Balance Druid Talents Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 25th Oct, 2023

Class Talents

The Druid Class Tree talents are quite straightforward and there is very little flexibility for Balance Druids.

There are a few talents that are actual DPS increases in the tree and they are: Nurturing Instinct and Lycara’s Teachings. Those 2 talents are must haves and should always be picked.

Some defensive talents that you can pick up are Well-Honed Instincts, Ursine Vigor and Renewal. All those are must haves in my opinion, giving you some solid tankiness. Improved Barkskin and matted fur are also talents that you should highly consider when picking talents. Having a shield from Barkskin and making the duration 12 seconds is extremely useful and will save you a lot of times.

For the utility side of things, there are quite a few things to be considered: Cyclone, Typhoon, Nature’s Vigil, Improved Stampeding Roar and Hibernate as some examples. Usually, you want to have most of those in your build, but you can pick and choose depending on the situation.

Here are examples of what builds I use for both Mythic+ and Raid:

For Mythic+:

balance druid class tree

This talent tree works very well on most affix combinations, giving you a lot of utility, damage and defensive value. Also if you would like Decurse for different dungeons you have a few options on which talents you can drop, Improved Stampeding Roar, Cyclone, Nature’s Vigil, Innervate, Ursine Vigor can all be dropped depending on what you would like to keep.

For Raiding:

balance druid generic class tree raiding

For the raid build the main difference to the m+ build is 2 points Feline Swiftness for the extra mobility. In a heavy damage fight, if your guild wants you to have Stampeding Roar more often or if you need AoE Sunfire you can drop Faeline Swiftness and get the talents you need for the fight.

Talent Builds

There have been a few changes coming into 10.2, mainly the Wild Mushrooms talent change, making it so it's a 1 point talent and having Fungal Growth included.

Another change is the positions of Power of Goldrinn and Starlord. This allows us to skip Power of Goldrinn in M+ if we want to have more AoE over single target, which is a good change.

Single Target


A few notes about this build:

  • Wild Surges is currently too good to pass up, and since we are taking this talent, we will need a third DoT to be able to proc waning twilight. That’s where Astral Smolder comes in.
  • No longer playing with Radiant Moonlight so we no longer have 2 Full Moons.
  • Astral Smolder got buffed to be 8 seconds instead of 4 and got a small damage buff. This increases our Waning Twilight uptime by quite a decent amount.
  • Umbral Embrace is simply not good enough to compete with the new Astral Smolder. 
  • Rattle sims a little higher for now, but starweaver is still a really good option and is also less punishing to play.
  • Make sure to always go Solar Eclipse in single target.

2 Target Build




Wild Mushrooms got a buff this patch with the removal of the Fungal Growth talent and implementing it into Mushrooms itself so it’s now a more attractive option.

With the change to talent positions we are no longer forced to take Goldrin’s Fury and can pick better talents for m+, namely Wild Mushrooms and Balance of all Things.