Brewmaster Monk gearing guide

Patch 10.0.7 Last Updated: 16th Mar, 2023
Kian Brewmaster Monk Author


Noteworthy Trinkets

Offensive trinkets:

Defensive trinkets:

Since a Brewmaster deals a lot of fire damage through Breath of Fire, it's worth obtaining the special rings from the raid.


Slimy Expulsion Boots and a weapon with Fang Adornment are both good options. Elemental Lariat is also a good choice. Keep in mind that if you have low item level weapons, it might be wise to prioritize upgrading them early on as it will provide a better overall increase in power. Additionally, you can craft an item with Alchemical Flavor Pocket as an embellishment, which does not count towards the cap of 2 embellishments.

Tier Sets

  • 2 set: Hitting an enemy with Tiger Palm or Spinning Crane Kick grants Brewmaster's Rhythm, increasing damage dealt and reducing damage taken by 1% for 10 sec, stacking up to 4 times.
  • 4 set: For each stack of Brewmaster's Rhythm, Purifying Brew clears 3% more of your damage delayed with Stagger.

The current tier set changes nothing for us rotationally and basically just amplifies our damage, damage reduction as well as strength of our Purifying Brew.

Onyx Annulet

Coming in 10.0.7 is a new ring that allows you to equip 3 different unique gemstones. Each of these gemstones provides an interesting and semi-powerful effect. (Un)fortunately, the overall power level of these stones is relatively low, making the Annulet more likely to be a means of gear catch-up rather than something you’d wear in end-game content. However, here are my suggestions for Brewmaster Monk for what gems to use.


  • Freezing Ice Stone
  • Humming Arcane Stone
  • Obscure Pastel Stone


  • Cold Frost Stone
  • Raging Magma Stone
  • Flame Licked Stone