Brewmaster Monk Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 11th Dec, 2023
Kian Brewmaster Monk Author


Tier Set

The tier set from patch 10.2 changes nothing for us rotationally and basically just amplifies our damage, and gives us a bit of damage reduction in terms of stagger prevention rather than delaying the damage.

  • (2) Set Bonus: Breath of Fire deals 20% bonus damage as Shadowflame and causes you to heal for 50% of your Fire damage dealt.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Your attacks against targets afflicted by Breath of Fire have a chance to deal 10% extra damage as Shadowflame, and each Celestial Brew also grants a Stagger absorb for 100% of the Shadowflame damage you have dealt, causing damage delayed by Stagger to instead be prevented.

The Shoulder piece is the least desirable piece of the 5, however if it means completing your set bonus, you should use them either way.

Noteworthy Items

Offensive trinkets:

Defensive trinkets:



Slimy Expulsion Boots combined with Toxified Armor Patch will be your best combination of Embellishments.

Keep in mind that if you have low item level weapons, it might be wise to prioritize upgrading them early on as it will provide a better overall increase in power until you can get your hands on some better ones. Additionally, you can craft an item with Alchemical Flavor Pocket as an embellishment, which does not count towards the cap of 2 embellishments.

Toxified Armor Patch should be put on any slot you don't have as a high piece (or tier), or badly itemized.