Brewmaster Monk

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 22nd Jun, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Eye of the TigerPassive
Chi WaveInstant
Chi Burst1 sec cast

Eye of the Tiger - It is simple and passive. It is equal with Chi Wave in single target dps and applies a small HoT.

Chi Wave - Never picked. It’s beat on ST by Eye of the Tiger and AoE by Chi Burst.

Chi Burst - Where Eye of the Tiger is the ST, this is the AoE counterpart that you should use for M+.

Use Eye of the Tiger for ST & survivability and use Chi Burst if there’s more than 1 target.

Tier 2 (30)

Chi TorpedoInstant
Tiger's LustInstant

Celerity - Gives you 1 more roll and reduces the cooldown.

Chi Torpedo - Increases your roll distance and gives you a movement speed buff afterward.

Tiger’s Lust - Increases movement speed by 70% and removes roots & snares. Can also be cast on others.

This row is very subjective for which you should use. Pick Chi Torpedo if you’re trying to minimize your keybinds. If not, then Tiger’s Lust should be the go-to because of the added utility.

Tier 3 (45)

Light BrewingPassive
Black Ox BrewInstant

Light Brewing - It reduces the amount you have to think about during an encounter and ensures that you always have an Ironskin Brew ready.

Spitfire - The very small damage increase does not beat out the damage and survivability from either of the other two options on this row.

Black Ox Brew - If you time the use of this talent perfectly and the fight duration is longer than 3 minutes you gain up to 2 more uses of Purifying Brew and a small amount of damage from the energy. However, the requirement to get the extra benefit from this talent over Light Brewing often isn’t worth it.

For ease of play and security you should use Light Brewing.

Tier 4 (60)

Tiger Tail SweepPassive
Summon Black Ox StatueInstant
Ring of PeaceInstant

Tiger Tail Sweep - Never worth taking.

Summon Black Ox Statue - Good for some niche situations, such as dealing with Skittish in dungeons.

Ring of Peace - Good for kiting in dungeons and can be a useful utility for certain raid bosses, for example, Mythic G’huun adds or Conclave raptors.

Which you pick is mostly situational, it’s only in niche situations that they will be uniquely beneficial. Ring of Peace can be used most often and should therefore be your default choice.

Tier 5 (75)

Bob and WeavePassive
Healing ElixirInstant
Dampen HarmInstant

Bob and Weave - The core mechanic of Brewmaster is Stagger. This talent makes your Stagger window larger and therefore spreads out your DTPS (damage taken per second). Your Stagger ticks won't be nearly as large and since it will take longer to remove your Stagger, you will also remove more staggered damage with Purifying Brew. Works extremely well with the High Tolerance talent.

Healing Elixir - Should only be used for solo content, like WQ.

Dampen Harm - Is a fairly good defensive cooldown that can help you survive infrequent high damage.

Bob and Weave should be your default talent in this row because it passively buffs your stagger, making survival a lot easier.

Tier 6 (90)

Special DeliveryPassive
Rushing Jade WindInstant
Invoke Niuzao, the Black OxInstant

Special Delivery - Using Ironskin Brew or Purifying Brew throws a keg in the air that lands after 3 seconds, slowing everything it hits by 50%. This talent is useful for kiting in M+.

Rushing Jade Wind - Small AoE wind around you that deals consistent damage and can have 100% uptime.

Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox - Doesn’t do enough damage to compete with the other options on this row.

Rushing Jade Wind should be your default choice. When worked into your rotation you can easily have 100% uptime. It is better than the other options for both ST & AoE.

Tier 7 (100)

High TolerancePassive
Blackout ComboPassive

High Tolerance - Yet another buff for your Stagger that is extremely good when combined with Bob and Weave.

Guard - Not very good when compared to the other options and should not be picked.

Blackout Combo - A good dps trait that can do a great deal of things, however, you mainly want to use it for Tiger Palm. This talent gets better per Pressure Point trait you have. 

You should use High Tolerance as default. With High Tolerance & Bob and Weave you become one of the most durable tanks in the game and it’s all without having to do anything besides your normal rotation.

Blackout Combo can be used if you want to do slightly more dps, but it is something you will only be using on easy content.