Affliction Warlock

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 16th Apr, 2021


Having a clean UI is key, something where you can easily track your DoTs on multiple targets. Your UI usually comes down to personal preference so don’t just copy a UI, make sure you meet your own requirements and be able to modify it if you need to.

Recommended Addons:

  • Weak Auras 2: Good addon to track boss mechanics on yourself or if there is something you would like to track yourself like dots.
  • BigWigs: Good for boss times and get updated a lot if something is wrong. It has great customization options, so you will be able to look at it and keep yourself updated on the boss times.


Phantom Singularity & Vile Taint mouseover macro

Phantom Singularity on mouseover and Vile Taint on cursor in one button

/cast [talent:4/2,@mouseover,harm,nodead][talent:4/2]
Phantom Singularity; [talent:4/3,@cursor] Vile Taint

Burning Rush and Dark Pact macro in one button

/cast [talent:3/2] Burning Rush; [talent:3/3] Dark Pact

(You can change it to any talent row “/cast [talent:x/y] name; [talent:x/yy] name” where ‘x’ is a talent row and ‘y’ or ‘yy’ is a column)

Agony on mouseover macro

#showtooltip Agony
/cast [@mouseover,harm][exists] Agony

(Change it to any other dot)

Pet Dismiss macro

/run PetDismiss()


You can find many good warlock weak auras on

Since Weak Auras is so personal I would suggest browsing the warlock site until you find something you like yourself.

Warlock Weak Auras -

Getting a soulstone Weak Aura would also be a good idea so you don't forget to use it. ( It will tell you when there are no healers with a soulstone on.