All Dragonriding Talents Available in MoP Remix

All Dragonriding Talents Available in MoP Remix

Written by Roguery - 18th May 2024

Something that a few people may have missed while starting their Timerunning adventure in Mists of Pandaria Remix is the availability of all Dragonriding Talents. It turns out that every talent is available from a Dragonriding trainer in Jade Forest, who isn’t mentioned in or part of any quest. This guides shows you where you can do that within WoW Remix.

Unlike in Dragonflight, there isn’t a Dragonriding emblem at the side of your minimap in WoW Remix, so you will instead need to fly over to the Dragonriding Training NPC Lithragosa in the Jade Forest to modify your Dragonriding talent tree.

Lithragosa: Dragonriding Trainer Location in WoW Remix

Lithragosa is located a little south of the Windward Isle, where you take Dragonriding quests in Mists of Pandaria. She is on the top of the tall island spike.

She will teach you the full talent tree, allowing you to soar the skies of Pandaria with more ease.

WoW Remix Dragonriding Trainer LocationWoW Remix Dragonriding Talent Trainer
/way #371 65,01 37,47 Lithragosa

Conveniently there are portals to the Windward Isle located in Paw'don Village for Alliance and Honeydew Village for Horde. We have also included a waypoint above, so you can simply fly straight to Lithragosa.

dragonriding talents trainer portal

Changing your Dragon’s Appearance in WoW Remix

If you wish to change the appearance of your Dragons from within WoW Remix, there is a Rostrum of Transformation in the same location as Lithragosa, the Dragonriding Trainer.

wow remix rostrum of transformation

Dynamic Flying (Dragonriding) and Standard Flying are both Available in WoW Remix

While dynamic flying might not be for everyone, you can still use standard flying by selecting a traditional flying mount. Meaning that you can off those new remix mounts you have added to your collection.