Balance Druid talents guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 16th Jan, 2023
Voci Balance Druid Author

Class Talents

This is a generic Druid tree, good in pretty much all situations. 

balance druid class tree

You have a lot of different utility talents that you will want to pick when they are useful and/or mandatory such as Remove Corruption, Typhoon, Cyclone and Hibernate. You can also go for Mass Entanglements instead of Ursol’s Vortex or Mighty Bash instead of Incapacitating Roar.

We won’t ever go for the left path, since it’s reserved for Feral and it’ll be pretty hard to get those healing points such as Wild Growth considering the point we need to invest to get there.

Talent Builds

This section is going to change quite a lot with patch 10.0.5. The guide will be updating according to changes when they come.

DISCLAIMER: If you feel very uncomfortable playing Rattle the Stars over Starweaver on certain fights, it might be good to switch to Starweaver. On sims it’s never going to be better, however, in a real situation it’s a strong pick mostly everywhere and you can’t really mess up with it because you don't need to maintain anything. In short, if you want to play with Starweaver because you don't feel confident with Rattle, you should just do it.

Unfortunately, this only applies to raid situations. In Mythic+, it’s almost always going to be better to run Rattle the Stars as the Starfall damage is too strong in AoE.

Single Target




You want to go for Remove Corruption in Temple of the Jade Serpent, in this case, just remove points in Verdant Heart and Improved Barkskin as well as one point in Typhoon (depending on the affixes) or Ursine Vigor.

If your group asks you to pick Solar Beam, then just remove one point in Elune’s Guidance and one point in Balance of All Things.