Balance Druid

Patch 9.0

Written by Dorullkjell Last Updated: 21st Jan, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Nature's BalancePassive
Warrior of EluneInstant
Force of NatureInstant

Nature’s Balance is the best AP generator in this row. 

Warrior of Elune is only good in stacked AoE if you have Soul of the forest as it gives you 3 GCD to instant cast, so it allows for more mobility and fast AP gain when used.

Force of Nature is really good in Mythic + for taking aggro off your tank for a period of time and it instantly gives you 20 AP. It is also the best ST option on tier 1 for Night Fae.

Tier 2 (25)

Tiger DashInstant
Wild ChargeInstant

Tiger Dash - Replaces Dash, it gives a burst of speed when used which reduces gradually over 5 seconds. The talent isn't that great and can't be compared to the others on this row.

Renewal - This talent is pretty good as it instantly heals you for 30 % of maximum health on use. Only use this if there is no movement required on a fight.

Wild Charge is often the go-to choice. It is super flexible due to different effects based on the form you are in. You can drag yourself to a player, bounce backwards, leap to your target, charge a target and bounce forward. Each one of these can be used in different situations.

Tier 3 (30)

Feral AffinityPassive
Guardian AffinityPassive
Restoration AffinityPassive

Feral Affinity - Not really a talent you want to use in raids or Mythic + content.

Guardian Affinity - Strong talent for survivability due to the 6% damage reduction and Frenzied Regeneration. However, Restoration Affinity is still slightly ahead overall.

Restoration Affinity - Really strong talent due to Ysera's gift, providing passive healing for you or your teammates if you are full health. It also provides Swiftmend which is a super strong heal after a use of Regrowth or Rejuvenation.

Tier 4 (35)

Mighty BashInstant
Mass EntanglementInstant
Heart of the WildInstant

Mighty Bash - This is a good stun, but you have to be in melee to use it and it is a single target stun. Usable in some situations.

Mass Entanglement - Really good for many situations as it is an instant cast that roots all nearby adds to the target you use it on for 30 seconds.

Heart of the Wild - This is a good talent for sustainability. It is a flexible talent to help out with either tanking or healing if things get tough.

Tier 5 (40)

Soul of the ForestPassive
Incarnation: Chosen of EluneInstant

Soul of the Forest - Is the go-to 2+ target talent as it makes Wrath generate more Astral Power and Starfire to do 150% more cleave damage on targets close to your primary target.

Starlord is the best option for single target fights. It falls off on AoE fights due to using Starfall which will make Starlord stacks harder to maintain.

Incarnation is not really strong enough to compete with the other two.

Tier 6 (45)

Stellar DriftPassive
Twin MoonsPassive
Stellar Flare1.5 sec cast

Stellar Drift is the go-to talent if the fights have 2 or more targets that you want to damage. It also gives you the ability to cast while moving when you have Starfall active. This is superior when it comes to fights where you have to dodge abilities and move to new locations.

Twin Moons is not a competitive talent on this row at the moment sadly.

Stellar Flare is currently the best single target option on this talent row. So this is the talent you want to use for fights with one target.

Tier 7 (50)

Fury of EluneInstant
New Moon1 sec cast

Solstice is the only good talent on this row.

Fury of Elune can be discussed, but its not really viable for many situations as it is target capped on AoE and it barely does damage on the primary target. It generates an okay amount of Astral Power though.

New Moon, which was the artifact ability in Legion, is not really a good talent anymore. Maybe it will come back one day.