your circle with other players or already placed Withering Sandpool puddles to conserve the most space. As you drop these circles I recommend rotating around the room as a group.

Eon Shatter happens twice in a row, with the circle targeted on random players. Don’t run this circle too far from the group, as you need to make sure the Eon Residue circle spawned by each jump is soaked. Also, make sure to avoid the Eon Fragments that shoot out from the impact site.

Tanks make sure to use a defensive on the Chronoshear hit, and with the help of the healer remove the healing absorb it applies. Once the healing absorb is gone, healers make sure to dispel the Sheared Lifespan magic effect.

Manifested Timeways Trash

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Be sure to interrupt every cast of Infinite Bolt Volley
  • Chronoburst debuffs 2 random players, spread out to avoid cleaving each other or your party members and be aware of any Intervals that may be hit by the AoE
  • Initially these mobs are untargetable, but will become active if hit with the Chronoburst ability
  • When close to death will cast Temporal Detonation, you can use an interrupt or CC to stop this cast or step out of the AoE it creates
  • Enervate targets a random player, during the initial cast it can be interrupted or stopped with a CC, but if the cast is successful you must use a CC to stop the channel
  • Tainted Sands targets a random player, use a defensive if targeted and focus heal this player
  • Infinite Bolt targets the tank, use spare interrupts on this
  • Triple Strike targets the tank, use a CC to stop the cast
  • Double Strike targets the tank, can be stopped with a CC but this is the lowest priority in the area
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Bloom targets the tank, use a defensive to reduce the DoT damage and healers make sure you dispel the non-tank player quickly
  • Tanks point the Untwist frontal away from the group and use a defensive if needed

Manifested Timeways Boss Fight

Tanks make sure to stay in melee range so the boss does not cast Radiant.

Throughout the fight, do your best to be in the darker areas of Decaying Time as opposed to the lighter areas of Accelerating Time, as it deals less ticking damage to you and gives you a 20% damage reduction.

When the Fragments of Time begin to shoot out from the boss, I recommend melee rotate around the boss counter-clockwise, trailing the spawns of fragments, as this allows you to easily avoid all damage. For ranged, these fragments are easier to dodge while in the Decaying Time zone, just be careful to dodge out of the way before they are sped up by the Accelerating Time zone.

When debuffed by the Chrono-faded magic debuff, make sure you run into the Accelerating Time zone before being dispelled so that the Chronofade wave only ticks on the party once. Note that 2 of these debuffs go out at once, so it’s beneficial to dispel 1 player as quickly as possible, then topping the group before the second debuff expires.

Blight of Galakrond Trash

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Avoid the swirlies from Timeless Curse, use a curse dispel on anyone who gets hit
  • Use defensives and healing CDs to survive the damage from Infinite Fury
  • Necrotic Essence causes this mob to buff a nearby Risen Dragon on death with a stack of Relentless Hunger for 10s
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Heal through the constant ticking damage caused by Necrotic Outburst
  • Avoid the Blight Spew swirly
  • When the mob gains stacks of Relentless Hunger soothe them off or have the tank use a defensive

Blight of Galakrond Boss Fight

This boss has three phases, transitioning first at 80% health, then again at 50% health, and gaining one new ability in phase 2 and three new abilities in phase 3.

Throughout the fight, a random player will be debuffed with Corrosion, make sure to pass it to another player before it expires by touching them. This DoT hits quite hard, so it’s beneficial to pass it to your tank as often as possible, and be sure to use a defensive if you have the DoT overlap with any other mechanic.

To clear this DoT, the debuffed player must be hit with the tank targeted frontal Blight Reclamation, which happens when the boss reaches 0 energy. Make sure the tank has the debuff when this cast happens and it’ll be absorbed by the boss. In addition, Corrosion will also be absorbed when you transition to a new phase, or when the debuffed player dies. Note that the time between Blight Reclamation increases with each phase, meaning you’ll need to bounce this debuff around more in P2 and P3 before it gets cleared.

Avoid the Corrosive Explusion swirlies that spawn at random locations, and stay out of the Blight Seep puddles that spawn from under the boss. I recommend bringing the boss to the edge of the room and slowly rotating as you need more space, while ranged players can stay towards the centre.

