Balance Druid

Patch 8.3

Written by Lorgok Last Updated: 27th Feb, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Nature's BalancePassive
Warrior of EluneInstant
Force of NatureInstant

Nature's Balance: This talent, with the mastery changes that came in 7.1, became the best choice overall for raiding. It is the highest astral power per minute generator of the talents in this row, making it very strong in scenarios where you don’t need treants’ utility.

Warrior of Elune: This talent is a strong option. Warrior of Elune is a good option on heavy movement encounters and for situations where you need burst on stacked multiple targets. Depending on the timing of fight and how often you can make use of it will determine if you should pick this talent or not.

Force of Nature: is a very powerful talent in mythic+ and can be viable on pure single target fights too. Make sure to drop your treants on top of the mobs that you want to be taunted, this could save your tank from a lot of deaths.

Tier 2 (30)

Tiger DashInstant
Wild ChargeInstant

Tiger dash: It replaces dash, this talent is mediocre at best and you will pretty much never make use of it in any situation.

Renewal: Can be pretty strong in certain scenarios, like on fights where there is little or no movement involved or most PvP scenarios.

Wild charge: With the removal of displacer beast, wild charge will be your most optimal choice in most scenarios.

Tier 3 (45)

Feral AffinityPassive
Guardian AffinityPassive
Restoration AffinityPassive

Guardian Affinity: This is overall the second best option after resto affinity. The flat 6% damage reduction on top of gaining frenzied regeneration to heal yourself makes it overall a solid defensive talent. Make sure to sit in bear form during the duration of frenzied regeneration for the full benefit.

Restoration Affinity: This is without doubt the best option. The passive healing and the ability to use swiftmend (good additional healing potion/healthstone with a 25 second cooldown) plus wild growth for raid healing makes it a very strong choice. My preferred pick on pretty much all scenarios.

Feral Affinity: nice for movement speed, but would never use this talent unless there’s literally no need at all for any defensive cooldown and your only purpose is to min/max damage while moving.

Tier 4 (60)

Mighty BashInstant
Mass EntanglementInstant

Mighty Bash: There are only a few situations I can think of where this talent will outshine the utility of the other talents (in PvE), mostly when you need a single target stun.

Mass Entanglement: Almost every raid there is a boss where this option can be very strong. Situational, but can be very useful when it's needed.

Typhoon: This is your standard choice, it can help get mobs off you, reposition them, interrupt casts and so on. This is generally the option you want to go for.

Tier 5 (75)

Soul of the ForestPassive
Incarnation: Chosen of EluneInstant

Soul of the forest: I can’t think of any use for this talent in any situation; it's a decent option on single target but still gets out shined by Incarnation and Starlord. The only situation where I can see this talent being used is on sustained multi-target fights (5+).

Starlord: This is generally the default choice in single, 2 and 3 target fights. It requires a bit more focus to play with it if you want to min-max (although, the dps difference from playing with it properly or ignoring the cancelaura trick is barely noticeable) and it will slightly change our gameplay.

Incarnation: Chosen of Elune: Incarnation is a strong talent, but you will only use it in very rare occasions when it comes to raiding. Although, it will always be the better option for M+.

Tier 6 (90)

Stellar DriftPassive
Twin MoonsPassive
Stellar Flare1.5 sec cast

Stellar drift: Nothing much to say about this talent, with starfall being so under-tuned this talent will pretty much never have any place in any scenario.

Twin moons: Since the change from 20% to 10%, this talent became the most viable option only in M+ and hybrid fight scenarios.

Stellar flare: This is currently the best single target and 2 targets talent on the level 90 row and in raiding scenarios its the talent you will end up playing with in most situations.

Tier 7 (100)

Shooting StarsPassive
Fury of EluneInstant
New Moon1 sec cast

Shooting Stars: Despite having diminishing returns, its still the most solid option in most situations. Single target and 2 targets its much better than the other options, when there are 3+ targets it remains the best ONLY if targets aren’t stacked.

Fury of Elune: Best option for burst damage (specifically AoE when targets are stacked). It’s definitely the second best option of this row and you will see use of this talent in different encounters as well as M+.

New Moon: It is very under-tuned, adding one ability on your bar and it still gets outperformed over shooting stars (passive) even on single target. Unless it gets buffed, you will most likely never use this talent.