Brewmaster Monk talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 8th Aug, 2022
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Tier 1 (15)

Brewmaster Monk Eye of the Tiger TalentEye of the TigerPassive
Brewmaster Monk Chi Wave TalentChi WaveInstant
Brewmaster Monk Chi Burst TalentChi Burst1 sec cast

Eye of the Tiger - It is simple and passive. It is equal to Chi Wave in single target dps and applies a small HoT.

Chi Wave - Situational, It's beat on single target by Eye of the Tiger and AoE by Chi Burst. However, it comes with the advantage that it fills a gcd, and if you have completely replaced Tiger Palm with Spinning Crane Kick, Eye of the Tiger won't be doing anything.

Chi Burst - Generally not taken, however, if you happen to be playing Night Fae, it can be as each individual hit of Chi Burst gives a chance to reset Faeline Stomp.

Tier 2 (25)

Brewmaster Monk Celerity TalentCelerityPassive
Brewmaster Monk Chi Torpedo TalentChi TorpedoInstant
Brewmaster Monk Tiger's Lust TalentTiger's LustInstant

Celerity - Gives you 1 more Roll and reduces the cooldown.

Chi Torpedo - Increases your roll distance and gives you a movement speed buff afterwards.

Tiger's Lust - Increases movement speed by 70% and removes roots & snares. Can also be cast on others.

This row is very subjective for which you should use. Pick Chi Torpedo if you’re trying to minimise your keybinds. If not, then Tiger’s Lust should be the go-to because of the added utility.

Tier 3 (30)

Brewmaster Monk Light Brewing TalentLight BrewingPassive
Brewmaster Monk Spitfire TalentSpitfirePassive
Brewmaster Monk Black Ox Brew TalentBlack Ox BrewInstant

light brewing - Reduces the cooldown of celestial brew and purifying brew by 20%. As the tier 1 talent selection, this is simple and passive.

spitfire - Basically no defensive or offensive benefit over the other two options.

black ox brew - If used on cooldown, this talent provides more brews than light brewing, as well as more damage because of the extra energy, allowing you to cast more tiger palm and keg smash. Since it is a brew, it’s cooldown is reduced like all other brews, which means if not used on cooldown, it starts losing a lot of value.

The general pick should be light brewing, in a perfect world black ox brew could be picked, or if you for whatever reason need a second and a lot weaker celestial brew back to back.

Tier 4 (35)

Brewmaster Monk Tiger Tail Sweep TalentTiger Tail SweepPassive
Brewmaster Monk Summon Black Ox Statue TalentSummon Black Ox StatueInstant
Brewmaster Monk Ring of Peace TalentRing of PeaceInstant

tiger tail sweep - Never worth taking.

summon black ox statue - Good for encounters with adds that need to be picked up, while also working as a mass taunt.

ring of peace - Good for kiting in dungeons and can be a useful utility for certain raid bosses.

Which you pick is mostly situational, it’s only in niche situations that they will be uniquely beneficial. Ring of Peace can be used most often and should therefore be your default choice.

Tier 5 (40)

Brewmaster Monk Bob and Weave TalentBob and WeavePassive
Brewmaster Monk Healing Elixir TalentHealing ElixirInstant
Brewmaster Monk Dampen Harm TalentDampen HarmInstant

bob and weave - The core mechanic of Brewmaster is Stagger. This talent makes your Stagger window larger and therefore spreads out your DTPS (damage taken per second). Your Stagger ticks won't be nearly as large and since it will take longer to remove your Stagger, you will also remove more staggered damage with Purifying Brew. Works extremely well with the High Tolerance talent.

healing elixir - Mostly used for solo content, has it’s uses if neither of the two other options is good.

dampen harm - Is a good choice if you need an additional cooldown for certain parts of encounters.

Bob and Weave should be your default talent in this row because it passively buffs your stagger, making survival a lot easier.

Tier 6 (45)

Brewmaster Monk Special Delivery TalentSpecial DeliveryPassive
Brewmaster Monk Rushing Jade Wind TalentRushing Jade WindInstant
Brewmaster Monk Exploding Keg TalentExploding KegInstant

special delivery - makes your brews toss a keg at a nearby target, doing damage and slowing them. While it sounds decent, the keg has a travel time making it miss sometimes.

rushing jade wind - Small AoE wind around you that deals consistent damage and can have 100% uptime. Works well in your rotation and helps with initial AoE threat until mobs are gathered close enough for Keg Smash.

exploding keg - While the tooltip states it causes enemies to miss their attacks for 3 seconds, it actually just reduces their auto-attack damage by 99%, meaning things like Necrotic and other debuffs similar will still get applied.

Rushing Jade Wind should be your default choice. When worked into your rotation you can easily have 100% uptime. It is better than the other options for both ST & AoE.

Tier 7 (50)

Brewmaster Monk High Tolerance TalentHigh TolerancePassive
Brewmaster Monk Celestial Flames TalentCelestial FlamesPassive
Brewmaster Monk Blackout Combo TalentBlackout ComboPassive

high tolerance - increases your Stagger by 5%. It also increases your haste based on the current Stagger amount, going from 8% in green Stagger to 12% in yellow Stagger to 15% in red Stagger.

celestial flames - Does not work as it says in the tooltip. Both a defensive and offensive loss if taken over the other talents.

blackout combo - Technically the best talent for reducing cooldown on celestial brew, however with the increased cooldown to blackout kick it not only makes the playstyle awful, it also gives you less blackout kick casts, making it an overall defensive and offensive loss.

You should use high tolerance as default. With high tolerance & bob and weave you become one of the most durable tanks in the game and it’s all without having to do anything besides your normal rotation.