In Phase 2, the boss will occasionally channel Necrotic Winds, dodge the waves or tornadoes and use a defensive if needed.

In Phase 3 the boss splits into two, sharing health between them. Tanks make sure to grab Loszkeleth and tank them on top of Dazhak, as Dazhak cannot be tanked and will just spam cast Noxious Ejection at random players.

Incinerating Blightbreath will cause Dazhak to jump to a random player and shoot a cone through them, try not to stand too far from the bosses and be sure to move out of the effect.

A random player will be debuffed with Necrofrost, use a movement freeing effect if you have one, otherwise swap to this and break them out as quickly as possible.

Iridikron the Stonescaled Trash

  • Stonebolt targets a random player, interrupt or use a CC on the cast

Trash packs in this area also include Infinite Timeslicers, Infinite Chronoweavers, and Epoch Rippers, all of which were discussed in a previous section.

Iridikron the Stonescaled Boss Fight

Energy is essentially Iridikron’s health bar in this fight. During phase 1 he gains energy when taking damage, starting phase 2 when he reaches 100 energy. In phase 2 he loses energy as he takes damage, with the fight ending when he reaches 0 energy.

If targeted by Extinction Blast, run into Chromie’s Timeline Protection bubble and use a defensive, as both the initial hit and DoT are quite dangerous even with the 97% DR.

After this blast, all non-tank players should stand in the soak around Chromie to split the nature damage from Stonecracker Barrage, while the tank should stand in the soak between Chromie and the boss to intercept the physical damage and prevent the Stonecrack DoT from being applied to the group. Doing this successfully will cause Chromie to buff the party with Timeline Acceleration, so save CDs for it if you can. Healers make sure to top Chromie up before the next cast of Stonecracker Barrage.

While Earthsurge is active make sure you are dodging the Rending Earthspikes while not straying too far from the healer.

Shortly after breaking the Earthsurge shield, the boss will cast a frontal attack in Pulverizing Exhalation, marking 2 players to spawn a Pulverizing Creation at the same time. If you can, dodge the cone in the same direction to stay together, and be sure to interrupt or CC the Stonebolt cast from the adds. From here, the phase just repeats until you damage the boss enough to give him 100 energy.

For tanks, be aware of your Crushing Onslaught stacks, and use a defensive if the stacks start to get too high.

When the boss reaches 100 energy he begins to cast Cataclysmic Obliteration. Get in the Timeline Transcendence bubble and DPS the boss down before this cast finishes and wipes your group. It can be beneficial to start saving damage cooldowns for this phase once the bosses energy starts to get close to full.

Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond's Fall Mythic+ Dungeon Route

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import this route using the following string:

Like with a lot of routes, I like to do a big pull to start the dungeon off when all players have CDs and bloodlust is available, just be careful as it’s easy for tanks to get deleted here if you don’t stop the Temposlice casts and dispel the magic debuff it applies. From there just head down and pull the back before the boss then engage Chronikar himself.

In the Manifested Timeways area, I recommend pulling the packs away from the Timestream Leeches as these mobs are quite dangerous and not needed for count. The order here isn’t super important, just be careful of both G7 and G8 as these mobs are actually patrols. If needed these can be put into other pulls in this area depending on where they are in their patrol.

When moving towards the Blight of Galakrond boss room, some comps are able to skip the Infinite Infiltrator mini boss which can be a significant time save. My route assumes you don’t do this, but it’s something to keep in mind if you have a rogue or warlock in your party. If you do skip this mob, just pull an extra trash pack around the last boss, either G23 or G25.

Once in the 3rd boss area, note that both G20 and G21 are not tethered to the other members of their pack, so you can easily pull a single Risen Dragon at a time if you don’t have the CDs to kill two of them at the same time before you run out of healing.

After killing the boss, I recommend using invis pots or shroud to skip past most of the trash in this area. Alternatively, if you would prefer to do a skip earlier in the dungeon you can instead opt to invis past pull 1, then pull all the packs between the 3rd and 4th bosses. Note that when doing pull 13, I recommend you drag the pack towards Iridikron’s room, as this will allow you to trigger the RP while you’re still fighting the trash.