Balance Druid playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 16th Jan, 2023
Voci Balance Druid Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Keep DoTs up on your priority target at all times, including Stellar Flare. Try to only refresh DoTs in movement or when your DoTs have less than 30% of their duration left.
  2. Spend Astral Power using Starsurge on Single Target and Starfall on AoE/Spread Targets
  3. (If specced) cast wild Mushroom when you have Celestial Alignment / Incarnation: Chosen of Elune active, or when you are about to cap. Also, Mushroom is very good at the beginning of a pack to proc your Waning Twilight debuff on targets before you have time to manually put Stellar Flare on each target.
  4. (If talented) Use Fury of Elune pretty much on cooldown, try as much as you can to use it during Primordial Arcanic Pulsar proc or during cooldowns.
  5. Cast Wrath to enter Lunar Eclipse and cast Wrath even in Lunar Eclipse on Single Target, keep casting Starfire on AoE situations.


  1. Precast Wrath at 2 on the pull timer
  2. Cast Wrath at 0.5 on the pull timer
  3. Apply Stellar Flare
  4. Apply both Moonfire and Sunfire
  5. Cast Starsurge (if you have 4set)
  6. Cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune + Potion + On-use trinket if you have one
  7. Cast Fury of Elune
  8. Cast Starsurge
  9. Cast Starsurge (if you have 4set)
  10. Use all stacks of Wild Mushrooms
  11. Cast Starsurge

After that point it’s normal rotation where you spend astral power with Starsurge and you generate mainly with Starfire because you are always in Lunar Eclipse. Make sure you don't spam Starsurge too much outside of cooldowns so you make good use of Rattle the Stars buff. Try to only spend Wild Mushrooms when you have Celestial Alignment or Incarnation: Chosen of Elune active. Always try using Full Moon during CA or Incarn as well.

Multi Target:

  1. Precast Wrath at 2 on the pull timer
  2. Cast Wrath at 0.5 on the pull timer
  3. Apply Moonfire and Sunfire on all targets
  4. Apply Stellar Flare on all targets
  5. Cast Fury of Elune
  6. Cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
  7. Cast Starfall
  8. Cast Starfall (if you have 4 set)
  9. Cast Wild Mushrooms
  10. Cast Starfall

After that point it’s the normal AoE rotation; generating Astral Power with Starfire because you are mostly in Lunar Eclipse and spending it with Starfall

Try to make good use of the Rattle the Stars buff to avoid using Starfall at 50 Astral Power as much as you can. Note that if you don’t have Incarnation: Chosen of Elune and the mobs are going to be nuked, you can cast an early Wild Mushrooms to get the Waning Twilight debuff on all targets before you can actually apply Stellar Flare manually.


For now, you always want to enter Lunar Eclipse in all situations when you are outside of Celestial Alignment. Also, you always want to cast Wrath during any eclipse.

Make sure you never cap Astral Power.

Try as much as you can to spend your Astral Power at the beginning of an Eclipse or CA because you play with Balance of All Things.

Make sure you always have all your DoTs up on the target, not only for the new benefit of Mastery (see stats section) but also for the Waning Twilight talent. Even for AoE.

When you play Primordial Arcanic Pulsar, you always want to pool resources so you can blast when you proc it.

Once you get 2 Set

Make sure that you don’t over-cap your 2 set buff, try to spend the 3 stacks of the buff as soon as you get it, if you don't over-cap Astral Power. Sometimes it happens that you have a lot of free Starsurge or Starfall in a row, meaning you will stack the 2 set buff pretty quickly (thanks to the 4set). Always think about spending them.

Once you get 4 Set (VERY IMPORTANT)

Make sure you track the 4 set and that you play around it well. For example, if you have your eclipse dropping in 2 seconds and you have a primordial arcanic pulsar stacked at 580, you always want to exit eclipse first so you proc Nature’s Grace and on top of it you’ll be able to enter a new eclipse. This means you will proc your 4set bonus by entering a new eclipse manually, then you press either Starfall or Starsurge to get into a Pulsar Proc which activates the 4set bonus again; giving you 2 free Starsurge or Starfall in a row with your Balance of All Things well stacked.

Also, it's worth noting that the free Starsurge or Starfall you get from your 4set count towards the Pulsar AP calculation.