Balance Druid Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 25th Oct, 2023


Tier Sets

  • (2) Set Bonus: When Eclipse ends or when you enter combat, enter a Dreamstate, reducing the cast time of your next two Starfires or Wraths by 40% and increasing their damage by 100%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Starsurge or Starfall increase your current Eclipse’s Arcane or Nature damage bonus by an additional 2%, up to 10%.

The new 2p bonus makes it so we cast our filler spells (Wrath and Starfire) faster and makes them do more damage. Because of how the tier set reads there is a small min-max that you can do if you are a night elf. When you are fighting trash in m+ you can use your Shadowmeld to gain the stacks of the tier set.

Our new 4p is pretty boring, making our spenders increase our damage when we are in eclipse. This makes it even more important to never spend astral power when outside of eclipse.


The strongest trinkets are Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge and Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows.

Some other good options are: Balefire Branch, Nymue's Unraveling Spindle.


Currently the best simming embellishments are Toxic Thorn Footwraps and the Toxified Armor Patch (applied to a crafted leather item) to empower the boots further.